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  1. Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Wow, you really did "come back 3-5 months from now"....
  2. Well then, guess I will just jump in... As Stephen Colbert once said, it almost feels like Trump became the President just to see how much he can screw the US before people are fed up and kick him out. He is a narcissist liar that always makes everything to be about him and take credit for everything that he did or did not do. A cyber bully that openly attacks everyone who dares to displease him (that reminds me, how is that anti-cyber bullying campaign going, Melania?). A con artist of a businessman with absolutely no experience in politic (hence all those horrible decisions regarding...well...everything). And most of all, a trigger-happy warmonger that may very well ignite WW3 in the near future. There is a reason why his staff's turnover rate is so damn high: People started losing patience and could no longer deal with all of his BS. Some people may think that I'm affected by right wing "fake news" media, but no, I don't need those. Just Youtube and his own Twitter is plenty enough. Also, Polifact.
  3. Geez...not sure if bringing politics in here is a good idea...
  4. Thoughts on the current Yuzusoft

    I still enjoy their their titles, and I honestly couldn't care less about other people's review and stuff. I do agree that Riddle Joker is fairly similar to Dracu-Riot though.
  5. Apparently everyone gets to be admin. Except backers. *facepalm*
  7. It seems that catgirls are trending. And since we are talking about Moonstone... I don't know...maybe Nyan to Suteki?
  8. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    I don't believe MoeNovel understand what an "uncensored patch" is.
  9. Or at least that's what it seems like from the new teaser they just uploaded... Weird, and here I thought that MoeNovel only releases stuff from WillPlus/Pulltop. Why this very random 15 years old title?
  10. How old is "old" for a VN?

    Before 2006. Same as above, with very few exceptions. Or rather, one exception: Planetarian. None. I hate ancient art. Tech-wise, sure, for obvious reason. As for story, that's up for debate.
  11. One thing in common: You like it. No, seriously, that's it. Even for me, I do set out some criteria, but just keep breaking them one after another. Lots of vn I read have none of those criteria, but I still enjoyed them anyway, for...whatever reason.
  12. "Localize" honorific in translation. I mean, who the hell address their classmates with "Mr" and "Miss"?
  13. How often do you watch TV?

    What is TV?