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  1. So, almost a month ago, I read the latest Youjitsu volume, and a bad habit of Kinugasa shows up in it, so I decided it was time to read Akatsuki no Goei and Reminiscence to see if the endings were really that bad. Well, let's start with the conclusion: I didn't mind the way the routes ended, but didn't like the endings themselves. I'll come back to it later. First, AkaGoei 1. It was honestly pretty disappointing. Yeah Kaito is amazing, yeah the comedy is great, but that's it. Worse, the structure of the routes is terrible. Really short common route, then heroine route starts, bu
  2. I love common routes too, and that's why I started to play less VN since a few years, as I don't enjoy doing each girl's route anymore. To this day, Majikoi's prologue (which is quite long for a prologue lol) is the peak of what I love in common routes. If you can read Japanese, I recommend Hikari no Umi no Apeiria. Single path and fun all the way to the end.
  3. Futakoi? https://myanimelist.net/anime/125/Futakoi
  4. Hey, I'm back. I played Gikei, and considering I talk about Chusingura and Miburo in the previous posts, thought I might as well talk about it here. (well, say a few words, at least) But let's do things in order. First I played Maoten. It was OK, but nothing amazing. Had some fun parts, but otherwhise pretty average. However, I quite liked the last route and thought the drama was rather well done, so I can say it was worth my time. Next is Meikei no Lupercalia. It's praised as the best VN of the year since its release, but let's be honest, I didn't really like it. I do under
  5. It was heavily revised, but not entirely retranslated. It's far better than the PSP version, but it still has problems. Mainly the fact that Estelle is dumber in English. Anyway, it's only FC that has this problem, and after that the localization is great. Just that Estelle will suddenly become smarter in SC. (which is, actually, what many people like about English Estelle.)
  6. While not as good, I would always recommend Tears to Tiara II, as I quite liked it (was years ago, though, so really need to replay one day). Most of the staff is the same as Utawarerumono. Only on PS3, though.
  7. It's funny, considering FC has the worst localization of the whole series, as the first translator back then did a horrible job. It's full of mistranslations and changes quite a few things. (Like, English Estelle is dumber than Japanese Estelle, making them almost different characters)
  8. Didn't think I'd post four times in a row. lol Gonna be the last one of the year anyway, as I decided that I read enough VN this past month and it's time to go back to LN and WN. First I read Mirai Radio, as Musei made me want to. Wasn't bad, but not particularly good either. Then after that, well, I was thirsty for battle, so, you know, I decided to give Miburo a try. lol The first hours were boring. It's just exposition, exposition and exposition, and contrary to Chusingura, that pulls you in pretty fast, here I almost gave up. But thank god, I didn't, and a little under
  9. Welp, in the end continued with some VNs. Einstein Yori Ai wo Komote: utter disappointment. A shame because MC has a clear personality, girls are cute and character interactions are good. Unfortunately, the plot and the end are meh. Thank god, the next one went over my expectations. Of course, I'm talking about the VN currently being called the VN of the year: Hakuuchumu no Aojashin. Honestly, I really didn't expect to get that much into it. Especially Case 2 and 3. I loved them. They were so much fun with the right amount of drama. On the other hand, Case 1 was more serious, so
  10. Finished yesterday and skimmed through Shinpachi Love Nagaya FD today. Was pretty good and a really worthwhile FD. However, the endings killed me inside. Same for Shinpachi's if route. Pretty simple, but after all you went through, simple is actually nice. But the ending makes you die inside again. There is Love Nagaya, and it's cute, but it kinda leaves a bad taste knowing she's the only one to get this treatment, as well as, you know, her route means that... Anyway, my original intention was to play Miburo after that, but now I'm not that keen to do that. Anyone having played Bushi
  11. Didn't play a VN in months, and what's better than restarting with the monster that is ChuSinGura 46+1? lol Anyway, it was great and my opinion doesn't really differ from most people. Chapters 1 and 2 are amazing, 3 is great, 4 is good and 5 is meh until it finally picks up (which was around the end for me). Aside from chapter 5 where I stopped playing here and there because it was meh, I played the other four without stopping (well, not literally, but you get it) As for the heroines, I'm really influenced by the story, so of course I liked Kuranosuke, Yasubei and Chikara more than E
  12. Kanji puns. Just for that, kanji are great. The possibilities are endless, and it's amazing.
  13. I'm actually reading it right now. Just entered Kaja's route. I didn't know which order to go with, so just went with the order the choices give Kaja > Itsuki > Flow > Akira (also the order in which they appear at the end of the OP). But looking at what you said, it might be better to have Akira before Itsuki if I want the most emotional last? Or continue with this order as Akira's route is about Tenchou and it continues in Last episode, so better read them one after the other? Anyway, I'm doing other stuff on the side so i'm slower than usual, but I'm liking it so far. A sh
  14. Welp, wasn't planning to at first, but kinda wanted to write something to sort my thoughts, so decided to write about what I read in the past year. Main problem is most are from months ago and only a few are recent, so will just write a line or two. (thank god I mostly read LNs this past year, so it'll be quick) Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa: Eiri's route was great, and I remember being greatly satisfied by her ending. Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~: Took me two whole weeks to read, iirc. Was totally worth it. Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo
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