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  1. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    Same, though I prefer spring IRL, autumn in VN is quite nice. I like the tone of the colours, the atmosphere as well as the passage from summer to winter clothes/uniform.
  2. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Yuki from Lovesick Puppies -Bokura wa Koi Suru Tame ni Umaretekita- is pretty good.
  3. Not really following anything since I played them in Japanese. I hope people won't be too disappointed with DGS 1 (which is good, but rather meh compared to other AA), and will like DGS 2 which is pretty good.
  4. You can either tell the truth, or test the water a little using a friend. Say that a friend plays VNs (explaining what it is) and from what he says it seems pretty interesting and you want to read some too and try. You can even try to interest her with some Otome VNs (if she can read English, as we both know how most French are ^^') saying said friend told there was some for guys and for girls too, to prove it's not just some perverted game, but something directed to both gender. But yeah, otherwise the truth is the best, but generally I'd think she'd know from the start. I mean, pretty much all my friends (so people I'm close to, male and female) know I play VNs and what it entails. I at least don't want to hide what I like to the people I'm close to.
  5. You don't need motivation to read, you're supposed to enjoy it. If you have to force yourself to continue, then just drop it. For example, I waited years for Clover Day's TL, but in the end, once I decided to read it in Japanese I dropped it after one route because I found it just meh. I don't have to force myself to read everything because I waited years and many people praise it. If I can't enjoy myself I'd rather read something else. On the other end, reading Baldr Sky Dive (2) right now, around 80+ hours in and I'm still enjoying the hell out of it, so I can read non-stop. To finish, yeah you might miss something by dropping it because perhaps you'd come to like it later after struggling a little, but if you're reading something else you enjoy instead, the end result is the same. You read to have a great time, it's not a duty, so as long as you're enjoying yourself it doesn't matter what you read.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_Latin_alphabetic_abbreviations
  7. And done. Welp, didn't meet my expectations with how it's praised, but still pretty nice. Most surprising was how much I liked Tohru considering how different he's from the MCs I usually like. Though "like" might be the wrong term, I just could really empathise with him. What truly sealed the deal was what he said in Yayoi's route. Not really spoiler so the gist: "I tell lies to myself, and I accept these lies. That way I can put up with things." The guy is totally broken, but to live he piled lies upon lies to patch himself up, even if he ends up as a pathetic excuse of a man as a result, he just wants to have an "easy life". And after that the way you see his actions and thoughts is different, so I was really glad to have read Yayoi's route first. Anyway, now time to read the FD. Will most likely skip all the "side stuff" and concentrate on the "main part" though.
  8. You can try kanjitomo too. Or the Google handwriting app, it's freaking amazing and sometimes and wonder how the hell it can recognise some of the things I write.
  9. Zero no kiseki

    Didn't play it, as I played the Crossbell games in Japanese, but from what I heard it's "good enough to understand what happens", with it ranging from "kinda good" for the main story to "bad" for the side quests and random NPC talk. The Ao translation leaked a few days ago is a little better apparently. So you can either play them both now, or wait for Geofront as there is still time until CS3 in English.
  10. Clover Days Plus Error

    Patch only works on Clover Day's, not Plus.
  11. VN's with ex-gf heroines

  12. Random VN: Tsukiakari Lunch

    Checked VNDB and you forgot to mention the most important: VOICED PROTAGONIST!!!! (well, partially) Added to the backlog!
  13. Yep, you just need to go in the options and remove the translation. That one, select "Display source only".
  14. Didn't really work (or perhaps didn't took the good things) so searched somewhere else and managed to merge the thread with everything (minus words with furigana) with the one with the words + furigana. Because of that I have the furigana too, but I can do with them. Thanks! By the way, if someone else has the same problem, I did: :l4-2 4 being the id of the thread with the words+furigana and 2 the thread with everything else. Doing :l2-4 doesn't work. EDIT: Actually, I have to do it two times. And it's the second time it works. So :l2-4 then :l4-2 will make everything show up in the 4th thread, but doing :l4-2 then :l2-4 will make everything show up in the 2nd thread.