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    -Visual Novels: Romance is must, no nakige or nukige.
    -Mangas: Mostly Romance,Isekai or with op protag.
    -Animes: One that ends or really good ones for my preferences.But not watching much these days.
    -Games: Online is anxiety inducing so no,mostly RPG and other mainstream good ones...
    -TV Shows and films...

    In short any world i can live happy and forget real world...
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  1. This one slipped from my radar, seems interesting. Thanks for putting it here
  2. I think so too. Meh, i was waiting since 2015. Few more months or years doesn't really matter as long as its finished and quality maintained.
  3. Oh no, i just realise there is 3 page on that excel... Welp, easy come easy go i guess. At least Cyberpunk is near and i have few vn on line.
  4. @Infernoplex Thanks for sticking with it, as long as you do it i will wait for it even for years. I didn't play it yet since it translated in 2017(was it 2017 ?), few years more doesn't matter at this point
  5. don't say that i will always be lurking i didn't touch all age too, i waited years for Majikoi A-3(not dissing them btw, i would wait even longer and still gonna wait for the rest lol) and i will wait for years unless you officially quit it i am tenacious and have lot of thing to keep me bussy i am not for partial patch but if people wants it and you are ok with it, go for it. i will still wait for full +18 TL.
  6. No, not yet and i hope not in near future. I am already close rock bottom that would finnish me lol
  7. Hatsukoi 1/1 has Maya(coodere) and overall good one.
  8. whoever involved in this thanks a lot ! i was pissed about 17+ version without a choice and didn't know something like this started(didn't even play it yet), gonna wait how ever long it will take, seriously tho this is awesome !
  9. i discovered this in 2018 and manage to not play any of it, waiting for complete patch good work so far and thank you
  10. it's not matching in context nor their personalty. look i've been watching anime for 10 years and reading novels for about 4 , i kind of understand that kind of thing... did you even read translated novel ?
  11. yes and no,it's more like thats not exatly what she says,changes heroines personality.read time seems ok and doesn't matter to me. not entirely out of context but changes heroines personality.and cutting voices is just sad...
  12. if there was no voice actor that would be just fine. it kills immersion like this for me and bugs the hellout off me
  13. or is it just me ,tho i am sure 18+ scenes translation is super wrong...(and most of the Miu route so far) i was enjoying it too,now i am on the verge of dropping it.(which i hate droping stuff halfway)
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