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  1. Yep, you just need to go in the options and remove the translation. That one, select "Display source only".
  2. Didn't really work (or perhaps didn't took the good things) so searched somewhere else and managed to merge the thread with everything (minus words with furigana) with the one with the words + furigana. Because of that I have the furigana too, but I can do with them. Thanks! By the way, if someone else has the same problem, I did: :l4-2 4 being the id of the thread with the words+furigana and 2 the thread with everything else. Doing :l2-4 doesn't work. EDIT: Actually, I have to do it two times. And it's the second time it works. So :l2-4 then :l4-2 will make everything show up in the 4th thread, but doing :l4-2 then :l2-4 will make everything show up in the 2nd thread.
  3. Yes, the words with the furigana are on a separate thread, and that's the problem. I mean, I don't care about furigana, most of the time they're kana so I can just read them, but it's a pain to change thread each time I want to check the kanji below. I found a screenshot where everything (speaker name included, though I don't care about that) is on a single thread, so I wondered if the problem was coming from the VN itself, my PC, or you just need a specific version of ITH.
  4. Hi. Didn't want to create a topic at first so posted here, but I guess it didn't attract the persons who could help me, so better create one. So, the problem here is that ITHVNR (or even just ITH) doesn't parse words with furigana for Hello Lady. Like this: (do not mind the korean version of ITHVNR, just took the latest one on GitHub) Nobody else seems to have this problem, even found a screenshot where everything is parsed correctly. No H-code either. So yeah, want to ask to people who read Hello Lady if they had the same problem or not. And if a solution can't be found, well, I guess I'll just do with it.
  5. I know that, but the thing is no matter how much I search, nobody else has this problem for Hello Lady. In fact, even found a screenshot where everything works, and no H-code. But not that much people check this thread (they just ignore it), so I'll try to create a thread when I'll be near the end of Ys VIII. But thanks for the answer!
  6. Birthday thread

    Considering how active I am on this forum, I didn't except someone to wish me Happy Birthday here. Thanks!
  7. Hey, it's me again. Kinda decided it was finally time to read Hello Lady!, but here is the problem: ITHVNR (or even just ITH) doesn't parse words with furigana. Didn't find anything by searching on google, so asking here.
  8. Looking for なつくもゆるる append disc.

    Whoops, sorry, didn't look correctly.
  9. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    And done. Man, was a pain to create a page and all for the bonus harem story on VNDB. Anyway, Fuyu was nice, but like Aki, it could be so much more. And everything ended way too easily (same as Aki). But hey, I thought a little, and considering they're under 10 hours and low costs VNs, that what's would be expected of them. In fact, it's actually rather impressive they're that good compared to longer VNs with far more budget. Anyway, story aside Dere Setsuka was amazing because of the gap with her previous self. And this time we get even more event CGs too. o/ As for the harem story, was the same length as the after after stories. The girls accepting the harem really easily aside, the way everything is presented is rather nice for a change as it shows the things Souichirou has to do to maintain the harmony of the situation. Anyway, never have been good to give my opinion, so I'll just say that it was a very nice series you can read easily and quickly, and while it could have been much more it's still better than most of the moege out there (perhaps, not like I played them all :p) While I'm at it, heroine ranking: Eris > Setsuka = Satsuki > Aoi. Route ranking: Eris = Setsuka > Satsuki > Aoi.
  10. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    So, I did read something before Natsu Uso, but couldn't wait for Eris and did Aki Uso just after. So, for Natsu, to be honest I wasn't really in all the Student Council thing, but other than that it was twisted like in Haru, if not more. Aoi was cute, but that's it. Liked the the memories of the past. Also, same problem as Haru with same number of event CGs and HCGs/H-scenes. :/ Then comes Aki. I'll be honest, I was disappointed, it could have been SO MUCH more, it had so much plot potential. Oh well, was still plenty nice because I just love Eris, and she has the best after story and after after story so far. Same as Natsu, I liked past memories here too. We need to talk about the new character, Shizuku, who was pretty fun too. Loved how she would add things the the end of her sentences desushi osushi. Also this time we actually get 7 event CGs, yeah. o/ (so "only" 17 HCGs and 10 H-scenes) So, Fuyu, after after Fuyu, Shizuku SS and Harem Route to go. I know the Harem Route will probably just be a joke route (though considering it's 1gb I still hope for at least a few hours reading), but still happy there is one to see all the girls happy, mainly Eris after knowing more about her. (and I guess Setsuka got it worse if the thing I got unintentionally spoiled about is true...
  11. That's the good way to use these tools: checking kanji/vocabulary you don't know. As long as you know your grammar, it's a good way to learn new vocab and the kanji with them. Or just a way to avoid learning kanji.
  12. Looking for なつくもゆるる append disc.

    Best I could find: https://www.suruga-ya.jp/kaitori_detail/145037803
  13. What are you playing?

    Same complaint about Phoenix and Layton, but another big one I have is that the end/truth is too "Layton-esque" and full of plot holes.