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  1. Totally gonna set up a game of this in a few days. Keep an eye on steam group.
  2. Download and run ADWcleaner JRT Malware bytes HITMAN PRO Do the first one, solves the problem you're good, if not do the next one. Also check programs and see if you can just uninstall it.
  3. You can't do the expansion until you complete the story from the original anyhow Astro class looks complex
  4. Adw and Malware actually have low detection on viruses outside adware and general Malware. Get hitman pro.just kickstand and boot from usb and see what happens Also go with a factory remaster instead of a refresh as refresh seems to cause more issues.
  5. Interesting, another thing to look into.
  6. Since its inception. There has always been a limit, clearly you don't like much
  7. So far people have tried to rationalise the situation and give solid facts, however it seems no matter what people wish to deconstruct anything. It is worth considering that no matter what the source was, the rule is now in effect and as such going forwards we will be acting in line with these.
  8. What anime are you watching that is trying to bang a loli? As the only change in rule was no discussion of sexualising lolis. Also Steve, I am on vacation so no can do.
  9. Any more inflammatory posts from anyone will cease to exist.
  10. Meh I'd rather get it out now instead of bringing it up as an excuse. Also this behaviour is in line with that I expect of IceD
  11. Hey guys. Let's not make this a flame thread or we'll be trimming them down.
  12. How can you say serious question and Sakura spirit?
  13. In task manager are there multiple processes the same?
  14. It means outside of VN, there should be no discussion of under age characters if they are depicted in a sexual nature.
  15. If its not a VN no matter the board, it's a no go.
  16. While I doubt it's a virus, might be an idea to run either JRT, adwcleaner or hitman pro, see if anything flags up. It would be interesting to see if it's 2 processes or only one though.
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