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  2. Since it doesn't look like it will take that long of a time to have the complete patch i'll wait to play this game, really thank you for your hard work!
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  4. Foreword: It looked like a semi-historical plot-centered game, so why not sample it, really. Title: Salem no Majo-tachi Developer: Daiginjou Date: 2003-08-08 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3679 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P53wX3hGx64&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-sUBbx3VBtkjZ8QS4wiJk4 Synopsis: Year 1699. A young priest, named Kevin, sailed to the peaceful town in the British colony in the New World. This town's name was Salem. He is yet to know all of the horrors of the Salem's witch-hunt. Game type: Semi-historical drama Difficulty: Easy, very few choices Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Rating comments: Story became a major disappointment for me dragging it all down. Protagonist: Kevin is actually really nice. His identity is complex - English pastor of indian origin fighting with knuckles. He is always shown with face. He does not really move the plot, but he's still a cool guy looking naturally in this environment. Characters: There are four heroines - naive main heroine Meg, free-spirit Julia, pretentious Emily and genius Sophie. I played only the routes of the first two - main heroine and gun-wielding girl. And these are two dead-serious boring heroines. All the comedy relief is created by the other two heroines. The problem with characters is that routes are pretty much the same - first some incident happens which is resolved by particular heroine special skill - love blooms - then it moves to the actual witch-hunt. Story: Such pseudo-historical setting is quite disadvantageous, as for me. It is overcrowded with all kinds of one-sided grotesque characters. Even prior to playing the game reader already has a very good image of what's going to happen - there's going to be a witch trial and a happy end. So the only thing that should surprise to create an impact is process and plot shifts. Game introduces two humorous heroines to lighten up the mood, but it still remains overextended historical SOL with just two notable events. Main heroine Meg route tries to tell a more involving story, but too little too late. Thoughts: Somehow much older Dorei Ichiba produced a better impression on me. That were easy to grasp single heroine stories with interesting individual lines and plot shifts. Much shorter as well. Salem no Majo-tachi is a much more complex game containing dozens of characters, but heroines fail to charm, and lots of filler scenes both distract and irritate. Overall comments: Game is of very high quality and made with much effort and skill, but neither story, nor heroines manage to grasp attention, and without it any game is worthless for me.
  5. Definitely, even if statistics were shown that people exposed to this kind of content are slightly more likely to commit crimes, I wouldn't advocate for its ban. Though then it could become a matter of whether the ends justify the means. I can see how some people, especially those who don't like that content, might be willing to give it up to prevent a small number of crimes. As for me, unless it had been proven to be a freaking pandemic, I would still defend the right to create, distribute and consume any kind of fiction (obviously among adults). But you see, that was not even my point. My point was that this is exactly the same as banning violent video games because there might be a chance that some people commit crimes by being exposed to them, which some people in this thread tried to deny, because you know, it's uncool to be so close-minded in the times we live in. But bashing sexual fetishes? That's not only perfectly fine, but also gives you the moral highground! Because obviously anyone who doesn't stick up for fictional women and children are terrible people.
  6. Reading VN is masochistic

    Sorry, I meant don't have fun. I forgot we don't allow that here.
  7. Reading VN is masochistic

    There are 2 types of moderation. Those who try to engage with the users and try to make the community a better place and tell users clearly what is bad, and those who just punish yoi for everything and don't tell what was wrong.
  8. Reading VN is masochistic

    Moved to The Coliseum of Chatter, for... obvious reasons. Have fun.
  9. Reading VN is masochistic

    The irony of calling someone out for calling someone an autist while acting like that while acting like that
  10. Reading VN is masochistic

    The irony of calling someone an autist while acting like that.
  11. Its about a subject that is banned for legal reasons. not us acting "elitist". and yea. owner has been gone for years. we dont have access to do things. its been a sinking ship for a long time.
  12. Reading VN is masochistic

    This thread made me remember to take a new backup of my lists in case the site goes down
  13. Wow, no shit? Who would've have thought that the site's owner, the only one with access to most of it, going AWOL for literal years and everything but the Forums slowly breaking down would kill a site. I'm sure no one in the community ever noticed that or expressed powerless frustration at the current state of affairs. Thank you enlightening us with your outside perspective. Like we're ever going to get this much initiative from the top. ^^
  14. Reading VN is masochistic

    Is it life though? It feels more like that last rush of activity before finally dropping dead. We only need Tay to once more come back promising site update and disappearing without a trace after 15 minutes to complete the cycle, then we can all move on to the afterlife.
  15. I think a large problem with this is how to define most hardcore lolicon stuff and that opening up that option would open up for the possibility of more censorship even outside of that frame. For instance some might say just focus on things like nukige which features children in elementary school and completely messed up shit, while others would probably say it includes anything with a clearly loli looking character like Nene from Eroge Sex and games makes sexy games or the twins from Imouto Paradise. Then there would also be people who would try to expand this to include any eroge with characters under 18 like VNs with high school setting or any character that looks like they are under 18. While it might seem simple to define a problem area that you feel is worthy of censorship others will have a different idea and once censorship starts it usually spreads to a wider area than intended before it meets backlash. Of course this could potentially be fixed by making very clear defined rules that aren't that much up for interpretation though even in this case there would likely be people making content that is just at the boarder of what these laws would accept that will try to push the envelope.
  16. Reading VN is masochistic

    Yep. And that's a pretty strange way for this forum to come back to life.
  17. Well, the problem with this type of argument is that we can basically talk about our own experiences. I personally don't find this sequence so improbable that it would never happen, but each stage will definitely eliminate a very big proportion of all people exposed. From my personal experience I can say that I did discover some of my niche fetishes through the Japanese media. They most likely existed even before and weren't directly caused by it, but I'm pretty sure I would never even realized I even had them otherwise. The only real answer to this problem could be given by conclusive and verified scientific research, but that would be very difficult to conduct. And even if it turns out that there is a very small possibility that a very small minority of all people exposed to this type of fiction will actually conduct crimes, should it really be banned just for that? It always comes down to our personal political and moral beliefs, but that's just too subjective to argue about. I'd say, the most comfortable solution for me personally would be if the most hardcore lolicon stuff remains illegal while everything else is legal, but I definitely don't hold this belief strongly enough to try to persuade other people in it. PS. Also, minors are definitely more likely to have their beliefs and morality affected by this kind of fiction, but, you know, the 18+ label is there for a reason.
  18. Reading VN is masochistic

    This thread and Funya's somehow compliment each other perfectly. ^^ Like any place on the internet is free from autistic posts like this. :>
  19. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Rip you caught up to One Piece? I stopped when I caught up like 4 years ago lmaooo. Been trying to get back into it, though. I'm around the 760's so I got a bit to go. I knew it was around there smh. I might give ya a hollar soon then! To reminisce and fuck around. I might get it if I ever get more $$$ but we'll seeee.
  20. Reading VN is masochistic

    There are 2 types of visuals novels. Those that are Kirikoi, and those that are not.
  21. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Please. I knew you liked Brook, but I didn't know your username would be for Brook too. I was so surprised when I heard the sword's name in Fishman Island! But yes, thanks for also pushing me to go continue One Piece. I finished Whole Cake Island last month and may I just say, that I do not regret any goddamn episode of the 880 I've finished. It's great. Also, 20? You're so mean! I'm 21 now. D&D huh. I never really got into it because it's hard participating in campaigns because of unpredictable schedules and horrible timezone compatibility with online friends, as well as the never-improving internet connection and hardware that I use here. But yes! You can always holler me up at Discord! I'm still looking for a job right now, so I'm pretty much a bum at the moment. This old man is available to listen to your yammering more than ever! You should also get 100% Orange Juice if you haven't. My best Steam game.
  22. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Lmao it took you this long to figure it out? Or did you even figure it out? I thought I posted the meaning on here in another thread specifically for explaining usernames. Also my speech online has changed a lot actually. I'm now a frequent user of "lmao" and "smh". God dude, how old are you now? Like 20?? Jesus it has been too long. That's great to hear man, things have been going super nice for a good while now. Most significantly (aka not at all), I'm about to DM a JoJo D&D campaign of sorts Monday night with some of my best buds (which you helped me find btw thanks lmao). We should def talk on Discord again sometime and hang out. I feel like our life views have changed like fifty-fold since last we talked.
  23. Looking for a scary/zombie genre VN (translated)

    Thanks ! I already played Fata Morgana, Saya no Uta and Higurashi except chap 6 but i will check the others.
  24. What are you playing?

    I did. I finished Nozomi, Satsuki and Narukana, in this order. I definitely enjoyed Satsuki the most of the three, and I should've skipped Nozomi.
  25. Reading VN is masochistic

    Well, going by your logic, the life itself is masochistic. But seriously, you should try to change this way of thinking. That's not healthy.
  26. Is this topic simply a joke? Somehow everyone nowadays is acting like they are some type of superior being who supposedly aren't creepy degenerates? Like dude the stuff that has been discussed here/shown here has been really questionable. Just put it straight out before someone start calling me stuff, I play only all-ages visual novel and don't for any chance condone or accept the stuff, but lets put it straight out underage sex between teenagers and questionable content has been showcased before, not as much as visual novel but movies and stuff does that now and then. So basically if everyone start complaining at least don't be hypocritical about. Its ridiculous dude, what adult visual novel doesn't almost have minors having sex but with age changed when localized to camouflage lol. Remember age of consent in japan varies but some places have like age 16 as age of consent for example, I'm going to assume you guys problem supposedly is not the age as a whole but pornographic content in general otherwise you are just playing yourself acting like some sort of moral compass ediot. From a very long time you guys were literally scaring people off this site telling them unless it was a visual novel you guys agreed with bashing it to death, making fun of how others could enjoy something so bad, but you know what? Maybe if you had been more polite instead of behaving like elitist and accepting the fact most of the time it was more about having different tastes than the actual visual novels being automatically bad this site would've more traffic than it did.(In other words being toxic) Just for the record many stuff many of you posted here I thought it looked like trash/perverted/just sex / or just shit, but I wasn't purposely posting everywhere about it, besides unless I'd try them I couldn't tell something is bad 100% because someone says it. I rather prefer comment about the good and bad of stuff than being an utter asshole. In my case I would prefer 100% if visual novels went full all-ages (although I don't see how well it would sell, but oh well...) actually trying to innovate more and make new ways of telling a story and trying different things, some of the writers does some really good stuff but the stupid implemented sex talk and awkward done fanservice most of the time gets in the way of the story and halt its potential. Putting that aside are you guys aware very nasty stuff happens everyday around the world which surprisingly rarely people give a shit, disturbing stories are pretty common and much of the stuff is not even being covered or ignored completely by people. Funny fact: Was about to delete my account due to there being almost zero activity from the mods and owners, thinking this site was about to die soon. Didn't expect finding ridiculous claims of some dudes trying selling themselves like better human beings. And for your guys information the lack activity from the owners and almost zero updates also contributed to the death of this site. Edit: Seriously you can't delete your account? Wtf! Hey if mods are here can you delete my account of existence!?
  27. Thank you for the update! 80% That seems pretty close to me, but i never translated a game before. Im very much looking forward to your continued progress!
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