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  1. GARbro can extract adobe's .dat I believe. https://github.com/crskycode/GARbro/releases https://github.com/crskycode/GARbro/blob/master/ArcFormats/Adobe/ArcAIR.cs
  2. Try to use your own sjis_ext.bin (which is output by vntextpatch when inserting). If that still doesn't work, keep using your own sjis_ext.bin, but change to a new font like Arial
  3. Well, you don't need to include sjis_ext.bin because vntextpatch will output new one whenever he inserts the scripts. New one might include new tunnel characters
  4. Proxy means dll for hooking, if you don't know which one the game prefers, try one by one. Place a proxy (say winmm.dll) + ext_sjis.bin + a .ttf font in the game folder like this: You must use the font that contains all characters from your language.
  5. Decrypted fxf link You have to use the correct proxy the game prefers like it notes: The proxies are already compiled in release
  6. fxf files are in plain text when you decrypt it lmao And vntextproxy + ext_sjis.bin + .ttf/.otf font in game folder will change font and help displaying special characters without replacing them with Japanese characters/ half-width katakana (Just write special characters normally in the script, and when you insert, vntextpatch will output ext_sjis.bin along with the scripts)
  7. The one with juego.bat is for English version Japanese version: https://mega.nz/file/32YliSKD#2DIpxFqkoQTNkW188ddbpOu2Lu49QW4lajlaxqBLRGU
  8. And you can directly write Russian in the game, the English won't leave monospace, but first you need to enable shift-jis encoding in initial.something.
  9. https://mega.nz/file/Ci4UDZoI#Qn4XMn2xiZSkVIs7NA-ultiwdyAkv7VRo0i5LrKE9FA English version, make a folder called "DirA"
  10. There's no need to encode the png to pb3 and compress the ps3. All you need to do is place edited .ps3, and rename .png to .pb3, then throw all into "patch" folder, no need for subfolder. Example: patch\image.pb3, patch\script.ps3
  11. https://mega.nz/file/32YliSKD#2DIpxFqkoQTNkW188ddbpOu2Lu49QW4lajlaxqBLRGU Place them in same folder with cmvs32.exe and run the loader. The folder for patching is "patch"
  12. I'm asking Hapymaher Regret End or another version
  13. There's no need to inject anymore, it has a loader now. Thus, you can make it into a proxy.
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