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  1. That's why I stay inside my car.
  2. I just finished Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on Steam, and loved the living hell out of it. Not as much as a Zero Escape game, but loved it nonetheless. Will definitely buy the sequel next sale. Kyoko Kirigiri best girl. Hikasa Yoko 10/10 marry me pls. Love what they did w/ the mastermind at the last trial <3 <3 <3 <3
  3. Damn guys. I admire your dedication to this game... Go out and catch some Pokemon.
  4. Nobody asked for this, but I'll post one anyways. Hehe. Ok for real now. I was sick so I had to put the mask on
  5. It's the holidays and I've recently bought a ton of stuff, so I'll just spam this thread with the iDOLM@STER ones, which are pretty much the only ones that m@tter. A 765 Pro bag I wear to campus with FLIPPABLE COVERS! New Gene & Dekoration rubber bracelets and a 765 Pro travel wallet! An Anastasia sports towel! So I can rub Anya all over me <3 im@s T-SHIRTS! (one's being washed) im@s irastos, clear files and the holy bible (a.k.a. all idol catalog) EVERYTHING ELSE IM@S
  6. Quite a lot of anime at the top of MAL's list of all-time bests. BUT I'm not sure what you mean by classic, an anime can be sensational in that it is critically acclaimed to be good by viewers with a lot of experience in watching anime, or it's very popular with possibly a considerable amount of following from international audiences. Much like Eva in the past century, the only anime I can think of within the last 10 years that definitely fulfill both criteria would be; FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD And to a certain extent, these as well: Death Note, Steins;Gate, K-On,
  7. I just got home from Japan and it was the first time I ever bought a Tenga. For research purposes. (It costed 70 yen)
  8. This game's sole purpose is to remind you of the following things: 1. There is no god. 2. The world is not fair. 3. You have shit luck. 4. Humans enjoy hurting themselves. 5. You have incredibly shit luck. 6. Karma does not exist. Some people are born with a bad omen and some a joyous fate. No pun intended. 7. All the good things you ever did are futile. 8. Your luck is shittier than FFXIII and Donald Trump's presidential speech combined. The grass is always greener on the other side and there's nothing you can do about it. Fate/Grand Order a.k.a. Farm/Grind Order a.k.a. How to Fuck Yourself
  9. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. I played 999 via DeSmuME myself, an NDS emulator, and I believe most of my gamer friends have one as well. Also, they removed all the puzzles? That's horrible. I genuinely don't know what 999 would feel like without its core gameplay though. To be fair, it might not be that different, but still...
  10. Right so I'm probably the only one here and in my circle of friends who don't watch Digimon. No regrets. Also Gintama's next arc is coming. Jump in the bandwagon and let's hype the living **** out of this!!!!!
  11. I may be cheating a bit by saying this, since it isn't entirely a "VN" per-se, but Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira. (999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors) That's a lot of nines. A lot of VNs hugely impacted me but this one's a bit different. For one, stating the obvious, it's a narrative masterpiece and the ending was absolutely genius. What really breaks my heart though, is how little fame it had, especially compared to Danganronpa which I fullheartedly believe is inferior in almost every way. It didn't make that much though thankfully just enough to justify for another two sequels. Th
  12. I'm pretty sure a very huge fraction of international weebos have succumbed to this situation. It's normal. A little tip though, understanding the lyrics to the song can sometimes make you love it even more. It's also a nice tool for learning Japanese and understanding grammar can make the song stick to you quicker. And you can sing the song correctly in your shower.
  13. Thank you very much! I've fixed the post to add some more pictures just like before the update. If drawing a lot and loving it makes you an artist then I guess I am. It wouldn't be my profession though, I've never monetized it and I only draw whenever I feel like it. I prefer the term hobbyist. I really like that one too! Thank you very much!
  14. Is it just me or was my post reduced to only one line and one picture? ...What happened?
  15. I bought a 100-yen spicy tuna onigiri today. That's Japanese right?
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