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  1. thank you, its never too late so, i apreciate it
  2. at the end they break off their engagement, but mika moves out. do you guys think they broke up or just finished they engagement? . I believe is the latter but what do you guys think
  3. installed the game but it asked for dvd, used the alpharom but now its seem like the vn is gonna run but it doesnt, does someone know a solution to this problem please (after looking for a while there is a no dvd patch that suposedly fixes this but no clue where it is, if someoone knows pleas tell me )
  4. if you dont mind untranslated ones there is sekai seifuku kanojo and fandisc, it has little drama but its mainly a comedy vn, and has for me the funiest h scenes i have ever seen in a vn
  5. do you know where can i find the cgs of this game, call me weird but every time i find i vn i am interesed i alway look up the cgs and i cant find this vn cgs nowhere
  6. does someone know where to fing this vn cgs, pm
  7. i feel like i am the only one who thinks the original shuffle was bad,
  8. I tried to hook Peace@Pieces with ITHVN but needed h code, after getting the code from the wiki, the text extracts infinitely, so TA doesnt pick anything https://imgur.com/858H5HO if you have a solution please tell me (sorry for my english)
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