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  1. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    there is still people waiting guys don't worry
  2. Fureraba Walkthrough

    yeah i finished her route first ,she is cutely needy :3
  3. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    I was waiting for this(i keep my self silent couse im very unlucky and jinxed it so) thanks for translation minasan !
  4. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    sorry for yor lost man... we can wait as long as you can continue.(that kind of thing is harsh if i were you i could smack my computer lol)
  5. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    nah only QC is remain for Miyako Ouraibaa dont seem like drop it on QC (at least im trusting anyway *sparkle*) after that it only has to become a patch...
  6. i only played few so please advise me :)

    wow every one of them looks good but Katawa Shojo ... its not bad but too much drama for me,cant take that one maybe in summer
  7. i only played this games: Muv-Luv, A Profile, Shuffle, Grisaia no Kajitsu(loved this one), Majikoi(loved this one), Kamidori(loved this one) so could you tell me your best three school-life , romance and my english is not good enough for some of them for example G-Senjou no Maou(has so many business talk and mystery talk) i am planing playing: Draco Riot, Clannad, Air, Muv Luv Alternative
  8. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    real life is a s***y game i must say,but we wait so long(dont get it wrong i'm so thankfull btw) i can wait how much time it takes wow i dont even think beta thing im little perfectionist in games so i must wait more i guess ? what ever at least patch is so close
  9. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    i'm crossed my finger and waiting,btw is there any update about programing ?
  10. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    first majikoi must be finish first things first...