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"Angel Beats!" Apparently Delayed Indefinitely


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Its April Fools Right? ....

Im not too sure anymore now. Its on ANN _ _ 


But honestly, Id rather have Key puttin in all their effort to make it better rather than have a crappy version like Sonic The Hedgeog (2006) for PS3... it had so mant glitches Q.Q I stil havent completed yet.

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I'm still only trusting something that's on the official website.

How can these sites get this info with no sources? Doesn't seem legit to me.

The article at ANN is more vague than an ant spotted from a mile away.

I'll wait a bit longer before crying.

Yea it is vague. But im honestly fine even if the relese gets pushed back... If they are goin to make it better then Im ok with it. v.v

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