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  1. Second episode is out and the pacing is just getting worse. I kind of hope they are just zooming through it to get to this 6th route bu it's kind of killing the experience. If someone is watching this and haven't played the VN they must be so lost. They're not presenting a lot of the more mysterious aspects of the story well at all and are literally just showing you everything. Laughed kind of hard at that dutch oven scene, glad to see that my sense of humor hasn't evolved over the years.
  2. Subaru has been pissing me off these last few episodes but I'm almost enjoying the fact that he isn't coming out of these situations mentally unscathed. I do want him to get a reality check soon though since he's acting like a scumbag.
  3. The first episode kind of bolstered my hopes a bit. I'll be happy if it starts kind of doing its own thing instead of trying to adapt the whole VN in 13 episodes. It also wouldn't hurt to fix the pacing a bit.
  4. It would probably be better to write an all-ages version and a 18+ version. Making just an eroge is just splitting your audience. Unless you think you can do a decent job writing h-scenes though it would probably be best to avoid them altogether. Maybe keep the eroge part as an after thought instead of thinking about it now since you would probably need an artist who would want to draw hentai. If you want my input as a consumer then I usually buy the 18+ version unless I hear the h-scenes are really awful (like Little Busters Ex for example).
  5. Hoshizora no Memoria literally through me off VN's for like a year. I still feel driven to finish it but I'll never understand why people thought it was amazing.
  6. Got myself a handful of cheap VN's and some JRPG's, might pick up more of the AAA VN's for when I get paid Sunday. Was buying Huniepop a mistake?
  7. Don't mean to burst your bubble but it'll never happen. You're better off trying to assemble your own indie dev team, which is still a hard feat to pull.
  8. At least the Sakura series has embraced its true nature. Fap material.
  9. Well this should be fun. Let's watch this shit unfold. https://www.reddit.com/live/wp1fvdxxwb45/
  10. Didn't take as long as I thought for hell to freeze over.
  11. Can't play this since I have no money. I've had my eye on it though and it looks like a lot of fun. My first impression of it was that it was just a weird bunny girl game until I saw the tags metroidvania and bullet hell and I was sold right then and there.
  12. I once downloaded this game to see if it was any good but didn't end up playing it. To hear it has a good story is actually surprising. I'll always remember when my friend showed me a sick tune and told me it was from Monster Girl Quest and being really shocked from it. This game looks deceiving as fuck.
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