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  1. What I see. I assume it's because your image is set to private or something in google drive.
  2. So yeah, as the title says, has anyone used 1dollarscan.com before? I know it's a branch off the Japanese company. Has anyone used them before? - http://1dollarscan.com/membership.php Looking at their membership page for $15 I can get 10 sets (or 1000 pages) + all their "options". So that would fit in with my 4 or so novels I tend to buy a month. I have(read: know someone who let's is nice enough to let me use) their Amazon Prime so I can just ship them to them at no extra price. In return I'd get ebooks. Now I am a fan of being able to read books in paper form... but the problem is I spe
  3. Congrats! You're both now married! I tend to just make meet people in what ever community I happen to join... or in some cases what groups I join.(Yeah I know I'm not very helpful)
  4. True indeed! I was reading manga. Next person is waiting for a game to load.
  5. For some reason for a moment... I thought you were talking about Mysterious Girlfriend X lol...
  6. Of course it's not Fuuka... This is Fu(u)ka, why would they be in Grand Blue?
  7. So I may not have the Griasia Collectors edition... but I do now own the full set for Grand Blue... Well till volume 9 comes out. In other news... Griasia side stories comeing to Vita in July.
  8. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Errr... I mean great release! 10 out of 10.
  9. Semi true I guess? If it's included in the description/tags otherwise I don't tend to go out of my way to find them. Next person is slacking off on Fuwa instead of doing what they should be doing.
  10. Unless I'm forgetting something the side games don't exist in a DRM free version(in English).
  11. I'm down. Hopefully these would decrease the amount of time it takes me to read a novel... though I highly don't that Orz...
  12. Only 20 yen ? That's super cheap :p! (Bleh... 20k) ... I'll have to think it.. My collector sense says yes but my wallet says no...
  13. I'd ask how much... but seeing as I own everything (but the art book, extras(seem to just be pins), and the side games... I'm not sure i'd be worth it) How much is it ?
  14. Wait... so includes the 3 main games , all the short story games, an art book, bonus content?! HOT DAMN!
  15. True. Haven't changed it since I created the account and changed from default to the current one. Next person has a VN idling in the background.
  16. Yeah I read them as they were happening. It's basically stories that you wouldn't expect to end with getting beat with jumper cables. (true) Next person is.... a boy or girl. (I got nothing)
  17. False. Next person gets hit with jumper cables.
  18. I experienced it through social media... that count? If so then True else False. Next person is about to go to sleep.
  19. False. Next person went to Comiket91.
  20. Wait... they store fonts in wav files?! Is it just a renamed font file... or? (I assume something special due to the font creator tool)
  21. I'm not good at dealing with people... false. Next person is good with dealing with people.
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