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  1. Thank you, I will try to read it. I'd like to add a little more to my thoughts on the types. I'm not sure about Rin, but she might be a modified Asuka. Rin for me was the first representative of a really logical thinking with a fair amount of empathy... In the adaptation, they made her more cold and detached for my taste. With Tina, it's a little easier. I think her type is a less "mannered" version of Shinku. (I don't know exactly what they changed about her). I haven't read the Rozen Maiden manga yet, but I watched the adaptation, Shinku seemed too mannered to me. Maybe she has
  2. Ryuuji's sister? Where can I find her? What game is she from?
  3. Well, let's begin. Their archetype is logical. Their thinking somewhat resembles the "logic" skill from the game Disco Elysium. It is extremely important that in spite of their logical thinking, they are not closed-minded. [1] (Many "smart" characters are withdrawn, cold. ) Toosaka is a stricter version of such an archetype, and Tina is a more flexible version. Logical thinking is clearly spelled out, voice and design match the character. If I try to characterize them, I see them roughly like this: Logical (they primarily think about things and actions, not human feelings)
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