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  2. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Big news, guys! All of my tracks on my Dark/Ominous page are now available as very high quality Ogg files. They sound amazing…almost as good as the original WAV files that they were created from…and are much much smaller in size…perfect for videogames. Give them a try. https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ On that note, some people have asked me why I’m offering Ogg files when they can simply convert my free MP3 tracks to Ogg themselves. You are certainly welcome to do this, but it won’t increase the quality of the tracks at all because you’re starting with MP3. The reason my Ogg files sound so great is that I’m creating them from my original WAV recordings. That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my Fantasy 10 page: SKY DRIFTERS – (Looping) SKY DRIFTERS 2 – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-10/ On my Positive / Upbeat page: THE BALLOON HEADS DAY OUT – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ On my Puzzle Music 5 page: FUNKY PUZZLER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-5/ And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: DESOLATE STREETS IN A MACHINE WORLD – (Looping) ELECTRIC DRIZZLE – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-8/ Enjoy…and keep being creative!
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  4. Help this weeb choose a game

    Thanks for everyone that voted and/or wrote a reply! I honestly wasn't expecting 428 to win, and I don't know what to expect from it either, but if it's in the poll I was willing to give it a chance from the start. I'll get the others on future sales~
  5. Wow, you're like the ~3rd person I've ever met who's watched Chuck. As for Toradora I do want to say that I think the melodrama worked in it as at that age things tend to feel far more significant than they actually are, especially when it comes to emotions. Feel free to link those threads, but I'm pretty new to anime and I've basically not read any manga, so it's distinctly possible I won't be able to speak to any of it.
  6. Something like Toradora

    ok, maybe I'll keep this in mind as a last resort
  7. I see, thank you. I'm surprised to hear about Chuck, since its one of like 5 or so non-animated TV shows I've ever watched, so it's quite the coincidence to hear about it here of all places. Unfortunately, I do not recall it well enough to agree or disagree with the assessment. Toradora's also a really curious one because while I love the characters, I heavily dislike the plot (I don't think the attraction between the two leads was natural and find that others imposed their views on them in that matter. Especially in Ryuuji's case) and think that most events within were melodramatic, which I almost always dislike. (I was going to link a couple of threads with romance manga and anime to see if you like any of them but I've bugged you enough. Thanks.)
  8. Something like Toradora

    If you won't read the VN, watch the anime '-'
  9. Something like Toradora

    I'll probably check this one out. I've seen this connected to Toradora a bunch of times, but the fact that it came out a few years later and its art somehow looks even older kinda put me off a little. I guess I'll decide after trying to watch some of the first episodes. This certainly looks interesting, so I will try it. I generally avoid animes that are adapted from a VN (a VN that I haven't read yet), because if I was interested in it at all, then I'd just go for the VN instead. And I've been a bit too lazy to read VN's lately, even though I have like a dozen of them on my wishlist, so there probably isn't an opportunity to get to Little busters anytime soon for me
  10. That's a bit tricky as I actually don't tend to look for romance these days. I also can't really pin down exactly what does or doesn't make for good romance. Looking for examples from other media, the first thing that comes to mind is Toradora (thank you other thread on this site for bringing that to the front of my mind.) For the most part, I found the romance in books to be generally more compelling than in VNs, though it's been a while since I read a regular book and any example I have from those may or may not actually hold up with me today. One more unusual example I have is the TV show Chuck; while it didn't contain many romance scenes, the ones it had tended to just work so well. I also perhaps should specify that I think many VNs tell love stories well and it is specifically the romance aspects of those stories that VNs tend to fall short on.
  11. Something like Toradora

    Now seeing your list, I wonder why you haven't watched Little Busters, as it's from Key [Clannad, Angel Beats!] and it has everything you are looking for.
  12. Something like Toradora

    it's from the same creator, right? I love Golden Time, so I second this Gosick is love, Gosick is life. Prepare to cry a lot!
  13. Something like Toradora

    Well, two anime come to mind. -Gosick: It uses a similar chemistry to Torodora but the main tsundere character is less harsh, and the overall story has a mystery flair to it. It's an underrated gem that is worth checking out. (https://myanimelist.net/anime/8425/Gosick) -Chivalry of a Failed Knight: While it starts out cliched as hell, it eventually deconstructs the harem aspect by having the main character and tsundere fall in love and get into an actual relationship very early on, with the rest of the story tackling themes surrounding their relationship. As far as "magic battle harems" go, this is the best one by a long shot. (https://myanimelist.net/anime/30296/Rakudai_Kishi_no_Cavalry)
  14. If I may ask, what is it you're looking for in romance stories and do you have examples of it done well even outside VNs?
  15. Something like Toradora

    Tsurezure Children is worth looking at if you'd be interested in something episodic. https://myanimelist.net/anime/34902/Tsurezure_Children Otherwise: Ookami-san and her Seven Companions was made by the same studio. I think it was substantially weaker in the romance department, but in all other respects I actually liked it more than Toradora. https://myanimelist.net/anime/7769/Ookami-san_to_Shichinin_no_Nakama-tachi Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun is also weaker with regards to romance, but was otherwise a more enjoyable show. https://myanimelist.net/anime/23289/Gekkan_Shoujo_Nozaki-kun
  16. Something like Toradora

    golden time
  17. A few days ago, I randomly picked up Toradora, because I just wanted to watch something and couldn't decide what (comedy is the best choice in a case like this). I ended up enjoying it way more than I expected, and I even have the feeling of emptiness right now (the kind of feeling you get after finishing something you were really into). So, after failing to choose something by myself, I decided to ask you guys around here. To make it easier, I'm going to list some stuff that I'm looking for (or would like to avoid). - no harems: harems usually have the kind of comedy that's full of cringe, have uninteresting and very often annoying characters and I get tired of that very quickly, but more importantly, there's never an actual romantic relationship between the MC and ONE of the heroines - high school setting is good, but it's not a necessity - at least a minimal amount of character development - a good balance between comedy and drama (if it has more drama, then it's fine, but comedy should still be there) - low amount of (or none) fanservice: if it's not a harem, then there probably won't be much fanservice, but I just felt like I should mention this too - bonus points for a kiss scene - extra bonus points for a protagonist who is able to think for himself Here's my MAL account, so you can see what I've already seen. My list is not very big, since I don't watch too much stuff https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Br41n
  18. Fruit Of Grisaia not working

    When you launch the "BootMenu" application, does the game fail to launch through the menu or is it that the menu fails to launch at all?
  19. In my experience with VNs, romance is one of two things that many VN writers think they can do well but actually they're shit at (the other being foreshadowing). Scrolling through my VN list, the only instances of good romance on my list are Sachi and Michiru's after stories in Grisaia no Meikyuu and Mashiro's route in Aokana. And honestly none of those are stellar examples, they just happen to stand out against a massive backdrop of mediocrity and trash. For me personally, I like high school settings because (despite being nothing like actual high school) they're immediately understandable and allow my focus to be entirely on the characters and story. That said, that main advantage is also it's main weakness as it generally doesn't work as a compelling setting and therefore is a bad choice if you want a novel where the setting plays a big role.
  20. VN with after story

    He asks about after stories with time skip. For example if game was about high school, then "after story" tells you about university, living together, work, married life, etc. I don't think any of these games have something like that.
  21. Nah, this project regularly goes months without updates, but it's tenacious, lol. Usually they pop in every now and again and let everyone know where they are.
  22. huh, i may read this sooner than later now.
  23. VN with after story

    Not sure if this counts or if it is the kind of thing you're looking for but Sharin no Kuni has it's own FD with epilogues for all the routes.
  24. VN of the Month March 2006 - Lost Child

    Lost Child is VN of the Month, review incoming. Guess Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o can also be called a masterpiece. 1. Spitan Spirits Expedition -in the Phantasmagoria- スピたん Spirits Expedition―in the Phantasmagoria― [060303] Xuse 1 There’s a mountainous crag to the northeast of the Continent of Dragons called Dragon's Claw Marks. No one in the recorded history has been able to cross that area safely. However, they did not have a newly invented airship! You play as the aspiring and newly appointed captain of this vessel, Loty Eiblyss, but you didn’t exactly come with your own crew of hardened sailors. In fact it’s more like a rowdy well-to-do family of women posing as a crew, coupled with an actual lady sword master (your teacher) and an another mysterious girl. At least this family of nine women appears to be trained to fight when the need arises. It's mostly a strategy game. 2. Fushigi no Kuni no Kanojo 不思議の国のカノジョ [060306] Saga Planets Main character belongs to the literary club "Girl of Memories" and struggles every day to complete a novel. One day, a mysterious girl "Negai" appears before him to fulfill his destiny, but in fact she is a delusional girl from the novel. She is invisible for others, but clingy enough to support with advice at every step. It's hard to tell what's real and what's a geek projection in this novel. First half is quite fun, and second part can be emotional as heroines charm starts to shine. Volume is ok, so it's an enjoyable work overall. 3. Hidamari no Hana 陽だまりのはな [060310] Soufuu Kousaku is back to his hometown because he quit a job angrily. He is supposed to start working at a flower shop that his mother runs. However, the shop is changed to a herb and herb tea shop. His mother tells him to work as a shop manager from today. Kousaku's new life is started. First half is ok since it's a comedy with some good gags. Second part goes into individual routes with different development, and each heroine path is completely different. Capture is really difficult as all is seen is map with locations to go and no girl signs seen, plus it's not possible to save on the map. Heartwarming atmosphere and unique text in H scenes may be the only features of this work... 4. Oshiete Miko Sensei おしえて巫女先生 [060310] Anesen This is a story of Miko, who happens to become a teacher at high school. Enjoy a slapstick comedy of Miko and her students. Shrine maiden's temple gets destroyed, so she becomes a temporary teacher. There are two main story-lines - with teacher and different classmates - and they can be pursued simultaneously. H level is quite high as there are erotic gags like going to school with no panties, and there are also 3-4 long H scene for each heroine. The whole shrine maiden thing is just for the catch, it's a normal school story just with teacher flirt. 5. Gakuto! がくと! [060317] Gindokei Misuzaku School hosts over 100,000 students. As discipline committee goes on rampage, main character suggests a new set of rules, but to enforce them he needs to win school elections. There are a lot of candidates to compete with - like a hentai girl who wants to change school uniform into swimsuits or a martial artist girl who wants to turn school into fighting grounds. But the root of evil is discipline committee chairman who is trying to turn the school into his own harem. To win the elections protagonist must get the buttons that all candidates have. A new school life of love, battle and conspiracy begins! There are as many as 10 female heroines to capture, and afterwards True route opens up. Individual routes have lots of comedy in them. Quite a lively game with fully animated opening which is a rarity. 6. Okaerinasaimase ☆ Goshujin-sama ♪ お帰りなさいませ☆ご主人様♪ [060317] Undel Erotic adventure game at a secret maid cafeteria in Akihabara called "Rokumeikan". All the erotic scenes are done with wearing cloths. There is a maid cafeteria located in Akihabara called "Rokumeikan". Many customers come to the cafeteria every day even though new customers need introducers to come in. Kurata's aunt is concerned about the situation of the cafeteria where maids hold court with customers. She decides to hire Kurata to teach the maids what "Moe" is. But they never listen to him and his job is to do a chore at their dormitory. One day, when he is sweeping in front of the cafeteria, a girl talks to him. " I heard that you are recruiting maids...". This meeting is the dawn of.... It's a moege with some H tilt since there are such things as 3P and harem route. Maids confuse some activities as service. But overall it's a comedy with some serious development late into the game. 7. Tenmusu!? ~Tonikaku Yoku Korobu Dojikko-tachi~ 転娘!?~とにかくよく転ぶドジっ娘たち~ [060317] OLE This is a stumbling love comedy. Many girls such as maids and university students around you stumble but you don't know why this phenomenon happens around you. To stumble is bad for these girls but good for you? Basically, all heroines in this game share character trait of dojikko, which is stumble and fall showing panties. Development is bright with all 5 heroines, but it still feels like a H centered game with animation in H scenes, special system for sounds in H events and 3P in bad endings. There is next to none scenario, so dissatisfaction accumulates. 8. Memories Off ~Sorekara Again~ Memories Off ~それから again~ [060323] KID 1 2 This is a sequel to 2004's Memories Off ~Sorekara~. It contains scenarios that focus on the days following the events of the original, featuring the heroines Inori Misasagi, Miyabi Fujiwara and Karin Hanamatsuri. There is an English reviews. 9. Shakugan no Shana 灼眼のシャナ [060323] Vridge Inc. 1 The player takes on the character of Yuji Sakai in the game. The game plays out like a visual novel but with the addition of a battle system and dating sim elements. Choices that are made throughout the course of the game determine which of the five endings the player gets upon completion of the game. Another worthless anime spin-off 10. Ether no Sunadokei ~Angel Time~ エーテルの砂時計~ANGEL TIME~ [060324] DreamSoft There is a town on the border of two worlds where lost things gather. Main character belongs to the faction of town protectors. He died and then got resurrected, so all his power is lost now. He decides to live like a normal person in the circle of friends, but things start to change around him... Dreamsoft is an experimental brand of F&C, and it shows here. It can be considered a sequel to Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -. A lot of scenes are told from female point of view instead of protagonist. Direction and use of standing animation are good, but the story itself is unnatural and weird. Character design is specific, so there is little affinity for the heroines. First half is about managing a coffee shop for angels, and the second half is all about ghost battles and confrontation artificial king of cats. Not just protagonist, but main heroines are also reincarnations with their worries, like dog reincarnation etc. Story is basically one way road with heroines endings branching at the very end. Very strange work, indeed. 11. >>Fami! Kyou no Menu wa Lesson C >>ふぁみ! 今日のメニューはレッスンC [060324] Fonte One day, Masaki is recruited as a training teacher at waitress training school. He is engaged in two jobs at the same time being a high school student in the morning and a teacher in the evening. Our usual moege more tilt on H than anything else. 12. Lebensende レーベンスエンデ [060324] Lyric Main character starts to live ordinary life after amnesia strike. One dark night he witnesses a beautiful girl fighting odd-shaped things. She asks to use her in the fight and turns into a mighty spiritual blade. Is this in some way connected to protagonist's past? Main heroine is tsundere, and story is straightforward. There is also mystery element concerning heroes' backgrounds and past. But contents is battle focused and too short for any serious story. It's a low price work, after all. 13. Lost Child [060324] Tama-Soft After disaster in 2024, seven years ago rain has never stopped in this city. As of recent, nightly serial killings have infused fear in human hearts. Injured by monster attack and dying student Shouji meets girl Ai who binds a contact with him and gives him power to use mighty claw in battle. They promise each other to survive no matter what, but it might be the first step to brighter future for the humanity. I just can't pass by it, also promised a review long ago. Review incoming. 14. Rikorisu ~Lycoris Radiata~ りこりす~lycoris radiata~ [060324] Terios Main character goes on a yacht voyage to archipelago on a summer vacation. Dense fog obstructs visibility, so he has to take shore at a small island. Three beautiful maids inhabit this island. Game branches very early, and the first girl we meet becomes our girlfriend. It's a pure love game, but there's a harem route prepared if all heroines are captured. Scenario is pretty terrible, but fans of maid and art style will not be disappointed. 15. Senjou de Shoujo wa Karada o Kakeru 戦場デ少女ハ躰ヲカケル [060324] Cyc Protagonist is a battle hardened soldier who enjoying his vacation in some famous tropical resort country. But his times of peace doesn't last. There’s a swift and violent coup d’etat that leads our hero and his younger sister to be captured. Our hero’s exploits have caught the eye of the rebellious men, and they force him to join their cause and lead their troops while his sister is being held hostage. He goes along with their plot against his will, but who knows; perhaps he’ll discover the truth and feel that the rebels are on the side of right. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that there are a few attractive lady officers and mercenaries hanging around. How will their fates pan out in the fires of war? There are 15 battle stages prepared, plus unique one for each heroine. There are only women as commanding officers, so you know the drill since Foxy. 16. Setsuei 雪影-setsuei- [060324] Silver Bullet 1 Shuji was born at a snowy town. His parents died when he was a child and he was adopted by his relatives. He lives in a big city since then. However, he comes back to his hometown every winter to meet his sister. On the day when his parents died, he met his older sister. He could not believe that he had a sister but he accepted her as his older sister to relieve his sadness. They usually live separately but they meet once a year in winter. This project is drafted by Romeo Tanaka, but story is simple and thus heavily relies on writer skills. The result is grievous. Characters fail to impress, and art makes things even worse. Endings fix things only partially. 17. Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Hajimete no Natsu Monogatari かしまし ~ガール・ミーツ・ガール~ 初めての夏物語 [060330] Vridge Inc. 1 Inspired in the manga and anime series by Satoru Akahori of the same name. The game's story begins on the outset of summer vacation. Hazumu's homeroom teacher Namiko Tsuki suggests Hazumu and her friends take a one-week trip to a small mountain village with a hot spring resort. Hazumu's grandparents reside in this town, and are two new characters introduced to the story. Three other female characters are introduced as possible love interests for Hazumu; two are the same age as her, and the third is the older landlady of the resort. The goal of the game is to pair Hazumu up with one of the five female cast of characters. The gameplay's main system comes from Hazumu's indecisive personality. If the player shows more interest in a particular character, the other characters get annoyed that Hazumu is ignoring them, which is displayed in a tension meter. The more Hazumu ignores a particular character, the higher the tension between that character becomes. This ensures Hazumu stays good friends with the possible love interests. In order to view the ending of a particular character, a certain amount of tension will have to be between the other characters, but this cannot be too great or the ending will not show. Dating SIM 18. Ano Machi no Koi no Uta あの街の恋の詩 [060331] P-Factory Kyohei lives an ordinary life doing nothing special, just enjoying his life with his friends. He gets involved in an accident at a big festival taken place once a year. His ordinary life changes to an extraordinary life since then. This is a love story with four girls until they get away from this extraordinary life. Basically, main character is looking for shrine maiden to close the gate of Yomo that can bring destruction if remains open. And candidates to shrine maidens are normal people - childhood friend friend, transfer student, classmate and younger kouhai. Character design and high CG quality become this work's feature. There is also quite sufficient H element in all that. 19. Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o この青空に約束を― [060331] Giga 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 One morning, Hoshino Wataru found a sleeping girl - in nothing but her underwear - in his room. When she woke up, she quickly escaped by jumping out of the window, but not without punching Wataru in the face first. This girl, Sawaki Rinna, ends up being a transfer student of Wataru's school, as well as the new roommate of Wataru's dormitory. He lives with four other girls and their school teacher, but due to Temizugawa Heavy Industry's cancellation of their aviation branch, South Sakojima Island's major company, the families involved with the corporation have to be evacuated in one year. As a result of this, the four girls have to leave the island in one year's time. Knowing this, Rinna refuses to become friends with Wataru and the other girls, because of the pain that she might experience as a result of their eventual separation. However, Wataru disagrees with her, and over the course of the year, tries to convince her otherwise. There are English reviews. 20. True Tears true tears ~トゥルーティアーズ~ [060331] La'cryma 1 2 3 Dreams, hopes, and aspirations... are things that all people draw their visions of what the "future" may hold for them. Some are pastel-colored; others are darker in hue; still others shine radiant and unblemished like the hands of the rain. What are my dreams? What are my hopes? What do I aspire to become? These are questions that the characters of this story ask themselves. But must all of them turn at last to weeping? Must they all harbor such darkness under the shadow of the wings of their hearts? Some of them carry the wounds of the past with them still, the burden causing them to lose sight of their dreams. Others see insurmountable walls between them and the things they dream of, causing them to walk away and give up. And still others -- worst of all -- have forgotten what it is to dream altogether. And so they smile, smile warmly and widely, in order to hide away the darkness and pain in their hearts... in order to shut out the future itself. But the moment a girl should step forth and say "no more" -- that is the beginning and the end. This is a season of true tears. Can you feel their hands as they rain down upon you? Content is really thin. There are no individual routes, and the tour tiers are too short. Up to four people can be flagged simultaneously since each girl can be flagged only during three days in a week. Conversation is really boring, so there is nothing else to do, anyway. BLOCKED 1. Limited Humanoid [060301] Project Lips Project Lips' entry into the 8th 3-Minute Game Contest. Doujin 2. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.10: Shikaku no Wana 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.10 四角の罠 [060301] WorkJam Jinguji is asked for a meeting. However, when he goes to the hotel where meeting is appointed, he is attacked by a masked man from behind. Console exclusive 3. Chiccha na Imouto no Ecchi na Oshiri ちっちゃな妹のえっちなお尻 [060301] B.T.B software There are three episodes of naughty life of a student with his younger sister. Doujin Nukige 4. Succu!! サキュ!! [060302] WILD COVERS WILD COVERS Piano is a naturally well endowed girl who is ordered around by her beautiful and highly intelligent elder sister, Seraphine. Together with Miluse, their cat-eared robot who acts as their watchdog, they set off on a trip through medieval Japan! Doujin Nukige 5. Sukumizu Lover スク水Lover [060302] BornClunkers Main character can't swim, but he takes a position of adviser to school swimming club. School does not have its own facility, so the two girl members need to go to outside territory with extraterritorial law where morals and enforcement are very loose. Protagonist takes advantage of this situation. Doujin 6. Neo Angelique ネオ アンジェリーク [060302] Koei The story takes place in a fictional world called Arcadia, where life-draining monsters called Thanatos plague the populace. The only ones who have the power to exterminate these creatures are Purifiers, but only a few exist. One day, Angelique, who is just a presumably normal girl attending school, is visited by Nyx, a rich gentlemen, as well as a Purifier, who created an organization comprised of Purifiers dedicated to eliminating Thanatos. Nyx is interested in the potential power she possesses and invites her to join his organization, but she refuses since she wants to become a doctor, like her father. However, when her school is later attacked by a Thanatos, she ends up activating her powers in her want to protect those in danger. After purifying the creature, she finds out she has a unique purifying power, and that is she the one that has been foretold in legends, the "Queen's Egg". It is then that her journey begins, and she becomes the only female Purifier in the world. Otomege 7. Time Flies [060302] Fusyro Mini This time stage is Kujou workplace. Busy days as usual, but even in ordinary scenery there is time and place to make blood boil. Doujin Boys Love 8. Hitozuma Onsen ~Miwaku no Tabiji~ 人妻温泉~魅惑の旅路~ [060303] Gyuunyuu Soft The lead character Jun was raised without a mother's love since she was killed in a traffic accident when he was a primary school student. Jun, who is a university student now, happens to go to an overnight trip to a hot spring with his friends' mothers........ Exciting adventure game whose story takes place in a hot spring resort. Doujin Nukige 9. Kazoku Koukan Kindan no Shou ~Kazoku Koukan Ane-Haha-Imouto Fandisc~ 家族交感 禁断の章~家族交感 姉・母・妹 ファンディスク~ [060303] Kanisky Fandisc includes not only four download episodes from Side stories, but also 6 user-backed scenarios. Nukige 10. Love Drops ~Miracle Doukyo Monogatari~ Love☆Drops~みらくる同居物語~ [060303] Sugar Beans You always used to love listening to your grandmothers fairytales, and despite her recent death, her old european style mansion still remains a place of fond memories. So when the opportunity arises to actually live there on your own you jump at the chance...Only it turns out Grandmother's stories wern't quite as fictional as you thought, as you accidentally unleash three demons from their fifty year prison. And thus begins the "Miracle Cohabitation Story" as the three demons (a siren, a vampire and a werewolf), your three schoolmates (a genki underclassman, an aloof senior and your childhood friend) and a semi-secret character all vie for your affections. Otomege 11. Revenger Zero ~OL Inkayouwaku Hen~ リベンジャーゼロ~OL淫花妖惑篇~ [060303] Maika Main character is a scion in a huge company. However, due to conspiracy he loses father and company. He succeeds in infiltrating the company under different name to take his revenge. The easiest way is to establish domination over women working there. Nukige 12. Sodatete Miryu? ~Boku to Lilith no Chotto Fushigi na Monogatari~ 育ててみりゅ? ~ぼくとリリスのちょっとふしぎな物語~ [060303] Crowd 1 In a little village somewhere and somewhen, young Abel (the protagonist) and his older sister Cecilia, a couple of orphans, live together in the little house of their long lost parents. Their life is simple but happy, and supported by Cecilia's occasional sales of (conveniently) natural products collected from the village forest and, more importantly, from Abel's job as shepherd at a nearby farm. It's only when the game starts following Abel's daily routine that we discover that the story is set in a fantasy world, because the native sheep have a (female) humanoid form... Nukige 13. Tokudoku Series - Toubousha Dokujima Nero ~Kago no Naka no Inbou Hen~ 得々シリーズ 逃亡者 毒島音露~籠の中の淫謀編~ [060303] Waffle Here is another item from "Toubousha Dokujima" series! This item includes five short stories. Dictionary system is included in this item, too. Nukige 14. Ryouri 料理 [060307] Tabun Osoraku Kitto Man wakes up in a white room. Hands are tied. His divorced wife stands in front of him. She wants him to eat her home cooking. Why grotesque horror images come to his mind? Doujin 15. G-Cup Kyonyuu Gear Dizzy Gカップ巨乳ギア ディズィー [060308] ALEUTIAN Heroine Dizzy becomes main character's lover due to an accident. She is very inventive in bed. Doujin Nukige 16. Kanojo wa Sensei no Model 彼女は先生のモデル [060308] STARWORKS Your girlfriend who has never had sex is violated by someone else. Doujin Nukige 17. Gekka no Chigiri 月下の契り [060310] Marine Heart Kaguya Hime, who was confined at the palace by the emperor, was unable to return to the moon and lost her life in a mysterious fire. "My kind beloved. After 1200 years, let us meet again under the moonlight" were her last words before she died. 1200 years have passed. A priest, who is a direct descendant of the emperor, discovers a mirage-like beautiful boy in the bamboo forest on his property. Other than his name being Saku, he doesn't remember anything else. Later, it is discovered that he is the reincarnation of Kaguya Hime. At the same time, some men appear at the priest's mansion to take away Saku. They are descendants of the nobles from Kaguya's time, who came with marriage proposals to her. History repeats and once again, they became enchanted with the beautiful Saku... Who was Kaguya Hime's true love? What was the truth behind her death? And what kind of fate awaits Saku? Boys Love 18. Gekka no Chigiri Tokubetsu Hen 月下の契り 特別編 [060310] Marine Heart After story for Yukiya. Boys Love Fandisc 19. Nukenin ~Hokaku, Soshite Choukyou e~ 抜け忍 ~捕獲、そして調教へ~ [060310] Waffle 1 2 Betraying the ancient covenant, three beautiful sisters abandon their oaths and flee from the demonic lands of ninja. Refusing inevitable defeat, the siblings shroud themselves within the shadows their pursuers employ and resist with deadly results. Thus the leader of the ninja clans has delegated his most favored son with the important and coveted task of neutralizing the kunoichi. Traditional law demands their immediate execution, but the significance of cryptic information and secret techniques the girls possess makes live capture for interrogation too valuable an alternative to disregard. Thus Takame goes forth to accomplish his orders and "rehabilitate" the wayward ninja. Nukige 20. Climax Luna ~Shimai Hen~ クライマックスルナ~姉妹編~ [060315] H:O:T(Kari) Two Gundam SEED heroines get violated and covered with semen. Doujin Nukige 21. Demiparadoxia ~ Hookerstic Hokujo Hen デミパラドキシア∽フッカスティック 北上編 [060315] Autobahn Main character is a traveler who finds an inn in snowy mountains. Landlady turns out to be runaway luxury prostitute Miss Miranda. Every night and every day they start start to devour each other's bodies. Doujin Nukige 22. Puchi Fan Disc Mitai na no ぷちファンディスクみたいなの [060316] NekoNeko Soft Contains the usual extra omake stuff one would expect from NekoNeko Soft to Sanarara and Lamune, and has an exclusive introductory section to Scarlett (interview with the heroines and the writer's comments about the product). Fandisc 23. Sawasawa Enikki ~Imouto to Chomechome Hen~ さわさわ絵にっき~妹と××編~ [060316] Yu lives with her older brother, just the two of them together. X-BangBang Having lost their parents at an early age, the elder brother started working to support the two of them and they lived together peacefully, taking care of each other. Yu loves her older brother very much, and the two of them live in a cramped one room space. With no room to spare, they also sleep in the same bed together. One day, Yu made up her mind. "Brother, please have sex with me." Doujin Nukige 24. Eroi エロ医 [060317] Fulltime Souji is a doctor. He has a secret that his another personality comes out when he examines a female patient. When it appears, he only thinks of having sex with her. He can't control it. He quit his job before, but he is employed by a hospital and starts working there. "I really hope it never comes out again...." Nukige 25. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Shazou no Seijoshuu 神風怪盗ジャンヌ 写像の聖女囚 [060318] Borneo PARA.SITE Hikabe Ma**ne (Jeanne) kept stealing fine arts possessed by evil spirits. One day, she found a letter in her shoe box in the school.... She engages in hard sex activities! Rape, gangbang, sex with a dog, etc. Nukige 26. Wake ari no Koibito-tachi 理由ありの恋人たち [060318] Soft Circle Courreges A dirty simulation game where you may spend time with your beloved sister any way you choose during the confines of a single evening (8 hours). Please her, please yourself, or please the both of you...it's all up to you. Doujin Nukige 27. Xian Shounen 西安少年 [060318] Fusyro Kuramoto is a Japanese businessman who's spent the last few years working in Shanghai. When he visits Xi'an for the first time, he makes an unexpected connection with a teenage tour guide. Boys Love Doujin 28. Moshi Onna no Ko ni Nattara Nani kara Yaru ka 2 Les Hen もし女の子になったらナニからやるか2 ~レズ編~ [060318] BANANA BLUE SOFT Main character awakens in the body of a girl and continues exploring it. This time he seduces another girl for some lesbian action. Doujin Nukige 29. Katherine [060320] denzil It all begun when a new schoolmate joined your class. It was a bit strange this late in school year, but you don't care about that, because this new nice girl is now sitting beside you. And that is just beginning... EVN 30. Mumou no Tatesuji ni Ninshin Suru made Minna de Nakadashi 無毛のタテスジに妊娠するまでみんなで膣内射精 [060320] Necronomicon Pretty idol Kuriko and her female caretaker are gangbanged by a group of men. Doujin Nukige 31. Pawa Poke Dash パワポケダッシュ [060323] Konami Main character is a first grader on an elementary school. He watches baseball game with his father when ball hits father rendering him unconscious. Baseball hermit appears before protagonist and promises to save father from death is hero wins baseball tournament within five years. Console exclusive 32. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3: Unmei no Labyrinth 遙かなる時空の中で3 運命の迷宮 [060323] Koei The Genpei War ends with a peace treaty, and the main characters have defeated an arcane evil within the modern world. The protagonist's winter break can still be celebrated through the power of time traveling. Yet she begins to experience sudden memory loss, and Hakuryu is too weak to return to the parallel world due to a magically erected labyrinth. Wishing to restore everything and everyone to their proper form, the protagonist and her comrades seek to unravel the maze's secrets. Otomege 33. Bakunyuu Kissa 爆乳喫茶 [060324] West Vision A master of a coffee shop asks his friend, a pharmacist, to give him hypnotic medicines. He dupes waitresses to take these medicines and accidentally their breasts begin to get huge and sensitive. Due to under the influence of hypnotic medicines, the waitresses follow any erotic commands he makes. Is he going to fall in love with them or just train them? Nukige 34. CC Hospital CCホスピタル [060324] Spirit Speak Ayumu falls victim to fraud and loses all of his money. He decides to work as a guinea pig for new medicines at a hospital. One day, his special constitution is found and his life changes dramatically involving doctors and nurses. Nukige 35. Debt ~Abunai President~ Debt ~危ないプレジデント~ [060324] SaucySoft Hazama's father gets hospitalized suddenly and leaves him as the company president of a sinking corporation in debt. Can he pull it together with the help of secretary, Rendou, in time to save the company? Boys Love 36. Diagnosis -Inma no Note- Diagnosis ~淫魔のノート~ [060324] Bluewater A school boy becomes the possessor of an old note called "Diagnosis". It is a note which changes your life as you want. To satisfy his twisted desire toward an beautiful girl Arai Misaki, he writes down his wishes. Nukige 37. Goshujin-sama e Dear My master... ご主人様へDear my master... [060324] Juliette Main character finally gathers courage to confess to a girl, and - surprisingly - answer is positive. They start dating and get first sex experience. But girl's desire gradually grows and she shows signs of it, but these signs are only noticed when protagonist picks up a SM book she read while falling asleep. Boy starts to study the issue and cultivate appreciation of S in him... Nukige 38. Ijitte Princess Gaiden Charlotte Junan いじってプリンセス外伝 シャルロット受難 [060324] Vitamin Main character is a prince who lives happily with six princesses full of flirt and love. But Charlotte does not return after visiting national festival. There is a witness who confirms that Charlotte has been kidnapped. Girl is confined in the tower of another king and is violated on daily basis. Protagonist risks fusing war between kingdoms, but he sets out to rescue Charlotte anyway. Nukige 39. Inyoku Oyako 淫欲母娘 [060324] Bianca The main character lives a boring life as a white collar worker. One day, his boss, Yoko, invites him to dinner with her daughter, Jun. Triggered by it, their relationships get closer and closer.... He is bewildered by their approaches at first... but he gets involved in.... Nukige 40. Soukou Kijo Iris 装甲騎女イリス [060324] Black Lilith 1 2 3 Set far off in the distant future, where mankind has populated space. Space has been loosely unified by the Space Federation, a collective with many species participating, including humans. The protagonist, Iris, along with her partner, Mei Li are beautiful lieutenants belonging to the Soviet Security Force, or SSF. They are fearsome ace pilots, calling the SSF's Special Armored Company #101 home. Special Armored Company #101 is a unit that utilize "Armored Knights," a mobile humanoid weapon. They have been commonly deemed "Armored Warriors," as the female commanding officer of the company, and the majority of the troops are women, as well. Iris and Mei Li aim to assault and eradicate the rampant human trafficking network present on the planet Left, a planet rooted in extreme discrimination against women. Maintenance of public order, typical of police forces, also falls under the SSF's duties, and the eradication of human trafficking networks is part of the girl's daily obligations. Although, it is true that such efforts have turned in to a stress reliever for the girls, born from their quirky interpretation of justice: "Any and everything goes against evil!" One day, cities opposing planet Left's space federation unite and a regional dispute breaks out, seeing cities that fall under the federation's umbrella attacked. The Armored Warriors are dispatched, of course, but during a fierce battle, both Mei Li and Iris' ships are shot down. Iris awakens to find herself captured by an Orc, which are known as hyenas of the battlefield. Iris is then brought to the hostile city of Million, otherwise known as Dark Town, as a slave. She curses the irony of the situation, finding herself, someone that sought to end slave trade, as a mere product to be sold to slave merchants. What happened to her partner Mei Li, who mysteriously vanished? What fate awaits for the captured Iris? Iris and Mei Li's battle begins in the hellish city where evil is permitted and righteousness is sneered at! Nukige 41. Tokudoku Series - Toubousha Dokujima Nero ~Sunadokei no Maid Hen~ 得々シリーズ 逃亡者 毒島音露~砂時計のメイド編~ [060324] Waffle This is the last product of "Dokujima" series. This item includes five short stories. Dictionary system is included in this item, too. Nukige 42. Tsuma Mix 妻みっくす [060324] Selen It's a collection of seven after-stories featuring honeymoons with heroines from Selen games. Anthology Fandisc Nukige 43. ZeBRa ~Ryoshuu no Yakata~ ZeBRa~虜囚の館~ [060324] Riddle Soft Main character works as a butler, but he has a secret cruel personality behind the respectable facade. His evil side co-exists peacefully inside him and is never revealed. Something really serious must happen for it to break through. And something strange indeed happens... Nukige 44. Nekoneko Jikken Kansatsu Russian Blue ねこねこじっけんかんさつ -ロシアンブルー- [060324] Twister Dr.Cat explores cats through experiments. His first experiment answers question of what happens if a cute cat-girl is put into a closed room with a lot of sexually agitated men. Doujin Nukige 45. Senjou de Shoujo wa Karada o Kakeru - Dark Side 戦場デ少女ハ躰ヲカケル Dark Side [060324] Cyc Dark Side is an if scenario released only as a privilege through mail order. It asks what would have happened "if" Nicolette had destroyed Sean's unit when he was away, forcing him to start over with new recruits. Nukige 46. Dante's Wrath [060325] mangokiwi A story of friendship, loss, and a talking Llama. Follow Dante and his best friend, Ringo the llama and discover Dante's link to a ruthless villain named Gen. EVN 47. Quine [060326] Kikered In the year 2006, I joined the ranks of an elusive organization. Our numbers are few, but our objectives are the same: To tell a heartwarming tale of love that cannot be found in this world... To bring interesting, likable characters to life... To help ease the suffering of lonely individuals everywhere... I am Leon Humphrey, and I am a Ren'Ai game maker. EVN 48. Chika to Ore to Satomi-san no Yoru 千夏とオレと里美さんの夜 [060327] Kagishippo One day, you, a private teacher of a girl, was spotted as having sex with the student's mother in her home (in fact, you already had sexual relationship with the student too) ....My life is over. You were completely devastated, but..... Doujin Nukige 49. Hitozuma Ryokan 人妻旅館 [060328] Liebe The main character is a novelist in a slump. He is forced to stay at a spa hotel by his editor to refresh himself but he doesn't blend himself in the surroundings. But triggered by an incident, he finds out Azusa and Shino's secrets... Nukige 50. Go! Magical Boy [060329] Interartive Life would be pretty nice if it wasn't for the fact that you seem to be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. You just moved, have made no friends yet, are late for dinner, and are about to bump into the scariest situation you could have imagined. On top of that, a strange woman picks you up and burdens you with an impossible task. And man, now you're REALLY late for dinner. Did I mention the girls? No? Well, there's even more trouble ahead. EVN 51. Chitai Kanshou ~Houkago no Chime wa Show no Hajimari~ 痴態姦賞~放課後のチャイムはショーの始まり~ [060330] FlyingShine Shinya is on his way to a school incinerator with dust boxes. He passes three students. They stare at him and giggle at him. He doesn't know why. When he looks into the incinerator, he finds a girl's underwear inside.... One the next day, he finds a love letter without a name. He goes to the place written on the love letter after school and finds Sayaka masturbating herself. He meets the eye with her and he runs away. The next day, Sayaka asks him not to tell anybody about what he saw yesterday. She says she does anything he wants and starts giving him a blowjob. Shinya doesn't know what's going on, but the cooler he gets, the more his sexual desire arouses, "She can be my sex slave...." Nukige 52. Imouto Daisakusen ~Project i-mote~ いもうと大作戦 ~Project i-mote~ [060330] Team-Tanabe One day, you are told by your father that you have five younger half sisters, and they are wanting to see you. From tomorrow, they will come and see you singly day by day. Doujin 53. Ingi ~Retsujou ni Torawareta Junshin~ 淫戯~劣情に囚われた純心~ [060330] WhiteMoor Main character enjoys school life and spending time with his female childhood friend. But as conscious of the opposite sex comes he falls in love. Sex is what lovers do. Protagonist does not recognize sex without love, but it's a way to express feelings... Doujin Nukige 54. Mizu no Senritsu ~Kyousoukyoku~ 水の旋律 ~協奏曲~ [060330] KID A fandisc of Mizu no Senritsu with Valentines and White day after stories and mini-games. Otomege Fandisc 55. Onee-chan Tasukete! ~Shoujo ga Ochiru Made~ お姉ちゃん助けて!~少女が堕ちるまで~ [060330] Dennou Club Europe, 5th century A.D. Melvin family invades Burgundia and captures Helena royal princesses. Her sister Theodora struggles as a military commander, but is defeated. Melvin commander Julian is fascinated by Theodora's nobility and courage. Eventually it transforms into desire to corrupt her. Nukige 56. To Hanzo [060330] Studio Hunty When a young man, fan of Escaflowne, one day calls a chat line just to see what it's like, by accident he meets Yumi, a mysterious girl. What will happen when they meet? EVN 57. Aigan Reijou ~Doll~ 愛玩隷嬢 ~Doll~ [060331] Delta 1 You lose your way and get to a big house in the backwoods where a girl and three maids are living. You start to work as a servant there. What you imagine is an erotic life with those girls but a butler orders you that your job is to be a servant for those girls and to train them. Actually, this house was built to train girls and make them "dolls" to serve for rich people. Nukige 58. Chikan Kizoku 痴漢貴族 [060331] Beenyan This is a molesting in a train adventure. Make as many ladies as possible achieve orgasm by molesting them in a train. Nukige 59. Choukui no Hana 喰蝶花 [060331] Monoceros A police detective is sent to investigate several mysterious deaths involving men who die while having sex. He encounters an extremely beautiful police chief who is specially assigned to investigate the serial murders. As they dig deeper into the case, the detective discovers the existence of two special "type" of humans who have special / hidden physical stats and abilities, namely the "Flower" clan and the "Butterfly" clan. What has it got to do with the deaths? Boys Love 60. Elf All Stars Datsui Jan 3 エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀3 [060331] Elf You take the role of a Mahjong player arriving in an imaginary town populated by characters from various Elf titles. Traveling through the town, it is up to you to challenge and defeat them all. This game is a non-canon crossover made by Elf itself. Card Game Nukige 61. Engeki Kurabu -Yogoreta Curtain Call- 艶劇倶楽部 -汚れたカーテンコール- [060331] Notus Main character is born in a family of play writer and famous actress. But father dies from overwork, and protagonist is afraid to follow his steps even though theater world has big expectations of him. He has no intention to continue the dynasty, and and he hates theater so much that he wants to destroy it and... Nukige 62. Kunoichi Sakuya "Shinobishi Omoi wa Chijoku ni Nurete..." くのいち・咲夜「忍びし想いは恥辱に濡れて……」 [060331] Lune Here comes a new item from "Lune". This item features Japanese traditional character, "Kunoichi", female Ninja. Also, this item includes training part, scout part and hard training part full of training situations. This is one of the best "Kunoichi" training games ever. Nukige 63. Maho Tama Series - Tekoki Hen まほ☆たまシリーズ 手コキ編 [060331] Erogos Another item from "Maho-Tama" series. This game features "Tekoki (Rubbing with hands)". There is a rumor spreading in the community that to "Tekoki" Yoji's makes people relaxed. Don't think why "Tekoki" makes people relaxed. May pushes Miki, who is very nervous about the exams, to feel relaxed by "Tekoki". Miki thinks about whether to do it or not.... What will happen in the end of this "Tekoki" turmoil. Nukige 64. Omocha no Sensei Nawa Midori おもちゃの先生 那波みどり [060331] Forst Main character moves into a studio apartment owned by uncle. But uncle dies very soon, and protagonist has to deal with the monitor system established at the flat. He turns the system on and sees sleeping woman in the next room. The next day he recognizes his new teacher in the sleeping neighbor... Nukige 65. Sakura no Sakukoro -Haru no Ashioto Pleasurable Box- さくらのさくころ - はるのあしおと Pleasurable Box - [060331] minori This is a fan disk of "Haru no Ashioto". There are mainly four parts in this item "Sakura no Sakukoro". "Short Story Part", a sequel to "Haru no Ashioto", "Original Animation Part", "Haruo to Hanafuda" and "Accessory Collection". Fandisc 66. Shinseki no Oba-san ~Hanare no Netsujo, Honke no Gosai~ 親戚の小母さん~離れの熟女、本家の後妻~ [060331] Guilty+ Main character returns to his home village. At night he goes to the sound of water in the woods behind the house and sees his mother masturbating in the basin. She accepts son's desire, and their secret meetings start to happen at various places in the village. Nukige 67. The world to reverse. [060331] 17 1 2 Hallucinate, the world within: a spite-filled girl, a cruel white room, an unspeakable crime. Flanca, the world without: the boy backstage, the forgotten bouquet, the man in black, the painter. A pair of powerful, uncompromising, and unconventional short stories. Doujin
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    Utawarerumono is my choice here. Might not like everything about them, but they are bloody magnificent. I just couldn't stop playing them.
  26. You have fine taste in anime my friend! Aside from Gosick. The Book of Bantora is also a underrated and a anime that is almost unheard of... Its a story of people dying and turning into books instead of dead bodies... Pretty Interesting Story... And when you read someone's book, you'll able to witness someone else's memories.....
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    Good choice! That anime is such an underrated gem really worth watching for its engaging narrative, lore and character development.
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