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  1. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    I don't believe MoeNovel understand what an "uncensored patch" is.
  2. Or at least that's what it seems like from the new teaser they just uploaded... Weird, and here I thought that MoeNovel only releases stuff from WillPlus/Pulltop. Why this very random 15 years old title?
  3. How old is "old" for a VN?

    Before 2006. Same as above, with very few exceptions. Or rather, one exception: Planetarian. None. I hate ancient art. Tech-wise, sure, for obvious reason. As for story, that's up for debate.
  4. One thing in common: You like it. No, seriously, that's it. Even for me, I do set out some criteria, but just keep breaking them one after another. Lots of vn I read have none of those criteria, but I still enjoyed them anyway, for...whatever reason.
  5. "Localize" honorific in translation. I mean, who the hell address their classmates with "Mr" and "Miss"?
  6. How often do you watch TV?

    What is TV?
  7. So I don't need to ctrl through them anymore? Great!
  8. None of those. The VN is finished when I'm done with route of heroines that I'm interested in. It's hard to stay focused when I don't even care about the heroine in the first place.
  9. That's just more reason for them to be picked.
  10. 2011. I first came to NZ. No friend, no acquaintance, no nothing, I started looking around the Internet for something to do. And I found manga. And anime. 2012. While reading manga, I came across a credit page of a scanlation group with the pic of a certain white hair loli. I tried to google her, and I found Little Busters. And that's when I learnt about VN. Barrier? I had none. I'm used to reading novel (have a whole bunch of Dan Brown and Tom Clancy stuff on my bookshelf), so I have no problem with reading and the slow pace. I also had no problem with H-scenes, since, well, not the first time I watched porn, haha (though I got bored quite fast and just ended up skipping the hell out of them).
  11. Your Diary English?

    The trial is really short so don't bother. Especially when the PJ is pretty much long dead.
  12. MangaGamer's 2018 Licensing Survey is up!

    Yoru Meguru, Bokura no Maigo Kyoushitsu Yorite Konoha wa Kurenai ni Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro Desu
  13. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    Honestly speaking, I don't mind supporting them if they did a good job this time. "If". I'm also fine with all-ages (I always ctrl through the H-scenes anyway), as long as they don't censor every single thing with even just a little bit sexual suggestive, then I'm good.
  14. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    Any hamster wanna sacrifice himself? I'm quite curious about whether or not they took some lessons from IMHHW.