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  1. Hello!!

    ようこそ!他の人は日本語を使ったし、それに一応ボクも留学生ですから、ちょっと日本語を使ってみたかったです。 Anyway, back to English. To be honest I'm not really active on this forum and usually don't welcome people, but I wanted to ask a few questions, so here I am. So, like I said, I'm currently an exchange student (at Kumamoto University if you're curious). For the first semester (well, more like second for Japanese students) I was entirely in classes composed of exchange students and didn't really have the opportunity to talk with Japanese people. I could have gone to a club/circle, but I'm just too lazy to go to one. (my timetable wasn't the best either, would need to wait hours before it starts, or go back home then back to university when it's time) Anyway, I didn't really talk with Japanese people. But this semester is different as I took a few general classes and I'm now with Japanese students. I might not even talk with them, but just in case I wanted to ask: what do you think their impression would be of a foreigner (French by the way) who learnt, and is still learning, Japanese just for reading/playing light novels/visual novels/games/etc...? In manga it's always played comically, by I wonder if in reality it would be the same. Which also leads me to my second question: Are otaku, or just people liking these kind of things, really not well seen in Japan? And are you, your parents aside, open about your hobbies with your friends and acquaintances? (even if not going as far to say you also play eroge) Sorry for all the questions, it's just easier to ask that to you, who like the same things, than a random Japanese who would be creeped out by a a foreigner asking that to him/her out of the blue. (^^;
  2. What are you playing?

    Yeah, DD is a little disappointing, you should like SoJ far more!
  3. My review of "Tales of Berseria"

    From the stats, I passed 5 hours and half in battle on my 70 hours and half playthrough. 20 hours in the menus, so around 45 hours running on the field + story. Fighting is lightning fast in this game with most battles being around 20 seconds, so yeah, unless you grind like mad the gameplay is a little part of the game.
  4. While I'm okay with the localisation, why the hell would they change French into Italian? (Date with Rina, dining into a French restaurant, with a menu in French and Desserts with French names. Torta al cioccolato? Whazzat? I heard Gâteau au Chocolat)
  5. Spring 2018 Anime Discussion

    Saiki season 2 second part is enough to make it a good season.
  6. Playing VNs on a 13 inch laptop.

    What's important too is the resolution. I went from a 19" to a 15", and the 15" is FHD, so everything looks even smaller, and when you zoom/enlarge it looks even more pixelised. So, a 13" in HD is actually easier on the eyes than a 15"+ in higher resolution. Might sound stupid, but I was really surprised when I saw how small VN windows were in my new screen, and how pixelised it becomes when you enlarge it. EDIT: Ok, just saw that the XPS 13 has a FHD screen, will look really small.
  7. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I always thought I had a little thing for twins sisters, but that's it. Today, I finished the Twins' route in KonoSora. Now I'm sure, I have a real fetish for twin sisters.
  8. It was just to have a better translator criticise me, but yeah, I guess it'd just be a loss of time for you. Well, to be fair, even if I had the motivation, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be up to standard. Anyway, sorry for posting meaninglessly on this thread.
  9. No no no, I meant even though the entire script is 100k, I lost my motivation with only 150 lines. (I lose my motivation quickly) Even if I translated things here and there, the most I did on a single project is a third of a Light Novel volume. So don't give me 1500 lines. Anyway, I'm sure he saw my posts here, will just wait for a PM.
  10. >script is 100k+ >Test is only 150 lines >Already lost my motivation Oh well, still interested in the opinion of a (far) better translator than me, so might as well try. I'll just take my time.
  11. Curiosity, but how long is that test? Kinda want to try to see how much I would butcher it.
  12. Oh, well, I guess if you compare to Kajitsu only, yeah, a little.
  13. Aside from helping the girls to overcome their problem, it's nothing like Grisaia. In fact, many VNs have the protagonist help the heroines to do that. Where does the comparison come from?