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  2. Set Windows locale to japanese. Locale Emulators don't work with this game.
  3. Yep, prelude first then deception and finally mask of truth. It is the original release order and the chronological order.
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  5. I miss the Santa hats.

  6. Prelude to the Fallen is just a remake of the original Utawarerumono, which was released long before (roughly 13 years) Mask of Deception/Truth. If you want the most out of your experience, you should definitely play Prelude before the others. You'll appreciate cameos and whatnot a lot more. (I sure did, at least.) And yeah, you can actually get some bonus items in Mask of Truth if you max out the BP and level of a character in Mask of Deception, but they don't make much of a difference if you ask me. They boost EXP and BP gain, but the bonus only affects the character the items are equipped to.
  7. Facebook Twitter YOUTUBE DISCORD KICKSTARTER LINK Bent on not leaving his childhood love behind, Nobu embarks on a crazy journey that will force him to sneak into an all-girls summer camp to reveal his feelings to her. Will he succeed? Or will the girls find out that there's more attached to him than he's letting on? ITCH.IO DEMO LINK: https://gogen-soft.itch.io/oh-mai-tiara Determined to not spend a single day away from his love, Nobu infiltrates an all-girls summer school to be with Tiara. To do this, he does something unthinkable: becoming a girl. While blending in, he meets Izumi, Tiara's older sister, who keeps an eye on her at all times. If that wasn't enough, Nobu notices how Tiara befriends Emi, a reserved dark-haired girl who's attracted to Tiara and her flirtatious personality. Nobu must juggle his secret life of pretending to be a girl with his real identity in a desperate attempt to make Tiara fall in love with him. Follow Nobu and his misadventures to conquer the girl of his dreams! Who said that love was easy? Features A humorous story around 40k+ words long (from 5 to 6 hours of gameplay) 3 fully colored characters in an appealing retro anime style. The old school is back! 10 CGs that take the gameplay to a whole new level of detail Original soundtrack hand-picked for each scene Image gallery, music room, and replay scene functionality Fully customizable gameplay Achievements, Easter eggs, and more! https://discord.gg/jbsFu5u4SX KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1406521641/oh-mai-tiara-the-road-for-love
  8. Looking forward to playing these games, but I have some questions. So, as I understand it, this is the order the games were originally released: Prelude to the Fallen, Mask of Deception, Mask of Truth. But in America they were localized and released in this order: Mask of Deception, Mask of Truth, Prelude to the Fallen. What's the best order the approach the series? Go 1,2,3 or the localized order of 2,3,1? Does it matter? Also, is there any transferring of save files across games, and will I screw things up if I play across multiple platforms? (For instance, I have the "Mask" games on Vita but was looking at getting Prelude on Steam). Thanks!
  9. Have you tried searching by multiple tags ? Put tags on search bar like: futanari schoolgirl lesbian then search ? also: [futanari = chick with dick]
  10. Quite a number of familiar VNs for June 2010 here. Narcissu 0 - Well I did forget to note that it's been released back at August 2016, and it's the origin story of the hospital setting in Narcissu looking from the synopsis. Other than that, no much to say. Clannad Side Stories - Various side stories from Clannad, and again just like Narcissu 0 no much to say other than good for Sekai to release supplementary material of Clannad. Kourin no Machi - Same setting as Sharin no Kuni, although the writer is different. I did remember that it have the translation project in the past, although nowadays I didn't see the progress from it so as of now the project is probably already cancelled. Kud Wafter - Little Busters fandisc that was focused on Kud which apparently quite popular because she's half Russian and she's very cute. No much to say either other than it has both of all age and 18+ version, and that currently Alka did work on translating this although currently they've focused on Summer Pockets Reflection Blue translation work so they set aside Kud Wafter translation work. Otoboku 2 - The prequel is one of the VN that was localized by Mangagamer, and as of now I think it's the only translated VN that have trap MC with female love interest. Too bad that Mangagamer didn't localize this, but I guess they need to allocate the money into localized story VN such as Kara no Shoujo and ef. Eroge - Nukige with the creating the VN as the premise, and it's produced by the same company as Clock Up who as we know produce some disturbing nukige such as euphoria and Maggot Bait. In regard of this I can only say that at least the sex contents is not as disturbing as Clock Up VNs, the player may learn on what's inside the eroge company, and that obviously Mangagamer was localize this. Deardrops - Overdrive VN, and one of my complain back when I play this is that Rimu's route didn't connected with the music theme along with the misunderstanding story that happen in her route. Although if I reflect on this, perhaps her route is not too bad compared to Yuuri's route in Bokuten, and yes I bring the comparison because both of Bokuten and Deardrops here is been written by same writer. The other thing that I remember is that this VN did introduce the rule that band member can't fall in love, which to say that the rule itself is quite flimsy seeing that it's an eroge and that three of four band members are the heroines. While the writer did explain on why the rule is important, I did wonder if the writer did have problem with love life especially after I see the setting in Bokuten. Well in the end the VN main focus here is should be Riho's route and Kanade's route to an extend, so perhaps you shouldn't expect the other two routes (Especially Rimu's) will be equal with Riho's and Kanade's routes. That's all for my comment in regard of June 2010 releases here.
  11. Hello and Welcome to Fuwa! It's definitely not our all-time high when it goes to activity, but I guess it's all relative. ^^
  12. Hi guys, I'm happy to have found a community so active in the world of visual novel!
  13. No much to comment, but still let's see what I can comment in regard of May 2010 here. So Ra No Wo To - I only know that it originally from the anime in which it's the original work instead of adapt it from another source, and I did call this as 'K-On on Military' because we'll have five girls in military who play the music after the war between countries destroy their surrounding. Well at least the anime itself is quite well received, and you can just watch the anime if you want to know the main story. Evolimit - One of the three very well known Propeller chuunige that are written by Higashide Yuuichiro alongside Ayakashibito and Bullet Butler, and out of those three only Ayakashibito was translated back at 2014. No much to say other than mod Clephas like it very much (Otherwise he won't make more than one blogpost in regard of this), it's obviously will have a number of fight scenes, and that you better try to ask Mangagamer if one want to see this translated (Although looks like it's quite hard to do as of now). Oh and once again like Tokyo Babel the setting is unusual, in which it's at Mars that was just developed. Real Imouto - Looks like Oreimo with his blood related little sister has fragile ego, although in here the MC will got little sister who come from his favorite heroine at his little sister eroge. Looking from the writer, as expected from his Shinikiss writing (Both Real Imouto and Shinikiss were written by same writer (Orgel)) the ending itself is quite bittersweet to a degree (Or at least that's what the reviews state), although in the end it's still a VN about little sister though. That's all for my comment in regard of May 2010.
  14. Suzukaze was the game that turned Whirlpool from a mere curiosity to a relative powerhouse in the charage/plotge hybrid niche. It has a decent story, strong heroines, and a well-defined (if somewhat overly moe) setting. Indigo... just isn't available. That sucks. It looks like a straight-out Tsukihime copy, so I wanted to play it... but I can't find it for sale on any site.
  15. Sorry for necroing this thread, but I've been looking into .bcs files this past week and figured I'd post what I've managed to discover about them so far here in hope that someone much smarter than me can help figure out this format. I've upload copies of .bcs files for Noshoujo, Hatsukoi, Shoukoujo, and Shoujo Ramune here: https://mega.nz/file/LF9GUCYD#UGUPyEzfDCmEGauyncCEiYwAi4t5OYhIViLfQc9pYAo The Hatsukoi folder also has the translated CSVs available. Some of the translated files aren't incredibly helpful (like route data), since they're translations and a converted BCS wouldn't output the same file, but ones like V.csv should end up being the same file. I've found that if it can't find datascn.tac then it tries to read in datascn.tac/_variable.csv and then datascn.tac/_variable.bcs. I was able to replicate that by removing the datascn.tac, confirming the game would no longer load, replacing it with a datascn.tac folder with the .bcs files inside, and confirming the game would once again load properly. Digging into it a bit more with Ghidra, There is definitely some sort of tabular structure inside the .bcs files. It seems to be looking for certain column headers based on the .bcs file it's loading. For example: _variable %name% %type% %default% _event %no% %label% %cg% %comment% %type% Like mentioned in the posts above, the files will either start the magic string TSV or BCS . Around the call to where it checks for that TSV magic string, strcmp(&v42, "TSV");, I see references to the vftable for TLibLZSS. Unfortunately I'm not nearly proficient enough at reverse engineering to work my way around the generated pseudocode to figure out what it's doing. The assumption that the .bcs files are using some sort of LZSS compression seems to be along the right track, I found an archived posts from the Hatsukoi translation team that mentions a variant of LZSS being used: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/3247959#p3259250 https://warosu.org/jp/thread/3247959#p3260079 Since the threads are so old by this point, a lot of the links and images are dead-ends, including what appears to be the holy grail in terms of a link to the source code of a BCS to CSV conversion program: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/3310174#p3325324 The source code for the LZSS variant, spiruneg, seems to be alive and well on GitHub. https://github.com/gocha/spiruneg Though my attempts to throw some BCS data into LSZZ decoder in spiruneg never resulted in producing anything useful. The data it spits outs appears to be mostly 0x00 and 0xFF, and I couldn't see much else of note.
  16. Yesterday
  17. My post was part in jest, part serious. I know it's unlikely to happen, but given how they randomly decided to release the 18+ version for Lovekami Healing Harem, I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly recast the VAs for Umikana and introduced the H-scenes xD
  18. Still updating the list, I might try sharing it on the /virtualyoutubers subreddit to get more feedback. In the meantime, Kani Kanizawa got unwittingly involved in some insane fandom drama and didn't go online for three days now, but I hope she'll resurface soon so I'm not changing her place on the list.
  19. God I watched that stream live. I overestimated my level and thought I could get through it, but I just lost it when she split the spider's body in half. To think that she actually ate it. The worst part is that there were crabs to eat the next day, which constantly reminded me of the damn tarantula.
  20. Our work-in-progress game is Visual Novel, but hardly your cookie cutter "big eye cartoon romance with a boss". Nothing wrong with them, of course, we LOVE all Anime and Manga! But we wanted to things bit differently. Well, a lot differently. For a quick look-see, head over to the Sol's own website: https://solhano.com/ ...and/or YouTube channel, we just released out first Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPcgO1kiMWgyUGhjSda-duQ ...which you can see directly here as well: What we want to do differently is to make a Visual Novel with HQ adult theme & story, including the dialog, a story and characters so good it should be made as a few seasons long Netflix show. In addition to a good story we want to create a visual look that's hyper-realistic, and a detailed background for the characters and the world itself. We're building an IP, not a game jam thingy in 24 hours. We have gotten onboard some super great talents, like you probably spotted from the trailer (if you didn't watch that, hint: she's a real life Adult Industry Actress) as well as hiring a world-class talent, Tapani Siirtola, to compose our main music: https://www.tapanisiirtola.com/ Right... good music, porn star... what is the game all about then? Well, it's NOT a porn game, sorry. Everybody remembers Leisure Suit Larry, right? If you don't you're too young... go google Larry Our game is Larry, combined with movies, TV-shows and movie characters like Han Solo, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy... spaceship (fastest in the galaxy), smuggling, action, gambling, women... not forgetting occasional glass of whisky and a big fat cigar. And sex, there's that too, obviously. Oh, and forget the actual Han Solo movie, that was so bad... and actually the reason why we started creating this game. C'mon, teenager barely holding hands? That's not MY Han Solo, young or not. Anyways, this for starters... if there's interest, I can post also some tidbits, graphics we have done or answer questions or comments if you have any.
  21. Haachama-chama the postmodern streamer~
  22. I don't know about mistranslations, especially so long as the whole is coherent, but changing things or even characters really does not bother me in the slightest and I suspect may even be the cause for my love of it, in the case of Estelle, for instance.
  23. So hey! This eventually became a thing. Two things, actually. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? / The Girl in the Glass: Short horror-tinged VN that's part medical drama, part psychological thriller, part murder-mystery. https://www.thejulysociety.com/projects/the-girl-in-the-glass The End of the Summer: Very short VN about the disappearance of a family's pet cat... among other things. https://www.thejulysociety.com/projects/the-end-of-the-summer Ended up ditching KiriKiri entirely for these and just rebuilt from the ground up in Ren'Py. The originals haven't been officially available for years now, so the engine switch makes some amount of sense. Super old, super doujin, and I'm super okay with that.
  24. Fewer normally titles see the light due to Comiket rivalry this month. As a result, I can only call a doujin game Indigo masterpiece and winner by default. Probably I should review it one day for popularization purposes. Micchi has to choose among the published works, so lays hopes on Suzukaze no Melt. 1. Framing Summer フレーミングサマー [100813] Wavestar Kou joins the camera circle since he wants to take pictures of shooting stars. He meets there Rui who loves taking pictures of everything, especially cute things. He summons up the courage to talk to her about his dream and soon new members join and they aim towards achieving this goal. All-age photo shooting with just one route and one heroine. It could not get more disappointing. Released at summer comiket, so it's a doujin level work. 2. LyricaL! りりかる! [100814] Yumemisou 1 Uchida Makoto calls out a girl who he fell in love with, Kittaka Ayame, to the school rooftop and confesses his feelings to her. However, she bluntly rejects him and quickly walks away. As he’s lamenting his timidness and inability to convey his love properly to her, another girl shows up and says that she is a witch who will help him by using magic. Actually, she is his senpai Tomomori Yuumi. She brings him to the gym storage room and gives him a bag. Inside are a wig, ribbons and girl’s seifuku and underwear. She gets him to reluctantly dress up as a girl and brings him to the light music club which Ayame and her are a part of. She introduces him as Mishiba Kotono, the new keyboardist for the club. Will this little bit of ‘magic’ help him get closer to Ayame? What happens if his cover is blown? There is an English review. 3. Indigo [100814] Hanpamania-Soft 1 1400 years ago first murderer demons get spotted 700 years ago western technologies start to get used for rebellion 500 years ago murderer demons learn to acquire human image in Transilvania 18 years ago a huge massacre takes part in Japan 10 years ago murderer demon is killed at the age of six in Japan Nowadays. Sakurano Mana gets worried by the murderous desire overflowing her body. Onose Kiri is troubled about her past when she lost one hand and one leg. Kaiho Kazuki investigates murderer demon killing at the age of six. Then Kaiho Kazuki meets these girls and other strong persons in this town full of death scent. Doujin, but with an English review 4. Akizora ni Mau Confetti 秋空に舞うコンフェティ [100827] etude 1 2 3 One autumn day, Hayato met a young girl who was standing with an umbrella in the pouring rain. Picking up the notebook which he thought was hers, his normal life gradually changes. He visits the drama club to look for the owner of the notebook. There he meets various club members: Saya, the girl he met before, who is also a screenwriter; Yuki, his classmate who is an amazing actor; Nanami, his tennen dojikko apartment manager who is also the club leader; and Kanae, a mysterious girl with amnesia who he found collapsed on the roof. He joins the club to help revive it and becomes the lead in the upcoming original play about an urban legend. With each passing day of practice, his monochrome world gradually turns into color. There are English reviews 5. Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~ Elle:PrieR ~しあわせの欠片をさがして~ [100827] Etoiles Ryou lives in futuristic city of Oozora-shi and his normal life changes with the arrival of a girl named Konomi. She is an android created by his father who doesn’t have any memories. In order to regain her memories, she attends school and he brings her to many places, talks with her a lot and even does ecchi things occasionally. Who is Konomi and why does Ryou want her to regain her memories? It's not exactly a nukige through and through, rather a moege, but there is a system to initiate H events, so game is a disappointment if bought for other purposes. 6. Favorite Sweet! ふぇいばりっと Sweet! [100827] Lost Script The protagonist’s relatives are leaving overseas and plan to close up the cafe they work at. He decides to try to be the new owner himself. But the patissiere who works there is a tsuntsun girl who had dumped him at school. She tells him that if he doesn’t do a good job and sell all the sweets that she makes, then she will quit. He’s now not sure if this will go as smoothly as he thought it would. Lost Script without casting dice? Yeah, but it suddenly becomes a SM training game as a result and thus not worth my time. 7. K-Ten けい☆てん [100827] k-ten An all-ages mahjong game for beginners and experienced players alike. In the kaibutsu world, the student council president declared that the fate of the light music club will be settled by playing mahjong! However, they don’t know how to play. Mahjong gameplay is all I need to know about this game. 8. Links! ~Kimi to Seirei to Tsukaima to~ りんくす!~キミと精霊と使い魔と~ [100827] Flap The world of Lacrima was created during the war between the demon world Wespel and the god world Ecra. Since the demon world often tries to invade Lacrima, magic users protect the world. It is difficult since there are not many people who can use tsukaimas or the ‘elemental linker’ power, but the legendary spirit user Grande Links comes to their rescue. Hundreds of years later, magic is still prevalent, although it is closely watched by the government to prevent misuse. A young magician Heliodor raised the idea of alchemy so that those who don’t know magic can use magic as well. Ten years after his disappearance, the Krauselung Alchemy Academy was founded. Half-price work with no opening and only three heroines. Main character hardly has any magic while heroines are top class magicians from the start. It's a normal magical academy growth story with sudden quality dents happening from time to time. 9. Majino Complex まじのコンプレックス [100827] light Majino Complex is the third and last of light’s low-priced series with Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro and Don-chan ga Kyuu. All three of them together are also lumped into one package coming out on the same day under the title Kamisama no Ringo. In this game, popular wagamama tsundere imouto subchar Majino becomes the main heroine. The story begins from Noriko’s graduation when she tells Majino that it’s now her turn to find a good boyfriend. With Noriko’s impending marriage, her fan club holds one last party before disbanding. The club members are heartbroken and many of them cry, but one boy wishes her the best with a smile. As the seasons turn to autumn, Majino meets this boy. As the third bullet in the series, useless to say anything. Only for fans of prequels. 10. No Pantsu!! のーぱんつ!! [100827] Molamola Software One day, the student council president Chinu announces unexpectedly that all members are prohibited from wearing underwear. The reason for this was because she wanted to get back at Seigo, who is in charge of general affairs. While protesting her decision, he thought that this might actually end up being something good. The other girls demand that he make her change her mind, but they are unable to do so. No miracle here, ecchi comedy inevitably becomes a nukige even with full-scale harem. 11. Prism ☆ Magical ~Prism Generations!~ プリズム☆ ま~じカル PRISM Generations! [100827] Pajamas Soft This is a comical and heartful magic ‘girl’ battle ADV where everyone, including the protagonist, is a magic girl. A normal boy Raika wishes to live a normal school life in a seaside town Misaki-chou with childhood friend miko Ibuki and his maid Yuri. However, his father was a magic girl and other magic girls are coming to the school to find the hidden magic stone Mana Prism. Because of his lineage, Raika can turn into Crimson Red using the Magical Prism! Now he has to battle other magic girls... who are his allies and who are his enemies!? Gameplay-heavy magical girl something is all I need to know to forget it. 12. Suzukaze no Melt -Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other- 涼風のメルト -Where wishes are drawn to each other- [100827] Whirlpool 1 2 Whirlpool’s 5th title is about the bonds between humans and spirits. Akihito lives in Mishiro-machi, a town which is said to be protected by a local god and spirits, but not many people nowadays believe this. Every 10 years, there is a large festival at the local shrine. Akihito serves as the priest during the festival due to his lineage, while his childhood friend Nazuna is chosen as the miko. There are rumours of a strange being around town and he doesn’t believe them until he saw the spirit himself. It seems that the spirit was lost and they help it return deep into a forest where normal people cannot enter. There he meets the beautiful god of the land Suzu. He decides to protect all the spirits in the town and return them to the forest. There are English reviews. 13. Yokoshima!! Pandemic 邪!! ぱんでみっく [100827] Kur-Mar-Ter 1 Rei attends Nagi Gakuen which is well-known for strange happenings. Since he was small, he has been able to sense spirits. One day, he met a mysterious girl at the abandoned old school building and many strange things kept happening afterwards. Deemed as the main culprit, he is invited to the 4K club (kagaku de wa kaimei dekinai kaii genshou o kenkyuu suru kurabu – club to investigate strange phenomena which cannot be explained by science) by club leader Otoha, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. There is an English impression that I agree with. BLOCKED 1. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My Girlfriend is the President.~ Fandisc 幼なじみは大統領 My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. ファンディスク [100813] ALcot 1 2 3 This is the official fandisc to the romantic comedy "My Girlfriend is the President", extending the story of the characters we love. Welcome back to the White House! All your favorite characters are waiting in this new extended story, like President Ohama, Irina Putina, and the adorable spaceship girl Ell! In Ell's Side: Remi and Qoo come to spend Christmas with Junichiro and Ell. When Junichiro and Ell keep sneaking off at night, poor Remi isn't amused. Meanwhile, Qoo wants to see Ell and Junichiro have kids, so she's been hatching some devious plots to get them to hook up even more. In Irina's Side: Irina Putina returns to Japan after many months, eager for some quality romantic time with Junichiro. Unfortunately it's not going to be that simple. A faction in the Japanese government is plotting to get Junichiro and President Yukino together, so they arrange for Junichiro to live with both Yukino and Irina. Now both girls must compete for his love. Fandisc 2. Soukou Akki Muramasa: Janen Hen 装甲悪鬼村正 邪念編 [100813] Nitroplus 1 2 The official anthology DVD of Soukou Akki Muramasa, which includes sidestories written by guest scenario writers, wallpapers, Twitter icons and backgrounds, new songs by Ono Masatoshi and VERTEUX and much more. Fandisc 3. Himawari Aqua After - The Day the Moon Stood Still ひまわりアクアアフター The Day the Moon Stood Still [100814] Blank Note 1 2 3 4 Fandisc taking place a year after the events of the main game, focusing on Aqua and Cosmos. Fandisc 4. Siskon 姉婚 [100814] Artemis. 1 Acchan and Hiro get engaged. They’re both working adults and their parents died when they were young so they live alone together. The story details their everyday lives and a few small events that occur during their engagement. Doujin Nukige, but with an English review
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