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  2. Handle With Care.. [ETOILE]

    Foreword: April 2001 had zero visual novels to interest me. After long torments of what to choose, I stopped at Handle With Care. It's a serious musical band story, so I expected Kira☆Kira, just more serious. Should Kira☆Kira tremble at the sight of its rival that came 6 years before? Title: Handle With Care.. Developer: ETOILE Date: 2001-04-06 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3140 Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRNwJFAbAb0&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_xgEeDrWo3RE8DTA9SrO4c Synopsis: Our hero was the vocalist of the legendary rock band "Bloody Roses." Presently, his activities with the band are on hold. At one of the live houses he played at, he met an extremely talented vocalist named Sahara Shion. He takes it upon himself to help her in her career... As a player, it is your goal to eventually bring this beautiful talent on stage at the live house "Moon Rouge." Structure: 10 days Length: Took me 30 hours without skipping read text. Game type: Serious rock band love story. Difficulty: More confusing, than difficult. Too much text repeated, so figuring routes myself would be a pain. Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Rating comments: It's the highest score I can give to a non-masterpiece. Game is very well done. But it is not enough to be interesting. Story is not the strongest part here. Protagonist: Our protagonist is Rei, former member of "Bloody Roses" band. He's pretty cool looking guitar player, always wearing round stylish glasses and long coats. But his most notorious feature is that he kind whispers rather than talking. If BGM is put to MIDI, then Rei almost can't be heard at all. It looks most funny when he talks with some heroine with a bright loud voice, and she actually understands everything that he says unlike us, listeners! If BGM is set on lowest DirectSound, Rei finally is able to be heard. What I like in Rei the most is that he's really mature, about 30 years old, and that he's absolutely indifferent to girls. There is one H even in (almost) each route that he participates in the end, but every time he's kinda dragged into it despite his intentions. Characters: Let's count heroines with the routes: vocalist Shion, drums Ruo, pop-singer Sayura, musical producer Arisa, diner host Emi. But the fact is... the whole game Rei only communicates with Shion on daily basis and occasionally with others. Shion dominates here to such extent that other heroines sometimes only get as many as only 3 CG. All the other heroines aren't much noticeable, really. I was glad to see that the youngest heroine with route Emi did not get a H scene. Story: Hmm... is there even a story here? Rei finds Shion at a car dump, and during common route they get two more members of the band and get acquainted with three more girls that would serve as heroines. The give couple gigs, then participate in a competition, and get assaulted by some delinquents. Each heroine adds just a tiny grain of drama to it. That's the whole non-existing story... CG: Too few. And CG aren't articualte. Either people just stand or play musical instruments, that's the bulk of CG compositions. Sound: BGM is ok, but that's bad for a musical game. Game has five songs, but they all suck. The opening theme is weak, and it's by far the best musical piece in the game. There is a pop-singer song, but it also manages to suck. What's wrong with this game, really? Thoughts: The biggest appeal point in the game is that it's... convenient. If I heard that recommendation, I'd thought it's some porn. In fact, game has just very light system, auto reading, and everyone including males is voiced. In 2000-2001 system was still a huge issue, and most games got negative feedback just because of poor or heavy system. This game got mostly positive feedback... but what does it really have besides the system? Shion is quite nice as a heroine... and that's it. But negative points accumulate: non-articulate story, poor sub-heroines routes, lots and lots or repeated reading to do just to read 20 minutes worth of unique text, then repeat. Overall comments: I have many questions to Kira☆Kira, but at the very least it was possible to provide unique touching routes for all the heroines. Handle With Care could not do even that much. It's not a bad game if you read just common route, Shion flagging and Shion True route once. But the problem is that Shion True route only opens up after seeing all the other routes, and that's balls - rereading the same common route just to see that 1% unique text for each heroine. Game is convenient, but the problems is that it's not needed to be convenient to become a great game. Most of my favorite visual novels are anti-convenient, they are just so awesome that all the negative sides can be neglected. In Handle With Care all I can focus on is the negative sides.
  3. I managed to get it to hook without problems using Textractor! Thanks for your help.
  4. VNs for learning Japanese

    I managed to get it to hook without problems using Textractor! Thanks for your help.
  5. Noticed I keep asking for recommendations and now my backlog is filled to the brim. Well more choices is good anyway. I like fantasy worlds that aren't completely cliche. It doesn't have to be fantasy as long as that fictional setting is well developed. It's better if the story is dark but not an utsuge since I read novels to make myself fulfilled and happy, and not want to slit my wrist. Examples of VN's like this is Muv Luv (Best example) Rose Guns Days Type-moon settings Sorceress Alive
  6. Thank you so much! I have vndb but I don't update it. I don't even know why the heck I create that account. I've played Danganronpa and for non-otome, I would love to play this kind of VN more. Don't worry! I worked with OELVN too so I like them as well!
  7. I didn't find any h-codes so you probably need to try VNR or ITHVNR, judging by the game's age. The fact that no one posted any questions about text-hooking the game before means that one of the default options (linking multiple threads, using a different common text-hooker, etc) worked.
  8. Hidden Pearls

    Dra†KoI : A crazy, wild, naughty, funny and very short fairy tale Quartett! or Period. : With Ooyari's works, it's love or hate Having said that, the first is a cute musical Slice of Life and the second is a bittersweet romance (with a drop of fantasy). 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- : A cool chuuni VN with a great route system and a very interesting scenario. Yume Miru Kusuri : Without this underestimated treasure, I would not be there. it was one of my first visual novels. With Steins;Gate, It was one of those who made me love the genre
  9. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Guess we can't do anything other than wait and hoping that the engine problem isn't very complicated then.
  10. Hidden Pearls

    To me as long as the VN is still have average score above 7.11, I wouldn't say that it's underrated because there's a lot of that kind of VN that was really good (ie Noble Works, Koichoco, HatsuKoi, Osadai). So my underrated VN scoring would be something that got less than 7.10, and some of those that I'd find it interesting were Ikikoi, Shinikiss, Suika, and Beat Blade Haruka. Oh and also both of Koiresort and Koiken Otome, in which those two did have very good graphic. PS - Technically first Da Capo could count as well here, but it's a part of bigger franchise though (Both of the second and third parts are well-rated) so it didn't count here.
  11. There doesn't seem to be a kirikiri2 option in ITH, so i went for kirikiri1... but there was nothing being clipboarded. The others only clipboard broken parts of the line from the original VN. Has anything like this happen to anyone before? #ReadingWithFurigana
  12. I'm Looking for hentai animation or visual novel or manga or doujinshi has a belly inflation (cumflation) scenes. and of course there is no hypnosis or rape or tentacles or futanari. exactly like an artist cg named "Inran Virus" by Kawahagitei: NSFW: https://imgur.com/uUIzBQQ or a visual novel named "Ore no Seieki de Sangoku Touitsu Shichau Monogatari" by Dieselmine: NSFW: https://imgur.com/Fg77mqQ
  13. Steam Prison Otome released today!

    Yeah, it's rare when they are Steampunk themed. I'm glad this one is though.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I wonder about the translation into which languages are worth for official ones. I aware about the market for ENG and CN. There are many issue for other languages as they require high population of people with large amount of disposable income and strong otaku culture.
  16. Steam Prison Otome released today!

    Not many localized VNs are Steampunk.
  17. So, if I understand this correctly, there is some content locked behind the $80 deluxe edition? In other words, "normal" backers/ people who buy the game normally after launch won't get all the content of the game? Art is nice, though knowing I won't be getting the full game if I pledge for a normal digital tier makes me a bit hesitant to pledge, tbh.
  18. Hello Fuwanovellers, ParanoidGengar one of the authors on our website wrote a detailed review about the newest release from JastUSA "Lilium x Triangle" Typically its a german review, but reading it with google translate or translationsoftware is perfectly fine. https://visual-novel.info/lilium-x-triangle-18-german-review/ We also hold a raffle on twitter for one of the keys that Jast provided to us. You'll just need to retweet this post! https://twitter.com/BishoujoNEWS/status/1096847314973409280
  19. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    And eroge, manga, anime all teach young girls that acting like a vile cunt, even go as far as murder does let you off without consequences. Girls are cute and have to be protected and can't be held responsible for their actions.
  20. Break! The Rematch Part 1 Playing as the main character, you will be conquering each of these beautiful girls from their respective clubs. Get to indulge yourself with the girls on dark theme play from Blackmail to sex slave. Your ultimate Highschool Sex Fantasy! Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pushpublication/break-the-rematch-part-1 Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpHQEBDhJgE Demo Link: https://pushpublication.itch.io/break-the-rematch-demo-v2 Young College student Shinn Akatsuki returns to his high school as a tutor for the under-performing students who are bad at mathematics, at the apparent request from the principal. Although an impeccable and courteous man on the outside, Shinn hides a very dark side to him: as part of his unending perversion, he enjoys seeing girls getting “mind broken” by him. Never satisfied before, however, he discarded his past victims. But now, Shinn decides to create his own “Sex Slaves”, and with these dark thoughts in mind, and selects the candidates he considers “ideal” as he become acquainted with the school. On the first part of the series, it will feature the milf looking Rina Akiyama who is the school’s disciplinary teacher. Touko Takatsukasa, the cool star of the basketball team. Aina Aozaki, the star of the swimming team who is always cheerful and lastly, Ritsuko Yasuhiro. The tennis star player who is rich and spoiled. Along the way, Shinn will discover their dark secret and will use it everyway to exploit them as much as he could! Platform: PC/ MacOS 10.14 (Steam and other platform) / Android Ver 5.0 and above Price of final release: $15 CGs: Over 12 H-CGs + More. Over 4 characters! Each character has their own ending. Original Soundtrack. 6-10 hours of game play! Engaging character sprites, each with several poses and variations. Various locations around the school. If you like our game, please consider supporting us on Kickstarter!
  21. Hidden Pearls

    So it's not well known in the English community because of how hard people find it to get into (translate 01 Mangagamer!). It has it's dark moments,and it has it's lighthearted moments. Each game has a nice, self-contained story, while the series as a whole has this giant world-building that feels reminiscent of a marvel-movie. Rance is horny and immature as a character, but he has depth, and so do the side characters. No game plays the same (fuck 5d), and it is a great experience.
  22. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    From the moment I saw Scorp vs Dovac at VNDB because of mosaic in G-Senjou, I already think that it's pretty pointless to me and so does the debate (Note that it was back at 2015). So I'm pretty much okay wheter there'll be mosaic or not (I'd read Sengoku Rance with mosaic), and I'll just leave the preference to each of their own whether you want to have mosaic or not
  23. Random VN: Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari

    I played this. The highlight of the VN was the first half (basically everything up to and including the first H-scene). It did a great job of showing two lonely individuals who find comfort and eventually love in each other's presence, and the way Mizuka slowly warmed up to Masumi was adorable. I just found almost everything after that underwhelming. For almost the entire second half of the VN the relationship just seemed to stay at a stagnant high with neither any significant steps forward nor any major conflict between the two. And there seemed to be quite a few parts that went nowhere and served little purpose but to build up to the H-scenes. I enjoyed the drama in the last chapter though. This could just be a case of me having patience problems (I'm still a newbie to VNs and especially single-heroine VNs are an unexplored genre for me) and a fetish for melodrama. I still think this VN is something that older players in their 30's and 40's could find worth trying out.
  24. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2018 are out

    Indeed. For Rance to only get 2nd place can only mean that Summer Pockets must be truly spectacular.
  25. I only used it with some Grisaia's scenes, cuz' they were all too good and funny to read. But usually I'm not a huge fan of H-scenes so I stick to reading it once.
  26. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2018 are out

    Worst top 3 that I've seen in Getchu awards. Rance in the second place says much about 2018.
  27. Note that it doesn't include VNs without achievement or people funding it outside Steam such as Kickstarter reaching many stretch goal but low Steam sales. I wonder if the price affect your decision in purchasing VNs.
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