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  1. Welcome back! I just come back few days ago myself also looking to see if I can reconnect with old userbase here too. Funny Rewrite, Song of Saya and G-Senjou no Maou ware all in my top favorites at some point too, thrue before I "Disconnected" from VNs and anime scene I was mostly reading only Yuri VNs and my favorites ended up being The Shadows of Pygmalion, Kindred Spirits on the Roof and Fatal Twelve. Right now I am trying to get back into VNs and anime and all, and I think I would probably go for psychological titles or JRPG/VN hybrids when I do start reading VNs again. @Zakamutt Oh I completely forgot to mention you in my own comeback topic, nice to see you are still around.
  2. I tried sending some PMs to some people I had talked to more often back in the day but aside from sending PMs here or mentioning people in posts I have no other way of contacting any of the other old members, but I think it would be really cool if more old members really did come back. I always wanted to try and opening a blog of my own, and an old me would definitely be able to contribute a lot to a whole VN info thing, I also find it a very interesting idea to switch from Visual novel fan translation and VN promotion site/forum to a more of "pro VN wikipedia" now that VNs are way more known of then back in the day and that an old mission is kinda complete, or at least has become way bigger picture than what one forum/site can drastically influence unlike back than. but as I am now, I am waaaay out of date with VNs and all to be able to add much to the whole picture, maybe once I am back into the whole anime and all once again... As for discord, well I was never a big fan of discord or any of the chatting sites/apps and had always preferred forums and blogs more, so unless if there is some big old members gathering special thing/event on discord I am gonna stick to forums. PS: I find it a bit interesting that Fuwanovel made such strong ties with some German website while I was in a German/Austrian prison, I guess it's like as if Fuwanovel has fallowed me in spirit lol.
  3. Nice to see a familiar face around here, even if it is my least favorite one
  4. Well to be fair I do still think that being a NEET is better than working a 9-17 jobs and/or working at a job you hate and do with money as your sole reason/motivation for working. I also think that taking a few months or so to live a NEET lifestyle can actually be very good for you, especially when you are burned out from work, or well in my case when you just get out of prison and need some time to just figure out what to do with your life, this goes even more so when money isn't an issue. (And to be fair in cases where money is not an issue i bet about every second person would like to not work and just do things they like, but this is a bit moved from your general image of what a NEET is). Figuring out what I actually do want to do/work, that's a lot bigger issue, especially when noting other than anime interested me and now even that doesn't really do the trick any more. And I am not saying this cause I haven't tried many other things, it's cause I did that I know that pretty much everything else bores me within few days if not few hours, so I guess for the time being a NEET lifestyle is simply better than any other alternative I can think of. The problem is, if I don't menage to get back into Anime, NEET or no NEET, than WTF am I going to do with my life? Even when I was the most hardcore Otaku NEET there is, I was never your "Regular" hikikomori, the kind you usually think of when talking about NEETs and Hikkikomoris, outcast etc. I simply never had any interest in a normal everyday life and things that normal people find joy in simply bore me, well to be more exact pretty much everything IRL was boring me and I would find it empty and pointless and fiction/fantasies ware the only things that made me feel anything at all. Even now, I am just out of prison, I am supposed to have tons of wants and desires and things I missed from life outside, but really I don't, most of the time I just sleep all day long and the novelty of freedom has wore down in about a day. As for Anime, I watched Goblin Slayer, I did get to finish it and I even found myself wanting to watch more after finishing it, but there wasn't really that spark, that feeling of fulfillment, of deeply getting into it, that I had before when watching anime, at best it was an interesting pastime, I also watched Tatte no Yusha and a first season was similar experience while the second bored me for most part. I started watching Tokyo Revengers but am stuck after 3rd episode. While all 3 anime are something I generally recognize as good, they don't really do anything for me anymore, no strong feelings or anything like that... I guess for now I will just watch more and hope that feels returns to me with time.
  5. I get what you mean about slice of life part, I mean honestly I am kinda surprising myself that I want something without it as I used to love those parts and I loved stories being as stretched out as possible, not to mention I was always someone who was putting characters before story, but currently that is just not something I feel like going for. Comedy on the other hand was never really my thing and comedic relief was one of things I hated in Anime alongside fanservice. But you might be right about ignoring what I am theoretically looking for and just going for something else, I had plenty of cases before where I kinda had an idea of what I feel like watching just to go for something completely different and probably enjoying it even more than if I found what I was looking for. True I guess for now I really should just go for anything and start watching something already as prolonging to watch anything at all just makes it harder to start/decide. I'll let everyone know how it went. If I remember it right Fuwa already started declining heavily in activity around 2017-2018 (While it never had a huge member base those that it had where extremely active often getting replays in a matter of minutes after posting), well I hope I do menage to get back into everything and be part of Fuwa once again. Hail to resurrection of Fuwa BTW what happened to Steve?
  6. Hi there, Honestly I don't remember you but it is still very nice feeling to meet someone who knows me of back than when I was more active. To me back then Fuwa was my whole social part of life and I honestly thought about it and missed it quite a bit during my time in prison, true at a same time I found it surprising how many people I couldn't remember by username or even avatar I just remember generally that there was a person I talked to often but I have a hard time attaching "name or face" to a story. True the same is true for a lot of other things I thought I would never forget, the most surprising part was how my general memory of Anime and VNs has faded. When I was still watching Anime on daily basis I would always compare anime I watched with others, Fix my lists and refresh my memory but once I was away from all that... Anyway I have changed a lot during this last few years, more than I thought I would ever, I didn't even relaize it myself just how much I changed untill I experienced some big shoks regarding looking at some of my old posts and private notes. On positive side I am not so easily irritated by things not being my way like I used to be and I am not so much bothered by presence of some aspects in Anime that I don't like such as ecchi and H-scenes in VNs, true to begging with I wasn't as much irritated by them in begging ether, I didn't like, found them dumb but I didn't really have problem with even watching titles like Higschool DxD and To love-ru if I liked some parts of anime I could still enjoy them despite not liking the ecchi part, but with time and constant exposure to them I just got sick of those and some other aspects of anime I hated and this was hitting me a lot harder then it should because to me Anime was my piece of haven in a world I otherwise heavily disliked. This getting to extreme to the point I couldn't enjoy any anime and would get furious at any little thing of those kind combined with fact that after nearly 1000 anime I couldn't enjoy just anything like I used to, my criterium has simply risen and the fact that I had at a time mostly run out of anime to watch, or to be more presice I run out of Anime I really wanted to watch was what led me to go more than a bit crazy and to not be able to enjoy anime any more, and this was always something I feared because I knew that if I lose interest in anime thre is just noting else for me to do with myself anymore as I am practically not really interested in anything else in this world, at least not to the point I can say it really fulfills me and gives me, well anything, feelings, joy, future.... Anime was my whole world really. Add to it IRL problems related to neet lifestyle and.... Now although I have solved all of those issues I have a completely different problem, I can't really concentrate and really get into anime, not to mention I get easily bored of "filler" like parts in anime (Parts that are unrelated to a main story and are just... I don't know how to explain it well, but basically parts in witch noting really happens). I still get exited when watching some PVs and or AMVs but when I actually start watching Anime I get bored by vanila parts of anime. I was thinking that if I find a few anime that I really liked a lot that it might help me start my otaku "carrier" again but up till now I haven't had much luck, in fact even when going for sequels of anime I liked like Tensura 2 it's just not the same as it used to be, in fact I kinda get the opposite effect by disappointment because I remember it to be better than this. So I guess I am looking for something that is pretty fast pieced and doesn't have many "boring" parts and that has a lot of really amazing parts that can move me (Although the last part is probably too subjective to be of use in recommendation asking). As for my tastes in general, I like "serous" anime, anime that takes it self seriously and doesn't have many comedic, easygoing parts. I also like deep philological and/or philosophical anime that make you think or at least have a lot of those parts, example would be this quote from Adolah zero: "What does it take to end a war? Well, if both sides wish for peace and set aside their hatredc No. Warfare is nothing but a means of negotiation between states. Wars break out even when there is no hatred. Territory, resources, or interests that you are determined to own. Ideology, religion, pride. Wars are fought over those objectives all the time. Meaning that when those objectives are met, the war will end. That, or the war will end when the human cost outweighs the gains. Anger and hatred are only tools to tilt a war in your favor. Im not interested in those emotions. So I wouldn't hate anyone just because they're Martian" Inaho Kaizuka Or this qute from SAO: "It is pointless to question who someone really is. All you can do is believe and accept. Because the way you perceive someone is their true identity." Kirito Quotes like those are some of my favorite parts in Anime. those parts make me feel like I am not just watching Anime for enjoyment alone but that I am also learning and gaining experience, growing etc. And since they make me really think about things they help me to get into it all more. My current top choices to give them a try from Anime I know of are Goblin Slayer and Tate no Yuusha also (At least from PV) looks like something I might be looking for, but I find it hard to actually sit and start watching since I am lacking that "Oh, I really want to watch this" and what's more every time I do start watching something and it doesn't turn as I expected it (I don't get into it) I get furred away from my goal of getting back into anime. I was also thinking of going for some JRPG or VN/JRPG hybrid instead of anime like Emy suggested since I am thinking that interaction/gameplay part might help with getting more into it and a switch from gameplay to story and vice verse might make it harder to quickly get bored, not feel like watching/playing/reading it now. But at a same time I feel a bit lazy for searching a JRPG or VN/JRPG hybrid that I would like to play. Additionally while I did of course have a high end PC that I booth first thing after an apartment I sold it to pay bills for internet that have accumulated while I was in prison, I had enough to pay them without selling PC but then I wouldn't be left with a lot to live my neet life and rest for long and silence Anime/VNs/Manga/JRPGs/Browsing net/Music/writing notes are pretty much the only thing I am using PC for (That is I don't play western games that require strong PC, or use hardware heavy programs) and everything I do use PC for except JRPGs (and even half of JRPGs) can be run on pretty much any old PC I sold my high end PC and got an old one so I am left with money to spare. So point is my choices of JRPGs are now limited to ones that don't require a strong PC. I was thinking of maybe going for something from Eushully as I remember Kamidori had a superb gameplay but from what I remember story was mostly Vanilla, I see Kami no Rhapsody has been fully translated and Amayui Castle Meister has a patch that claims to translate nearly 3/4 (as for parts that it doesn't translate I can use that machine translation patch, I understand enough Japanese that as long as lines are voiced I would understand nearly everything even without translation anyway), but I don't feel like going for something that long right at a star, especially when I am not sure if I would like it. I was also thinking of going for Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- as I had missed that title because I couldn't find a steam (No H-scenes) version anywhere and I had actually both it right before I ended in prison and never had played it. First part was once my favorite VN, but that was back in the day when I was satisfied way easier, plus I know Celphes said that second VN is not as good as First and I kinda believe his tastes, so it rises the same problems. Yea I was still somewhat active in 2017 as far as I remember, I remember saying it was the worst year in my life as that was actually when things started going down for me, I guess I had yet to meet 2018 and 2019 when I said that.... This turned into a way longer post then I had planned so I will leave it here for now, any suggestions, comments, questions are welcome, I don't have much to do with my time anyway and I do feel like talking with someone to be honest, and this is meant to be more my coming back topic rather then just asking for recommendations topic anyway. I hope more people that I know come by this topic, Here I try inviting some whose usernames I can remember from top of my mind (And help from my inbox) @Steve @Deep Blue @Zander @MikeY91 @Clephas @Monmon@nohman @Down @Eclipsed @Nosebleed @OriginalRen @babiker @Tay
  7. Not sure if anyone who knows me is still active here, sure would be nice too hear from some old pals here from Fuwa. Long story short, I was a regular here for a couple of years and a neet Otaku 100%, because of some irl problems that come with neet lifestyle and some major differences from majority of other Otaku I went a bit crazy for a time and I left Fuwa as I realized that talking with other people here really had a bad influence on my already declining mental health, as I started having a big problem with anger issues that stopped me from enjoying anime and stuff like I used to and I couldn't do anything about that I realized I will at least do something about my IRL problems and make some money so I can support my otaku neet lifestyle in future. I didn't go about it the legal way, I made quite a bit of money but I eventually got couch and got sentenced to 20 months in prison, with good biheivor I got out after 13, now that;s not bad at all, I got to keep all the money I made, now I have a place of my own and enough money to live as a neet for some time, not to mention so much new anime, VNs, JRPGs to watch/read and prison was mostly good for me honestly, it give me some space and time to just work on myself and I had solved most of the mental problems I was struggling with during this time, the only problem is, now that I am out I can't really get back into anime, and that is a massive problem because if I don't I don't have anything to do with my life and my time, pretty much noting other than anime had interested me in last, like 13 years (There was one exception but that is a dead end), so does anyone have any suggestion for getting back into anime?
  8. while I get that it's bad I don't think it is THAT bad to justify all the hate, honestly I don't even remember that specific mistake, but I guess on this matter we can only agree that we disagree. Yea sorry for off topic, I wasn't even planing on posting anything, I haven't posted anything here in like 2 years or so, but I was triggered by perverts attacking Moenovel for luck of porn and couldn't let it pass without saying anything.
  9. You say the problem isn't in them removing H-scenes but that is what 9/10 people complain about, they just try to dig up other things as well and then heavily exaggerate them to try to make situation look worse then it is and I could bet my life on it that there would be no all those complains and fuss if they ware releasing 18+ version. I mean just look at translation of all those big(er) JRPGs like Hyper-dimension or Agarest series for example, their translation are 100 times worse, it's harder to find a line translated correctly then incorrectly in them and sometimes translation doesn't even resable to what is being said and yet nobody is complain about them (Oh wait there was actually a fuss about one Agarest game..... But it was fully about removing of 2-3 fan service CGs), Yet people everywhere raise a fuss over a couple lines being somewhat off in Kono Oozora? Not to mention that there is no proof to believe that such mistakes will repeat. Yet only some mistakes in only one of their VNs is enough to go around complain about it for over 4 years and trying to destroy a company? Let's face it, most complains are just perverts rising a fuss over not getting more porn.
  10. MoeNovel is a best company! It's an only decent company that cares about actual fans who actually likes VNs and not about perverts who only see VNs as fap material. They have my full support and respect for not going for easy money by giving perverts their fix and ruining a VN with H-scenes crap but instead sticking only to a fixed (all-ages) versions. We need more companies like them!
  11. Well since I got mentioned and happened to notice it I guess I could spare a few moments to say a few words. If you know me then you know I never really approved much of shit posting and what I loved about Fuwa was that discussions ware taken seriously and there ware some enough intelligent people around to be capable to have a discussion with me. True it doesn't really matter to me anymore with how Fuwa is now and besides as I see it Fuwa has reached it's goal of making VNs popular in a west. You said a few things that back in the day I couldn't let pass but I given up on humanity completely and don't have any more tolerance to deal with people any more witch I guess I have Fuwa to thank for, witch despite how it sounds to normal people I consider a good thing as in the first place I shouldn't have wasted my time on humans from this world and just concentrate on one thing witch really matters in this world witch are Anime (And when I say Anime I also include everything that comes with it such as VNs, Manga, JRPGS etc.). I guess I was too kind trying to show people the truth about this world despite knowing all to well what people are and how pointless it would be, after all The truth is not for all people but only for those who seek it.
  12. I am not dead eater, nowadays I only show when summoned true. Welcome back, true I also don't know who you are. If you changed your Avatar that might be a reason nobody knows you because people tend to memorize Avatars first and longer but usernames a lot later and shorter.
  13. A quick note on your list topic, Eve Burst Error is not abandonware anymore.  Mangagamer license rescued it.

    1. Okami


      That list itself is kinda abandonware now, I don't really update it anymore. I might come back to update it around end of year but I am not promising anything, I don't really have much motivation those days.

  14. Isn't this the exact same thing as this: https://www.choiceofgames.com/ And the one here even has extremely easy "program language" for anyone to use, true they police about publishing people's books seem to suck bad.
  15. I don't think it takes that much time to pass other routes, it took me exactly 50h for other 6 routes while it took me the same time for a first route, I remember it clearly because of wired coincidence that it took me exactly 50h for both the first route and then the other 6 routes. True I had never increased difficulty of game witch made it easy to more or less rush true the gameplay the other 6 times, I never liked the gameplay much but I loved the story.
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