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  1. The Image War seems to be ANY Image, where as this "battle" is along sides only Anime's and stuff of the sort. I think it's a justified thread, different from the Image War. Just my two cents. :3 Anyways! You're wearing briefs?
  2. False, but only once. I rarely read, and in school I had to read for a project. During study hall, I was reading my project book and lost track of time, and the bell rang, I didn't pay attention and missed a class, lol. Next person wishes they were living in a different country than their own right now.
  3. Nope, but I have a bookmark of Bioshock Quotes. :3 Next person fantasizes about a special someone giving them a hickey.
  4. What's with you and giving only my avatars the giant stories? XD DON'T KILL ERIS-CHAN. SO RUDE. Anyways, @Krill's Avatar- You look like you could kill me, but oh well. Come here. *Pats bed*
  5. I love your signatures! If I had to give any advice, it would be the following: Personally, I prefer borders on my signatures. Solely because I feel as though a borderless signature feels small, thin, and unnoticed. When you give it a border, it seems have thickness, and stands out more. Other than that, Good work!
  6. If you've seen the anime, you'll know just by her face. Lol.
  7. Not surprised as this is the like 4th time this guy's shown up, I let him use my bathroom without a problem.
  8. False, but I know a few words since my childhood best friend is Korean. Next person has iTunes downloaded but doesn't have an apple device to use it with.
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