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"Angel Beats!" Apparently Delayed Indefinitely


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I can tell this is fake/April Fools. That article is posted the same style of context that Katawa Shoujo's was.




The style being: the post tells of how the story would be a failure


(Ironically, Katawa Shoujo DID stop their production on Katawa Shoujo 2, however that still does not play into the idea that Little Busters was so highly previewed. Katawa Shoujo's creators NEVER posted any media, news, or ideas of Katawa Shoujo's sequel. Key has release so many pieces of Little Busters that it's near impossible for that article to be real.)

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The concept involved things like a beach event, a pool event, a hot springs event, Shanghai turned into a maid cafe, catgirls, doggirls, foxgirls, bunnygirls, sheepgirls, a cute but a bit tsundere little sister character, a perverted otaku best friend character, a stalker character, a harem ending, a harem ending, a harem ending, a haunted house, inexplicable superpowers, alternate dimensions, mecha battles, magical girls, zombies, fantasy MMORPGs and a clown.

I lost it there. Didn't even know they actually said something about a KS2. Now this is sense of humor.


Well I think it's clear that this is most likely an april fools joke. It's just too vague, and honetly I'd only try to believe it if it was posted on the main site.

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