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  1. Visual Novel Steam Keys

  2. Great Game Music

  3. (Archived) IPB 4 Update Complete

    Hey, I have a few bugs, questions, and complaints. Don't mind me if all of this stuff has already been brought up. 1. There is no space between "Location" and the user's location. Happens on all themes. 2. I miss having long, rectangle avatars 3. I'm not sure how to add an image to my profile, like backers could do before. 4. Is there no longer an option to preview posts before posting? 5. Does the user receive a notification when they are tagged with @?
  4. Kizumonogatari countdown.

    It's not so much salt as it is me hating the series with the fiery passion of a billion red hot burning suns.
  5. Kizumonogatari countdown.

    How many of these stinkin' shows do they need
  6. #3 is Ed from Cowboy Bebop
  7. It's not really a big deal, but I noticed that when you search for a member using the search bar their avatar doesn't display correctly next to their username.
  8. Sakura Swim Club - A Thorough Review

    I knew this would happen uneventually.
  9. Sakura Swim Club Stream

    What did we do to deserve this
  10. someone change vndb into...

    "funky-ass basebizzle" Nice
  11. Do animals dream when they sleep?

    That's pretty inspirational, bruh.
  12. Idea for another list (Anime recommendations)

    Yeah, you might be right. I would hope that it doesn't just turn into a listing of every other site's top 50-100. The point is to help people find something new that they might not have heard of. There's not much point in recommending something like Cowboy Bebop if everybody and their dog has already seen it. It was never my intention for it to turn into a popularity list.
  13. Idea for another list (Anime recommendations)

    Alright, well, This thread was really just to gauge interest in the idea. I need to come up with better categories and figure out the best way to structure everything first (any suggestions? let me know). I'll probably make a new thread in the Recommendations subforum when it's ready to go, so save you're entries until then. Oh yeah, names will be included. There's no hiding.
  14. Idea for another list (Anime recommendations)

    The thing with making this something that anybody can contribute to is, nobody is going agree with everything that goes on the list. That's not really the point of it. Everybody has different tastes and will recommend lots of different things. Yeah, I know. I think the goal is to stick to as few general categories as possible, Instead of a lot of more specific categories with only a few shows under them. I don't see why I would have to exclude anyone from participating. The idea is for it to be a community-wide project. Yeah, yeah. I was just making an example so I could get this thread made.