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  1. I started monday (so the day after your post). Made a post in the untranslated topic. (though I'm bad with giving my opinion, so nothing much) I have so many other VNs to read, but I'm influenced so easily. And the onomatopoeia thing got me, I guess.
  2. Just finished Bethly's route. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to start reading it! (was scared by the length of the VN, but reading your posts made me want to read it)
  3. Finished Bethly's route in Gin'Iro, Haruka. Well, to be honest, with my reading speed and how everyone say the VN is freaking long, I thought I'd need at least a week to finish one route, but it "only" took me 4 days (would say around 25-30h). The art is really beautiful, and I liked the BGMs. It was interesting to follow the life of the characters from middle school to marriage (the University arc was really nice, and I was suprised by the young adult work arc, I thought they would marry directly, but no. It was interesting to know all these things about international marriage) Like usual, I want to say many things, but I'm not good in sorting them, so I don't write anything in the end... Well, anyway. At first, I only wanted to read Behtly's route because of how long it is, but now I'm also interested in Hinata, and the others too to some extent. I don't know if I'll wait a few days/weeks before playing again, as I'm the type to stop totally when I stop for a few days (The most notable one being Ever 17, I've been stalling it for what, 3 years? 4 years? I wonder when I'll finally go back to it...). I just hope I'll be able to not think too much about Bethly. As much as I like her and am attached to her, the end was satifying, so now it's the turn of the other girls to be happy.
  4. Didn't intend to post anything at first, but, sorry to say it, even in my non-native English reader eyes, I can see that that your second example isn't nitpicking, it's trying to find fault at anything. A guillotine is made to decapitate, so nothing wrong with using 'decapitating slashes'. As for the "kill" / "decapitate", don't remember the scene exactly, but I don't think only his neck was targeted, so "kill" is more appropriate than "decapitate". (if it was only his nexk, then I'm wrong, but even then "kill" avoid the repetition) Won't say anything about the rest as my grammar must be elementary school level at best, but this sentence isn't the best example. Anyway, as for the VN itself, just finished Sakurai's (Kei) route, as well as the second other story, and liking it so far. Loving Shirou, so pretty hyped to see how much of a badass he is in the best routes.
  5. Just finished ニュートンと林檎の樹. Well, I super duper want to read Dies Irae, so I'll make it short: Don't take this game seriously, this is a complete joke. There are so much flaws that if I had to write everything I wouldn't be able to play DI before tomorrow. That's why, only read the VN if you want something short with fun characters. It wasn't amazing, but the end was quite emotional, so I think I'll never be able to think about Newton other than thinking about Alice. There is also a twist in the story, so only read the spoiler if you don't want to read the VN: There is also a joke story after you have finished everything. If you really liked the end of the story, either don't read it, or wait a few days. It's pretty funny and the start is hilarious, but it kinda ruins the feelings you have at the end of the story. The art ranges from averagely bad to averagely good, not many BGMs, but I liked them. There are four movies inside the VN, the best one is Yotsuko's, but Alice's hits you right in the feels. Also, there is a glossary and it's hilarious. Anyway, it was fun, just don't take it seriously! And now, Dies irae!
  6. Then someone put a wrong tag on VNDB?
  7. I think you must understand by then, but when I say 'take a rest' it means 'but, I have such a long backlog, so one more...', so I finally read ‘&’ - 空の向こうで咲きますように -. To tell the truth, I've been wanting to read it for years since I saw it on VNDB while waiting for Coµ's translation at that time. I like the art, there are many colorful characters and it sounded fun from the description. So I wanted it to be my first Akatsuki Works VN once I had the level in Japanese, but in the end @Clephas made me want to read RuiTomo first, so I did. Don't want to play Akatsuki Works VNs one after another, so I'll wait a little before reading Hello Lady. Anyway, I had a tons of things (not really) to say while playing, but after sleeping I forgot quite a bunch, so in short: Really liked the banter between the characters, it was really fun, more than RuiTomo (imo), liked most of the characters (best being Urara, uhaha, uhaha), though sometimes I couldn't stomach some depending on the route. I loved the system with the memories (Map, achievements, photos), found it really nice! On the bad side, romance was bad aside from Urara, and while I wasn't bored (good thing), it wasn't amazing and I didn't like how it developed that much. When rating it on VNDB I was reminded once more how I don't know how to rate something... (seriously...) Also, thanks to the timer in the VN, I know it took me around 65 hours (didn't close it when eating and doing other things, so might be even less), and the average time of a Japanese reader seems to be 25 hours (from a few Japanese blogs I checked), so my reading speed is around 2.5 slower than a Japanese, I guess? Anyway, was a great 冒険 , so I don't regret reading it!
  8. This masterpiece is called Grand Blue.
  9. Thanks for the answers! Guess W10 isn't as bad as what people says. Fortunately, I played the Ley Line trilogy last month, so it's fine. @Zalor I'll be studying at Kumamoto University, in Kyushu. I do intend to at least visit Tokyo and Akiba, though, so who knows. (Though it'll most likely not be possible as I'll be with friends who don't read VNs)
  10. Hi! So yeah, thanks to the exchange program of my university I'm going to Japan for one year starting from September, so I'll need to buy a new PC (laptop) because I can't take my desktop with me. The thing is that now PCs are sold with W10, and even without OS the drivers and bios need W10 to not have compatility issues. So my question is, what do I need to know about W10 knowing that I mainly use my PC to do 'weeb things'. (Mainly concerned about the 'spying' thing, as well as compatibilty with VNs and other things) Next question is about Japan's voltage. A friend told me that going to Japan three months killed the battery of his laptop, so I wanted to ask if he was just unlucky or that even with its transformer, a battery will die more quickly because of going from 220/240V (Europe) to 100V (Japan)? And, one more question I guess, do you think they watch what you do and search and I should stop doing 'weeb things' when I'll be in the dorm here? (Kinda silly question, but might as well ask) That's it, I guess. If you went to Japan, or are actually living there and have a few advices, I'll be thankful too!
  11. I'm starting to kinda hate myself... I just can't do every routes in VNs anymore... I finished 2 routes (Meryl and Phyllis) of Racial Merge and started Alicia's, but I just couldn't continue and stopped. It's not bad, I really enjoyed the common route (In fact, I LOVE CR in VNs, contrary to many people), but the routes are just too normal, I guess? They are fun with good comedy and the other characters who don't disappear (In fact that what I liked the most, the utility of the side characters), but after doing two it's kinda difficult to do the others. I guess from now on I'll just read the routes of the heroines I'm interested in, unless all the routes are needed to understand everything or they're all interesting. On the bright side, I now understand why @Clephas likes AXL so much, and I added some of their VNs in my backlog. Also, true there are some problem with the proportions in the art, but some CGs are really beautiful, so I quite like it. And now it's time to take a rest. To be honest, I didn't even intend to read so "much" VNs before Dies irae. So now I'll either truly rest, or I'll distract myself (again) from translating by starting another one...
  12. It's me again! So, since last time, I tried World Election, but put it aside after a few hours. Wasn't too into it, but wasn't bad, so for now it's on hold. Then I read Yomegami. Well, just Airis' route to be precise. Wasn't bad, but didn't like it that much. Then, the main one: Aokana. I wanted to read it for quite a long time, but with all the translation projects I waited, and waited, then for some reason, a few days ago, I got the sudden urge to read it, so I did it. Long story short, enjoyed it, was really fun, loved the art and the musics, so if someone could tell me how to extract ALL the CGs (FC and normal) as well as the BGMs I'd be really grateful. Asuka's route was obviously the most satisfying, but really liked Misaki's route too. Mashiro's route was cute, and, unfortunately, I wasn't interested in Rika's route and half-read it, skipping a lot of text. Best character is obviously Aoi, one more reason to like Asuka's route. As for Masaya, I was a little disappointed as he's useless most of the time as a Second, and I really wanted to see him play FC (like most of us). So yeah, I'm waiting for Zwei not for Saki, but because I hope he'll play FC in it. Got the Vita version too, and damn, the CGs are even more beautiful on the Vita screen! The few added CGs are nice too, as well a the few new tracks (OP and I noticed one during the final match in Misaki's route). Still can't listen to the BGMs, but they added a Replay for all the matchs, which is cool! Now I guess I'll read a short one and wait for Dies irae.
  13. Rindou Tsubame and Kagami Hikaru in Clover Day's: https://vndb.org/v13325
  14. By the way, which version should I read? Trinity, or the original?
  15. If you're fine with ebooks, Bookwalker. You can either read with their Web Reader or their app. (PC and or Smartphone/tablet)