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  1. That being said, pure romance/SoL/non-fantasy titles like LxC will probably work well with MTL, due to the much less usage of complicated language.
  2. Just a quick clarification, but "visual novel" is a collective term, so whether the protagonist is male, female or attack helicopter, it will still be called "visual novel" regardless. Otome game is just a sub-genre of visual novel. I think you got the term "visual novel" confused with "bishoujo game", which is a sub-genre for male audiences with male protagonist.
  3. This seems to be a nice example of a proper "edited MTL" patch - unless you know Japanese or know about the fact that this was MTL-ed beforehand, otherwise you could easily assume this was manually translated, just that the translator is not a native English speaker. Pretty readable, overall.
  4. I only played Baldr Sky and Material Brave. Quite enjoyed the gameplay, since it's a nice change from the traditional turn-based, RPG-style from the like of Eushully or Alice Soft. Never tried any of their non-combat one however. A shame that they are shutting down, thought not exactly a surprise - their recent titles in the last, like, 2 years all looked like gereric crap. Actually, make it 4.
  5. And you better hope Sekai does not take this one, because they will just put it on the shelf where they keep the titles that probably won't see the light of day for the next 5 years or more. Gosh, just look at their nearly 40 titles with TBA release date...
  6. Just in case that's what you mean, this game is not an all-ages re-relrease, but an originally all-ages VN.
  7. Quick question: Is there anything important in the system.arc file? I asked that, because I actually could not open the game after copying the patch (未走義のシステム制御命令 s8162 を検出しました), and reverting the system.arc file back to original solved it. Seemed to cause no visible change to the game though (everything is still translated, other than, well, the windows title), so I guess it's fine?
  8. And here I thought that **** who created an account just to come in here throwing insults would be insta-ban lol. Anyway, not a big fan of August (dropped Daitoshokan after a few hours), but good luck with the project I guess.
  9. So...ugh...no offence to you, but I would like to ask, given that this is a solo project, are you confident with the quality of the final translation? I mean, 45k lines in less than 3 months is REALLY fast, and then 2 months for both editing and QCing. Most other teams would probably spend at least a year for a VN of this size.
  10. Kanojo no Seiiki was licensed by SP actually.
  11. Credit to some guys on VNDB. Some known titles from feng: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, Kanojo no Seiiki...
  12. Voted for Innocent Bullet and Girls Book Maker, because of reason and stuff.
  13. Next time, you should just put the link in the title as well and leave the post completely blank, because why not........ Anyway, I know who I will blindly vote for~
  14. Instead of doing everything from scratch, which is a huge pain, I suggest you contact Astro, the lead translator of the previous translation project. He already got the whole thing translated, just not edited, so with some luck, maybe something will happen. https://cloverdays.wordpress.com/
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