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  1. That's what I'm afraid about, there's also this tool, but the it's only work fir extracting specific games, like cpz7unpack work for aoitori only
  2. Need to change also in cmvs.cfg Also you can't use GARbro to extract since it will decrypt the scripts and that method only work when every .ps3 is extracted but still encrypted like this
  3. And I made a little change to the ps3dumper to make sure it copies all the text to the second line (this need for inserting the text). Link
  4. Well, you can simple batch rename extension with this command on cmd: ren *.pb3 *.png, also same with from png to pb3: ren *.png *.pb3
  5. Anim_fucker is from discord, the python code is from a Chinese friend. Btw the python code works better than Anim_fucker
  6. I'm trying to but Idk how, you need to add those files yourself
  7. Found it, but the problem is how to xor the .ybn file contains font
  8. and this tool to extract all script files at once, do not need key or anything, can add auto word-wrapping. For some clock-up vns, text will be like this To fix it Idk how, but I saw company do something like this. They manage to do it somehow, anyone has any ideas?
  9. @Saiph @MrPalloncini why don't you guy repack to update1.ypf, update2.ypf, etc. It should work if you remain like this update1>[folder name(E.g:ysbin, cgsys)]>all the files. And this to find Yu-ris's key(you need something to inject into the game's exe like cheat engine)
  10. https://icedrive.net/s/jtZC2yvN3CP7uFFT35gaCV7VX6xv the tool is here
  11. I know how to hack reminiscence, I tried both Ineditor and mjodev, guess what it works, if you want to translate to English then it's easy. I tried with my language:
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