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"Angel Beats!" Apparently Delayed Indefinitely


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I don't get why people are so upset about it? Not like it was going to be translated for a while anyway, and for all you know, it could end up worse than the anime :P

Dude, This is Key we are talking about. Of course it's not going to be worser than the anime, for all I know, it might be better than the anime.

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If I knew a VN was coming out I would not have watched the anime <_<

How long do fan translations typically take anyway?

Depending on the length of the VN, the dedication to the project, and the size of crew, it cpuld be anywhere from several months to a year or two.
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I don't think a couple months is feasible. At the very least a year. No major group has plans for it either.

I say a few months because if they are splitting it inyo several parts then there is a chance that each will be pretty short, resulting In a short teanslation time. But you're right, its very unlikely.
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