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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you find your way to Fuwanovel back eventually :)

  2. What i did really found a job?? D:

  3. I'm quite sad with this announcement.. :'( but i'm quite sure that out world domination plot will go on <.<'
  4. I'm loving it so much but IMO the ending will be something like... They beat Tet, the true god but then got beat by Steph... Something like that.. I'm watching it it's quite nice... I mean i love Chaika and all but i feel like it's missing something... ATM the best anime of the season is Bokura wa minna Kawaisou, followed at short range by No Game No Life
  5. From my ignorant position it sees more a problem from video drivers... :S
  6. The refrain series is quite good, much better than the first season (that is quite messed up) You should still read the novel first, in my hopinion... It's way better
  7. I died inside with this one... "daddy, you know.." "is it all right to not hold it anymore? Sanae- san told me... Places i can cry are in te bathroom..." "... And in daddy's arms."
  8. Welcome to the forums hope you'll enjoy your stay
  9. ARENA 01: Kuroyukihime [Dekomori Sanae] ARENA 02: [Natsume Rin] Kurousagi ARENA 03: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 04: Laura Bodewig [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 05: Takanashi Rikka [Azuki Azusa] ARENA 06: [Chocolat] Yatogami Tōka ARENA 07: [Yukihira Furano] Kuriyama Mirai ARENA 08: Kirigaya Suguha [Yoshino] ARENA 09: [Himeragi Yukina] Yaya ARENA 10: Takanashi Tōka [Tobiichi Origami] ARENA 11: Yukinoshita Yukino [shirakiin Ririchiyo] ARENA 12: Charlotte Belew [Chitanda Eru] ARENA 13: [Aoyama Nanami] Shiomiya Shiori ARENA 14: [Nyarlathotep] Yūki Asuna ARENA 15: [Tokisaki
  10. ARENA 01: Laura Bodewig [Yoshino] ARENA 02: Shokuhō Misaki [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] ARENA 03: Takanashi Rikka [Nōmi Kudryavka] ARENA 04: Itsuka Kotori [Natsume Rin] ARENA 05: Chitanda Eru [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 06: [Himeragi Yukina] Kuroyukihime ARENA 07: [Azuki Azusa] Nibutani Shinka ARENA 08: [Takanashi Tōka] Yūki Mikan ARENA 09: Roromiya Karuta [shiomiya Shiori] ARENA 10: [Chocolat] Charlotte Belew ARENA 11: Aoyama Nanami [Nyarlathotep] ARENA 12: Kuriyama Mirai [Yui] ARENA 13: [Yukihira Furano] Tokisaki Kurumi ARENA 14: [Kurousagi] Haqua du Lot Herminium ARENA 15: [Tobiich
  11. @monmon don't go off topic... anyway i don't think the restoration patch misses any H-scene so they are fanmade or from flight diary... That's just my opinion, though...
  12. Have to quote Yume, also if the save was a 100% complete you should find the savegames at the beginning of the route... Anyway... Why you want to skip their routes? they are amazing.. :S
  13. A-chan... she's quite the dere are you sure to be a no-dere?
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