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  1. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    Based on the 3 most listened VN openings on my phone: (so more like, favorite opening song, not counting how well it goes with the visuals) The full versions are better (mainly the third one, there is a long silence in the OP version, but in the full there are lyrics here)
  2. What are you playing?

    Didn't play VN in months, and the last Grisaia's finally out, so I guess it's time to read a little. Kinda a pain to reread Kajitsu with how long it is, but it's been more than 4 years since then, so I have to. Hope it won't take too long if I read quickly without caring about the voices.
  3. Just discovered the manga, it's tooooooo cuuuuuuute. Name's Senryuu Shoujo. There's also a video where Hanazawa Kana voice a few senryuu:
  4. Was in the mood after finishing Ao no Kiseki, and it was dirty cheap, so bought this:
  5. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  6. Actually, you better use the English ones. The "raws" you speak of are the same in worse quality and with Japanese instead of English. It shouldn't be that difficult to remove the english text and keep the transparency effect, but if you can't, just colour everything in the same colour and be done with it. Not like anyone is gonna care about the transparency when they'll look at it like, what, 10 seconds?, the time to read it.
  7. Actually can't do anything. Just remembered that I can't use my French Credit Card anymore, and my Japanese card is only a cash card, so Convinience Store Payment only. Removed the spoilerish comment. Hope the goals will be reached, even if I can't read them.
  8. EDIT: Removed due to, well, a little spoilerish.
  9. Am I the only one bothered by the Syuji (Shuuji) thing? Same for Syuichiro (Shuuichirou)? Other than that, already played it, so not gonna fund it. Thought I must say the LNs (mainly Lavi after, considering her end) interest me.
  10. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    And finished Zero no Kiseki (Evolution)! Was nice, but I have to say all the side quests burnt me out out a little. Add to that I did the 3rd and Zero one after the other, and I'm the type to focus on one thing when I do it (so for the past two weeks and half almost all of my free time was for those two games), so now I want to rest a little. Will do Ao during the winter holidays. As for the game, I would say it was more interesting than FC, but a little under SC and the 3rd. Hyped for Ao who's the most liked game of the fanbase.
  11. No, you didn't understand. It's a 4 pages leaflet given WITH the book. It's just a BONUS. And it's first come first served, so only the first buyers can get them. The price is the same as the normal one, it's just something to make people buy. And of course, they're written by the author.
  12. Well, it exists many stores selling otaku stuff. The store managers asked themselves "how can we make people choose to buy in OUR store?". Answer: having something only possible to have in this store, aka. Store Bonus. So for example, Youkoso will have a different store bonus for MelonBooks, Animate, Toranoana or Gamers. Rarely a LN has 4 store bonuses, most of the time the maximum is 3, and it's amongst these stores. That way, true fans are kinda obligated to buy in all the stores who has a store bonus if they want to have everything, thus each store makes a profit. That's the gist of it.
  13. These are Store Bonuses. In Japan, depending on the store you buy the novel you can get a short 4 pages leaflet with a little short story. In general only popular LNs have them, but recently new promising LNs have them too.
  14. Agree with both of you. Everyone can say what they want about Kasumi's route, but Shirou vs Bey fights are awesome.
  15. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    To be fair didn't talk much with NPCs, but the side quests are OBLIGATORY. I mean, it's the ONLY way to get lots of money. (selling your old gears and weapons doesn't get you much, and you use your sepiths for something else) So doing all the side quests does make the game longer. It's actually the same in Zero right now. Just spent one hour saving and loading to fish the right fish for a quest, and the guide was wrong and fished too much.....