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  1. You must be new if you think 2 years is long
  2. Help finding what hentai this is

    Yeaaaah, I'm not clicking that link...
  3. This is why companies like SakuraGame can still sell their MTL games on Steam without giving a damn: People will still give them money with the excuse of "better than nothing".
  4. Christmas Trick Star. Santaful Summer. Ren'ai Phase. Sakura Santa.
  5. Splashtop anywhere and windows tablet.

    From my experience, if you just want to use your tablet for VN, then any tablet with an ACTUAL graphic card (not that crappy Intel GMA) will work. Try staying away from VN with heavy gameplay elements like Baldr and stuff though.
  6. Their politician is being weird. I mean, I'm all for anime (obviously), but I'm not entirely sure if bringing it into politic is a good move...
  7. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    4.5hrs from now.
  8. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    I can see something in the corner. Kotonoha Amrilato incoming.
  9. That's, like, super irrelevant...
  10. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Keep the honorific as it, or at least, if you want to translate them, do it in a smart way. And by that I mean, stop calling your classmates "Mr" and "Miss". No one does that.
  11. Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Wow, you really did "come back 3-5 months from now"....
  12. Well then, guess I will just jump in... As Stephen Colbert once said, it almost feels like Trump became the President just to see how much he can screw the US before people are fed up and kick him out. He is a narcissist liar that always makes everything to be about him and take credit for everything that he did or did not do. A cyber bully that openly attacks everyone who dares to displease him (that reminds me, how is that anti-cyber bullying campaign going, Melania?). A con artist of a businessman with absolutely no experience in politic (hence all those horrible decisions regarding...well...everything). And most of all, a trigger-happy warmonger that may very well ignite WW3 in the near future. There is a reason why his staff's turnover rate is so damn high: People started losing patience and could no longer deal with all of his BS. Some people may think that I'm affected by right wing "fake news" media, but no, I don't need those. Just Youtube and his own Twitter is plenty enough. Also, Polifact.
  13. Geez...not sure if bringing politics in here is a good idea...
  14. Thoughts on the current Yuzusoft

    I still enjoy their their titles, and I honestly couldn't care less about other people's review and stuff. I do agree that Riddle Joker is fairly similar to Dracu-Riot though.