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  1. Kanojo no Seiiki was licensed by SP actually.
  2. Credit to some guys on VNDB. Some known titles from feng: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, Kanojo no Seiiki...
  3. Voted for Innocent Bullet and Girls Book Maker, because of reason and stuff.
  4. Next time, you should just put the link in the title as well and leave the post completely blank, because why not........ Anyway, I know who I will blindly vote for~
  5. Instead of doing everything from scratch, which is a huge pain, I suggest you contact Astro, the lead translator of the previous translation project. He already got the whole thing translated, just not edited, so with some luck, maybe something will happen. https://cloverdays.wordpress.com/
  6. Of course it does not. It's not even the same genre... This is just like one of those interactive touching game on mobile, not really something special, at all...
  7. You mean that announcement from last August with 0 follow up almost a year later?
  8. It's kinda weird how people are still talking about keeping minor out of an internet forum, because everyone knows it's just straight up impossible to do so, unless people now have to upload their passport along with their registration form or something like that...
  9. Ugh, are we having yet another discussion about 2D vs 3D again or something...? Is it really THAT difficult for people to keep their 2D mentality in check and not let that influence their thinking in real life? It's perfectly normal for a person to enjoy 2D loli stuff, and still want to beat the hell out of a real life pedophile. Also, I mean, this is pretty much like "I find people killing each other gross and disgusting, so I will just boycott the whole movie community together". It's perfectly normal for a person to have something they can't stomach. Doesn't mean they have to
  10. Being a translator myself, I have no problem with rewriting a sentence to make it sound more natural in the other language, as long as the meaning stays the same. In Fureraba, however, I found quite a few instances which the English sentences were different, sometimes completely, from the original in term of meaning or, how do I say this, the "feel" of them? Like, the sentence was supposed to be quite polite, but the English one sounded pretty rude and forceful. Not to mention those very unnecessary translations of a simple yes/no/umm to a longass line of 5-6 words. They are not exactly
  11. Change everything in the Region setting of your PC to Japan/Japanese and it will work. Also, do something about the date in your PC because that will break a lot of programs.
  12. ETA of Rewrite+ is currently 20020, so you should just go ahead and read the original one
  13. So the new Higurashi ended up being the SakuraCon announcement. Yep, no surprise there. Update: MangaGamer celebrated Caturday a few hours early, as they announced 2 neko maid titles from SkyFish Poco - Nyan Cafe Macchiato and Wan Nyan A La Mode.
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