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  1. Spoilers: Great VN Phrases/quotes

    Sorcery Jokers:
  2. Art looks different because it's the manga artist in charge, not Wagi the artist for the other Majikoi VNs.
  3. Anime Winter List of 2019/2020

    Haikyuu season 4 is enough to make it the best season of the year. Aside from stuff continuing from last season and next season of popular animes, most people will probably like Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita. As for my personal recommendation it'd be Infinite Dendrogram. I fear the anime will never come near the greatness of the novel, and the studio is kinda... meh, but I hope people will like it and not compare it to SAO just because it's a game (which, to be fair, is still a mystery if it's really a game or not) when it's not like SAO.
  4. People read the VN for the Main School anyway, so that's totally fine.
  5. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I would recommend to wait for the Perfect Edition which add the previously Vita/PS4/Switch exclusive scenes. Though there is no date yet.
  6. Nintendo Switch VN

    I'd love to have all the Utawarerumono on Switch. Played them all on Vita and always wanted to play them again on a big screen when I'll have the PS4 one day, but why not both portable and big screen with the switch! (also dunno when I'll actually get a PS4)
  7. Ley Line is pretty easy, but it has a good plot and you wouldn't like to miss things, so just in case start with Clover Days, which is a charage, to see how you hold out, then read Ley Line.
  8. I only played Bethly's route, could never get back to it again. A single route is so complete and long that you just don't have the motivation to do another one after that.
  9. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    Yeah, the anime isn't bad, but because of the change (first one in my spoiler) it's contradicting itself. Many fans of the series are from the anime and liked it, but everyone agree the first change makes no sense because of how illogical it is. The rest is subjectivity, but that just show how much people love the "true main heroine". ^^ So basically, overall the adaptation was rather good. But the changes were weird even from an objective standpoint.
  10. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    Sorry to get it to you, but people are totally right about that one. The thing, you see, is that they changed scenes from other characters to give them to another one. You might think it's nothing, but it actually is in the grand scheme of thing. A few spoilers: So in short, the anime director was an Horikita fan and the fanbase didn't like that because Horikita is a "false heroine", and you know that if you read the LN.
  11. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    Well, my basic stance is that it's impossible to have a perfect adaptation, but you can have a good one depending on what's adapted and how. Light Novels, as "light" as they are, are "novels" in the end. And what most of novels are made from? Narration. And you can't get narration across in anime. Depending on the novel and the author, narration is far more important than others. For example, narration is pretty important in Hyakuren with all the explanations. If you know Infinite Dendrogram, this novel has some amazingly well written info dumps in narration making the story so amazing, and everything will be lost in the anime adaptation coming up in a few months. Still, the novel having really good action scenes, anime will be liked, just that people won't know anything about its awesome world building you can only see in the narration. Take another well known example about narration with SAO. People say Kirito is some emotioneless shit, but in fact, LN being 1st POV you see that Kirito isn't as emotioneless as people say. Also, being mostly action (and having a not rushed adaptation to add to that) made it the popular anime it became. (they still skipped content though, like in the second part in Alfheim Online) Another one, let's take Konosuba. Most of Konosuba's comedy is in the dialogues and situations so it ended well. But Konosuba, like SAO, is a 1st POV narration, and having Scumzuma's (lol) thoughts is awesome, and impossible to reproduce in anime. So yeah, once you remove the narration, you lose a great deal from the original in the first place. Then you also have rushed adaptations that remove even more things by skipping content. (for example, Hyakuren adapts 7/8 volumes in 12 episodes with anime original ending. 7/8 freaking volumes in ONLY 12 episodes. Shows you how rushed that was) So yeah, in the end I would say that the best animes adaptating LNs are comedic ones, and action packed ones. Of course others can be good if the anime isn't rushed and carefully done, but in the end you'll always lose all the informations contened in the narration. It's not something new anyway, just looking at novels and movies (for example Harry Potter, skipping contents in the 4th or its horrendous 6th movie) shows you that. Just that in LN to anime cases, it's worse because they don't get as much care and are mostly just made to promote the series. That and, while there are many LNs I love, I do agree that there are many shitty trash LNs too, and it doesn't help to have them adapted to anime too. Hmm... I'm not a great writter when it comes to get what I think across, so I hope you understood what I mean. ^^'
  12. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    For Hyakuren: That's what happens when something is adapted badly and rushed. If you ever have the chance, try the LN. I won't say the LN is amazing with stellar characters, but most of the stuff people hold against it in the anime aren't present in the LN. (like you clearly see the author made his researches and all with everything explained carefully, answering most of the complaints people have against the anime) For Danmachi: I agree the first 5 volumes are rather average. But after that it gets better and better, and more mature to accompany Bell's growth. Also, his Argonaut skill isn't "you'll always win if you really want to", but the ability to charge his force in one attack. It's kinda OP, but really, from what I heard from people reading Sword Oratoria (I don't) many people have far stronger skills than that.
  13. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    *enters* Friendly reminder that Hyakuren's anime is trash (really bad and rushed adaptation) but the LN is really good. *leaves* *re-enters* Also I hope they won't adapt 5 volumes in 13 episodes like they did for DanMachi season 1, because starting vol 6 Danmachi gets really good and would be a shame to have them rush it. *leaves again*
  14. Fall Anime List of 2019

    Radiant is a French manga. Also, first season is full of fillers, but the manga is actually pretty good. If they don't put as many fillers in season two it should be good.
  15. Nicely done harem

    Finished Sengoku Koihime recently. Has a giant harem and the romance is pretty meh because of the number of characters, but thanks to that there are many compelling girls. Other than that, umm... Hikari no Umi no Apeiria? Romance is pretty simple, but loved the plot and character interactions. You can also go on the Light Novel/Web Novel side and get flooded with harems too.
  16. VN reading speed, some tips and my own thoughts

    I'd say that before all that, the first step should just be to get used to the language. At first most people (if not everyone) have to "force themselves" to read Japanese because they won't automatically recognise what's written just like how we recognise instinctively what's written in our language. For example if "Example" appeared for a really, really brief instant, most people with an alphabet based language would be able to read/comprehend it, but woulnd't be able to instantly connect the dots with "例え" or whatever. (well, that one is simple, but we're talking about longer sentences) So yeah, I think the first step is simply getting used to read the language until you brain can automatically and instinctively connect the dots for immediate comprehension. And while doing that you actually does what you said in your post at the same time.
  17. huke's art is freaking awesome. You shouldn't even ask and play the original. If you want the anime art, just watch the anime.
  18. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Uni cafeterias in Japan are amazing. It's freaking cheap, delicious, and you can eat your fill. Now each time I eat at a Japanese restaurant in France I feel ripped off for how expensive it is considering the quantity we get... There was a karaage shop next to my uni too, and you could eat a BIG and delicious bento (good portion of rice, shredded cabbage, 6 pieces of karaage and a delicious sauce) for 300 yens. I really miss that shop.
  19. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    So, finally read Harumade, Kururu. Man, what a disappointment. I had really high expectations because of all the praises, so it adds to the disappointment. Though the comedy is kinda fine, pacing is terrible and characters are meh, so it's kind of a pain to even reach the few good parts of the VN, which contrary to all the praises, are really few (the interesting science talk is like 1/5 of the entire thing). The only real good part was Akio's for me, because it's the only character I kinda really liked, and the mystery ambiance was nice. So yeah, even if most people say that Natsukumo Yururu is better than this one (notably the pacing), I'm really not in the mood the read it now, so will have to wait. By the way, despite my ranting, I'd say it's overall still not a bad VN, and if you like the characters it'll make it better, so I'd still kinda recommend it. Now I'm not in the mood for VNs anymore, so guess it's time to read some LNs.