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  1. Is there a guide to achieve the endings for Full Metal Daemon Muramasa / Soukou Akki Muramasa? https://vndb.org/v2016 I assume the guide is in Japanese but haven't been able to find one and am not sure to look in terms of forums. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Update: more progress has been made on QC'ing, still stuck on the image translation though as previously noted. It's a rather important roadblock preventing completing of the project. Anyone willing to take a look at it is welcome to step forward, no expectations or anything
  3. for anyone who wants context with his post, a member of our Rewrite PSP team posted this while working the project. https://github.com/IcySon55/Kuriimu/issues/659 Kuriimu was one tool we attempted to use and we aren't currently aware of a tool capable of extracting these files correctly. It is possible we overlooked something and would appreciate any help given. Thanks
  4. they really have impressed me with their work, it's amazing what passionate fans can do!
  5. If this project is still going, good luck! It takes hard work and passion to make projects like this and I really respect that. Very interested in this VN. No pressure if you are busy though
  6. There are acclaimed several VNs I want translated but they seem rather long and the literacy level/translation difficulty is high. (Soukou Akki Muramasa, Sakura no Uta) So stay away from those. You wouldn't want your first project to leave you discouraged. Instead, I'll give you some reasonable recommendations. https://vndb.org/v13321 This is an original story, it is short and I don't know much about it but it has a decent VNDB rating https://vndb.org/v4876 This VN has a score of 7.61, which is fairly good. And it is short (2-10) hour length. It's an af
  7. I believe what he said was "I might hold out until we're done with everything, including the side stories." (which is sort of ambiguous and less definitive than you make it sound) Maybe they have decided or are playing it by ear. I don't know. I've said what I wanted to and will leave it to them because I'm not sure if they'd appreciate me pressing the issue further. Thanks for your reply
  8. @eplipswich I recognize that you have a life and the speed and quality of the translation/editing may not remain consistent. Thus I think it might be prudent to release the main story first and then a separate patch for the side stories due to the unknown release date. I probably wouldn't play the side stories immediately after finishing the main story; I'd take a break. Admittedly I've very eager to play it XD But that's just me. Idk if other people would be the same way. And of course it's up to you for how to release this. You've done absolutely wond
  9. the translation is readable, you probably won't notice the errors unless you look for them. the patch didn't work until I started a new game though lol
  10. As a casual english player, reading the Eris route was smooth and coherent. I wouldn't have noticed the inconsistencies in the translating if someone more fluent in Japanese didn't point it out in that image posted earlier in this thread. My knowledge of Japanese is pretty basic and I originally read the novel with my meager weaboo skills and a text translator, so my input may not be very helpful. It does seem to me that a lot of effort was put into the translation though, and for that I am grateful Looking forward to Saint Irene's chapter, no pressure with that though
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