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  1. I'm back once again for another update, this time the penultimate translation update with the completion of both Hamaji's arc (about 10 days ago) and now Maki's arc, bringing the total lines translated to 65,246 at 88.7% complete. That also makes it through 22 of the 26 H scenes, and all of the content that was from the sequel, Root after and another. Hamaji's arc was especially interesting mainly because of how different it felt compared to the rest of the arcs. That's because at the time, it was a sort of preview of what would later become Sakura no Uta, which was originally in development at the same time as H2O, but because the development of that game took so long (about a decade), it basically shows the direction that Sakura no Uta was going at that time around 2006-07, and it features some of the characters from that game for that reason. It was also the densest part of the script. To put this in perspective, Hamaji's arc is 4,973 lines and 98,503 characters long. Maki's arc, despite being 464 lines longer, is only 87,214 characters, a difference of about 11,300 characters. In addition to that , Hamaji's arc has no H scenes, so there's none of those typical H scene lines where it's just spamming "Aaaaaaah" over and over. So if Hamaji's arc was the most literary, then Maki's arc is the most focused on sex and is basically the nukige arc of the game. So kind of a weird contrast between the two. Now there's just one final arc to translate, Otoha, at only 8,301 lines. It's been challenging, but also a lot of fun reading through and translating H2O over the past 5 months, and you can imagine that I'm looking forward to finally being done with the translation. But after that comes image editing (of which there are plenty), video editing (of which there are 9), in addition to editing and QCing the text over the period of many months. But the light can be seen at the end of the translation tunnel at least, so that's something to be pleased with for now. So I'll get back to work and see you at the next update.
  2. I did see at least one of those reviews, and I can understand why someone would feel that way based on Yui's character in both the common route and Hayami's arc. But one of the themes of H2O is really about looking past our prejudices and finding ways to coexist, and maybe even make some friends along the way. Friendship is such a strong backdrop to the entire story, so it was actually in Hayami's route that I really came to initially like and then love Yui's character compared to the others. She definitely deserves the route she got in Root after and another.
  3. One final update for the year that I actually managed to make in time before the end of 2022. I've now completed Yui's arc bringing the translation up to 74.6% complete at 54,836 lines with only the latter half of the arcs left to go for the final quarter of the script. Although since Maki is actually the after story from Hamaji's arc, it's really only 2 arcs; Hamaji/Maki and Otoha. Even combined, Hamaji/Maki makes up about 10,400 lines, so substantial but not as lengthy as the previous arcs up to now, although it does have 4 H scenes all in the Maki after story (about half of Maki's arc contains H scenes, if you can believe it). So all that's left to translate is 18,711 lines, which really isn't all that bad when I take into account all that I've translated up to now over the past 4 and a half months. Yui's arc in particular I really enjoyed since she's my favorite character, so that's also part of the reason why her arc seemed to just fly by this month, although I was aiming to try to get her arc done before the end of the year anyway. I'm so glad they gave Yui an arc in Root after and another. But anyway, Hamaji/Maki is up next, and the next major update will be once both are done (since separately they're both pretty short). If it isn't already obvious based on the pacing I've achieved thus far, the translation should be completed some time early next year, but because of everything else that has to be done (image and video editing, script editing and the final QC process), the patch won't be out any time soon. However, I can reasonably say that unless something catastrophic occurs, the patch should be complete at some point in 2023. So still a ways off, but something to look forward to in the relatively near future. So I'll see you at the next update.
  4. Another month, another route, and I'm back again for another update. This time I've crossed two major milestones: I crossed over the 50% mark for the overall translation about 10 days ago, and I've now completed Hinata's arc, bringing the total amount translated to 56.7% totaling 41,685 lines. That's about 3,000 lines less than Imaimo, so I've just about matched my previous translation project in terms of line count. But there are still about 32,000 lines left to go in this one. Thus far, it's been quite a wild ride going through both Hayami's and Hinata's arcs, since at 34,732 lines, that's slightly more than the last four arcs combined. Naturally, that also makes up the majority of the H scenes, with 15 of the 26 shared between Hayami (with 9) and Hinata (with 6). Not to mention how Hayami got 3 after stories, and Hinata got 2, whereas the others only get 1 each. Also, since how the game is divided, I'll now be spending an extended period of time finishing up the content from Root after and another (Yui's, Hamaji's and Maki's routes). I've especially been looking forward to working on Yui's route, but it'll still take months to translate the rest of the game. Yui's route has a little over 13,000 lines, almost the same length as Hinata, but a little more compact and with less H scenes (there are only 3). So until the next update. Also, as a small reminder, the game is once again on sale on DMM until January 10.
  5. All the honorifics are kept (san, chan, kun, sama). Same with some familial terms (onii-chan/onee-chan) and designations (sensei/senpai).
  6. It's been exactly a month since the first post announcing the project, although you may have noticed I've been updating the translation counts weekly. And so I'm here to give the first major update: Hayami's arc is now fully translated! Her total arc has over 20,000 lines and is the longest by far in the entire game, so getting over that hurdle is very gratifying and makes the rest of the project seem slightly less daunting. But only slightly, since with just under 46,000 lines left to translate, that's almost exactly the entire length of my previous fan translation project, Imaimo. Not that the two are really comparable in any way beyond that coincidental statistic. The fact is that Imaimo was generally easier to translate. That's not to say H2O has a difficult writing style, because it really doesn't. Most of it is very straightforward, but it does tend to be very wordy. That might have something to do with how this is a NVL game and not an ADV game, so the lines can be longer without having to worry about a text box. Or maybe the writers of H2O were just generally more verbose than what I encountered in Imaimo. Either way, I've noticed that it generally takes longer to translate H2O on the whole, but I'm still going at a pretty decent pace. There's also the fact that starting the translation of any decently sized project feels slower at the start because there's so much more left to translate, but that picks up over time, especially after getting over the 50% milestone, which at least for this project is still a little bit ways away. Now for a few other things that I feel require clarification about the nature of the game. As it says in the first post, this version of H2O combines the content from the original game and the sequel that came later, Root after and another. But Root isn't just a fan disc. It essentially doubled the size of the available content from the original game. In fact, the two are virtually the same size in terms of their line counts: H2O content covers 36,901 lines, and the new content from Root covers 36,646 lines. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but it's an interesting coincidence either way. Additionally, if you remove the roughly 7,000 lines from the common route from the original game, that means Root actually has more content in the character routes than in the original game. The game's overall structure is also interesting in how it's laid out. There are 13 possible endings, which covers 5 normal routes (Hayami, Hinata, Otoha, Yui, Hamaji/Yukiji) and 8 after story routes (3 for Hayami, 2 for Hinata, and one each for Otoha, Yui and Hamaji/Yukiji (this last one is also Maki's route)). In the original game, you had to first play through Hayami's arc to get to Hinata, and then getting done with Hinata let you access Otoha's route. That's not exactly the case anymore in this version, although Otoha's route is still only unlocked after going through Hayami's, Hinata's, and Yui's normal routes. But you can do those in any order, or even do Hamaji's route first. As for the after stories, they're obviously only unlocked if you go through the normal routes first, in addition to 3 of the 8 after stories only being unlocked when you finish other after stories. That, in addition to the somewhat confusing choice progression, means that a full walkthrough will be provided for this game once the patch is released. But back to the translation. Completing Hayami's arc brings the total content translated up to 37.5%. Not bad for about 3 months of work considering how long this game is. By comparison, the Imaimo translation took me just under 3 months to complete from start to finish. So yeah, I have my work cut out for me. But I've enjoyed it immensely thus far. This is a really solid story with plenty of feels, comedy and...oh yeah, H scenes. There are 26 H scenes, 9 of which are in Hayami's arc. By line count, the 24 scenario files that contain the H scenes (because 2 files contain 2 H scenes) take up 14,479 lines, 19.7% of all content. That's not to say that every line in those 24 files is part of an H scene, but the vast majority of it is. As for the other girls, 6 H scenes are in Hinata's arc, 4 are in both Otoha's and Maki's arcs, and there are 3 in Yui's arc. Next up, I'll be translating Hinata's arc, the second longest after Hayami's, but considerably shorter at just over 14,000 lines. So for now, I'll get back to work.
  7. H2O √ after and another Complete Story Edition Description In H2O -Footprints in the Sand-, Hirose Takuma is a blind middle school student, though the cause for his blindness is undetermined. After his mother died unexpectedly, it left a deep emotional scar on him, causing him to become lonely and reserved. Due to this, Takuma moves from the city out into a rural area to live with his uncle and Takuma is enrolled into a new middle school. There, he meets several new girls, including the firm and obstinate Kohinata Hayami, the kind and obliging Kagura Hinata, and the cheerful and mysterious Otoha. In √ after and another, there are new after stories for two of the heroines from H2O (Hayami and Hinata), plus new routes for Yui and Hamaji/Yukiji, the latter of which also unlocks Maki's route. A version merging both games into one was later released, H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition. H2O VNDB: https://vndb.org/v473 √ after and another VNDB: https://vndb.org/v561 Where to purchase The game can be purchased legally from DMM (https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/mnphs_0007/), but a Japanese proxy/VPN may be necessary to purchase it. That is where I obtained my copy. It goes on sale quite often, although it's pretty cheap even at full price, considering its age. Project The English localization project is being conducted by Studio Frisay, fresh off the completed Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto datte Iitai! project. As before I (Tooko) will be doing all of the translating and editing of the script, along with probably most of the image editing, and any engine work that needs to be done (of which is very little). Studio Frisay discord server Progress Programming: The game is built on the BGI/Ethornell engine, as with Imaimo before it, so I'm already familiar with how the engine works and have all the resources necessary to apply any hacks and build the completed patch once everything is done. In fact, there's a lot less work this time around on that front because the structure is a lot simpler, being a NVL game instead of an ADV game. Translation: The translation officially commenced on August 10, 2022, although progress was initially very slow because of the ongoing work for the Imaimo patch at the time. However, I already translated a decent amount of the script (20%) by the time I announced the project a couple months later in October. The game has 73,547 lines across 167 scenario files split up between the common route and six character routes: Common: 6953 / 6953: 100% Hayami: 20620 / 20620: 100% Hinata: 14112 / 14112: 100% Yui: 13151 / 13151: 100% Hamaji: 4973 / 4973: 100% Maki: 5437 / 5437: 100% Otoha: 4973 / 8301: 59.9% Total: 70219 / 73547: 95.5% Progress link on Google Sheets
  8. Are you using the download edition or the disc version of the game? The disc version has a couple other files in system.arc that are required to launch the game. That's why there are two specific files for the disc version, one of which is system.arc. To answer your question, there's nothing terribly important in system.arc; just a couple cosmetic changes. The big issue issue really comes from not using sysprg.arc in the Disc version folder if you are using that version. There will be some bugs present in the game if the incorrect sysprg.arc file is used. Otherwise, if you're using the download edition, I'm unsure why you'd get that error. The system.arc in the English patch folder for use with the download edition caused no such error when I used it.
  9. It's also on vndb (although this thread is also linked on that page) and on the discord channel, but that's it.
  10. Thank you to everyone for being patient. Here it is, the full patch, ver. 1.00: Download If you like, swing by the Studio Frisay Discord channel during or after playing the game for discussing the game and the patch. The first post in this thread has also been updated to include a download link.
  11. I'll just leave this here in case anyone is interested in seeing what that localized joke with the strawberry pun would look like in-game (which will be available as an alternative version in the patch, if you would rather want that version). And this is what the default (non-localized) version looks like. This post is in direct response to Alex (@FennecBabe) who responded to the Fuwanovel Twitter post. I appreciate at least someone found the humor in it. I too found it a funny localization, but I honesty thought no one else would, so I had chosen to nix it pretty early on, but if others appreciate it too, I guess it's all good.
  12. To put it bluntly, I'm staking my reputation on this translation. I wouldn't have started such a huge project if I wasn't confident I could release a quality product, and I wouldn't release it unless I was sure of its quality. I didn't just start translating yesterday. As I mentioned in the first post above, I was a fan scanlator for manga for a little over 10 years. I am very meticulous about the translation, editing and QC process. All I can say is if you're wondering about its quality, play the game yourself once the patch is released on Friday.
  13. Hello to everyone who's been following this project over the past several months. I'm now over halfway through the QC at 55%, having completed the common route, along with Matsuri's and Kimika's routes. So far I've fixed over 500 lines (out of around 25,000), which amounts to about 2% of the lines on average that need fixing. About half of those involve some sort of typo, grammatical error, or a word that needs to be added or removed. The other half has to do with a quirk with the engine where punctuation hangs over a line, being placed onto the line below it instead of the whole word its attached to automatically being bumped down like it normally does for long words at the ends of lines, which are easy enough to fix by just adding a line break, but those are definitely the most annoying bits of the QC. Also, on my way through the QC, I noticed several mistakes/bugs the devs didn't catch when they released the game. Two of which were problematic when recompiling the script, but I found a solution for them. Another 2 had to do with voiced lines, and there is at least one obvious sprite that should have been something else. Other than that, there are some stylistic decisions I've found a bit odd at times, like parts of certain scenes where I would expect there to be music but instead there's silence, or how that Rikuto isn't voiced throughout the entire game. Oh, and there's no video playback option in the extra menu, sadly. Speaking of videos, it's likely that the subtitled OP/EDs for the game won't be done by the time the patch is released, so they'll be released later as a kind of bonus extra. They'd have to be released separately from the patch anyway, since the videos make up 1.32 GB in the game folder, whereas the patch will be around 450 MB. And so, this will probably be my last post here before the release, which I can now give a definite date: The English patch will be released on September 9. And I even managed to get it out before the game's 10th anniversary in December, so that's at least something, seeing as how I originally thought it was going to take me until next year to release it. So until then. Edit: The subtitled videos were completed on time and will be released with the completed patch.
  14. No, and I don't expect there to be any such offer. If Koichoco never got officially localized, the possibility of it happening to Imaimo is even less likely, just based on the niche nature of the game and that it's not even an eroge. For what it's worth, I know I'm putting out a quality translation, but I'll let it speak for itself once it gets released next month. Percentage wise, I'm currently 38% through the QC.
  15. At long last, the editing is now done, including going over the previously mentioned short stories, so the pre-QC phase can finally begin. I'll be doing some preliminary testing and once again going over some of the images to update them from any changes done during the editing phase, in addition to applying engine hacks, translating system text for the UI, and also recompiling the scripts and images back into the engine. All told, this will probably take a week or two, and then the actual QC process will begin when I play through the game with the patch applied. All told, this process will take at least a month, which is why I've set the release date for sometime in September. So the home stretch is finally here. I literally can't wait to finally get the patch out so more people can enjoy this game. It's been a joy to work on over the past four months.
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