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  1. Dropped Natsuiro and started the first Leyline. It seems that many people find the side routes a waste of time, so should I still read them, or pass them and go back after finishing the trilogy? Do they add to the story overall so it's better to read them? EDIT: Searching a little told me that it wouldn't add to the story, it would even contradict it. So, yeah, might go back and skim through them quickly at the end.
  2. I've been wanting to read the trilogy for a while, but because it's going to be translated I set it aside. But considering how the first one isn't even out after all this time, I think I'll try to read them before Dies Irae comes out. Also, like I posted yesterday, I'm reading Natsuiro Recipe right now, and while the backgrounds are beautiful, it's pretty boring for now... Should have rested a little after Kisaragi, now I kinda want something with action.
  3. Here: https://vnerogereview.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/childhoods-innocence-and-dreams-review-of-100929kisaragi-gold-star/
  4. So, it's been more than a month and I still didn't read RuiTomo's FD. Instead, I read what I wanted to read since finishing Hatsuyuki Sakura, Kisaragi Gold Star. And well, I was disappointed It's not bad, it's just so average and sometimes almost boring. It does have good scenes and good comedy, but it's not enough to make it a great VN. I heard the True Route was really good and was really disppointed. The comedy was truly great, but the route itself wasn't that amazing. Anyway, in the end it's just my opinion, so some people might like it more than me. The thing is, though, that now, aside from Floral Flowlove I don't feel like reading another Saga Plantes VN... As for the next VN I'll read, as I have tests next week, I guess I'll read something short and light hearted amongst the VNs I have: Natsuiro Recipe, or Yomegami, or World Election or Okiba ga Nai. I guess it'll most likely be Natsuiro Recipe as apparently only one route is worth reading, so it'll be quick to read. And yeah, dunno if I'll really read RuiTomo's FD one day...
  5. As a fan of the Ace Attorney series, I've been interested in this VN, so this review confirms that I have to play it! I tried the trial quickly to see what was hookable and what wasn't. Unfortunately, the proofs, information and profils, as well as choices (well, sometimes the first one is hooked) aren't hookable. I can more or less understand what's written when it's not hooked, but can't go too far with the only 600~ kanji I know. So yeah, I guess I'll wait before reading it. Ah, but, it's because I want a more complete experience, so people who don't care about reading what's written on the proofs/choices/etc can still read/play it, as you get what it's about when they talk, and you get as much chances as you want to present proofs. Also, the sentences are shorts and easy to understand (didn't read much, want to preserve the experience for later), so if you're interested (and a Ace Attorney fan), go for it!
  6. Just try. Like, really, you won't know until you try reading one. Here's a list, if you don't know what to choose: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KnyyDt7jimEz-dgeMSKymRaT2r3QKBPm9AzqZ6oUWAs/pub This one too:
  7. Well, couldn't get myself to go through RuiTomo's FD, but instead I read Chrono Clock. Well, what to say? It was better than I expected. Really liked the comedy in the prologue and common. Liked the routes less, but still enjoyable. Then comes Cro's (Kuro) route. It has the thing I both love and hate in it. And now I guess I should really read RuiTomo's FD before I really become unable to bring myself to do it. Though it'll have to wait a few days, as I have things to do.
  8. Baka Moe Heart: https://vndb.org/v13651 Okiba ga Nai: https://vndb.org/v3098
  9. Is it possible to put the 'reincarnation into isekai' in the same category? After all, it's almost the same, just that they have another body. There's also the 'recall memories from my past life' type. I like the genre, or rather, there are just so many LNs/WNs about it that you're bound to find something you like amongst them.
  10. And finished! The True route was really good and I really enjoyed it. (Well, there were moments I was kinda frustrated by what happens, but that's mainly because we know things from the other routes, so it's a little frustrating to see the characters struggle) Now, the thing is I'm kinda satisfied with the ending (Aside from "that", but overall it does make it better rather than an ultimate happy ending), and I'd want to read the FD only for Megumu and Yenfei. Is it really worth it? Does it really add to the story? Also, considering the word play of the title, I wonder why Rui wasn't the main heroine? Was kinda sad she degraded to naïve hungry girl after the first route made you like her. :/
  11. Just finished Iyo's route. That's what I was waiting for! Damn now I'm hyped for the True (Akaneko) route! Though, if I had to say, I was disappointed by the romance in this route. The fact that I didn't particulary like Iyo aside, nothing really happens to make "straight Iyo" fall for "girl Tomo", and the romance in itself wasn't good. (imo) Tomorrow (well, today now) is a pretty busy day, so I guess I should be able to finish wednesday. Then fandisc, really want to do Yenfei and Megumu's routes!
  12. Well, in the end I couldn't wait this summer like I said in @Clephas' review of Suisei Ginka, and I started reading Ruitomo. I just finished Rui's route. To be honest, while it's not boring (I liked the banter of the characters), the story isn't really entertaining either. I know it's only the first route and it really begins to deliver with Iyo's route, but when I know I'll have to play Atori and Koyori's routes first which most people say are under the rest, I'm a little reticent to read them. Well, at least the dialogues are good. Now, about the reading difficulty, while I can understand what I read (Well, mostly), I'm sure I must have missed quite a number of between the lines meaning. Well, I guess that if I end up really liking the VN, it gives one more reason to re-read it once my Japanese is better.
  13. Finally got a Vita and just finished Tales of Innocence R. Was my first game in Japanese without any help (Hearts, Destiny PS2, Destiny 2 and Rebirth have a translation script), and while I didn't understand everything, I'm rather glad about how much I understood. (I would say between 50 and 70%, perhaps?) So yeah, I'm far from playing the Eiyuu Densetsu series... (Zero and Ao in particular, but the three Sora Evolution too)
  14. Let's hope there will. Then I guess I'll start with Ruitomo. Well, not now, still have thing to do. Most likely this summer. Don't really want to try DDC now, would be a shame to not understand everything given how it's praised.