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  1. What are you talking about? the patch is still there https://vndb.org/r40607
  2. Why would anyone mind? True if you do find someone redirect them to Shizuka, s/he is the one in charge now, I am not related to their project, s/he took over after our team given up. this is a google doc s/he created https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v8f8gzT-wCgbmKmhTvqoMTAux965OpR3Er7_e8u502Y/edit there it says s/he is also looking for editors, but I would suggest not looking for one before you find translator as noting can start without translator and as that can take who knows how long (if you menage to find one at all) editors will probably just go MIA waiting.
  3. Already tried that and for over a year no reliable translators showed up, and that was when fan translation was a lot bigger deal then it is now. Shizuka has posted a patch for other 4 routes that are translated and a notice that s/he is searching for translator to finish the translation of last route so if there is anyone interested they can contact him/her. Well if nobody shows up I might eventually do it myself when my Japanese gets better but as Akai Ito uses a bit more difficult Japanese that won't be anytime soon (For the very least not in 2017).
  4. 1000th post! (∩´∀`)∩

    Well I do agree that after you refined my words they sound/look nicer then original, and if I ware to write a book or visual novel I would pay more attention to such things but when I speak with people I prioritize meaning and speed over how nice it looks/sounds. I do disagree about it being far easier to parse, maybe because I don't have such problems as long as sentence isn't written something along the lines of "I is speak English". I mentioned spelling because I am aware that my spelling of English is the worst part of my English, not because I saw it as some kind of attack or something. That is largely because I think that spelling in English doesn't make any sense, the fact that even native speakers don't seem to really get it's rules only confirms it. Like for example I watched once a video on youtube in witch a guy tries to explain why is there a K in words like Knight and Knife and he claimed it's because in past those words use to be pronounce with K in them implying that now they aren't, witch is just ridicules as you can still hear him pronouncing K in those words, and if he wasn't then a word Knight would sound the same as world Night but you can clearly hear a difference between them witch is a sound K. Other part of it is that I need to pay extra attention on explaining what I mean as it's hard for normal people to understand what an eccentric like me who isn't bound by rules of normal wants to say and therefore even as it is it is not unusual for me to write a post for a whole hour to try to avoid normals from misunderstanding me, witch I mostly fail anyway cause normals most of the times jump to some normal conclusion and fail to understand my meaning and no matter how much I explain to them there is always more to explain. They just always fail to look at bigger picture beyond the box of normal. Here right now is a good example of that I say box of normal and am thinking if you will understand what I mean, but to explain that I need to first explain what normal means to explain that I need to explain what society is to explain that I have to explain what this word is and if I continue down that line I would have to explain everything from beginning of creation of universe. To explain one thing I need to explain 10 other things, and to explain every of those I need to explain 10 more things, so the only way to avoid writing forever more is to try to explain one thing witch normal way of looking at it isn't too wrong to take it as a common ground but there is no that line anywhere as normal people have a serious lack of knowledge and avernes about everything in a universe and it doesn't help that they aren't even willing to let go of their delusions witch they call reality, more often then not they aren't even willing to lisen. So in the end I just given up on humanity as a whole, therefore my signature. That said it is also true that I never even once in my life have I actually studied English and English is only something I picked up along the way. PS: When I say humanity as a whole I am actually referring only on 3d Humanity, Anime Humanity has noting to do with this. I can't ever tell if you love me or hate me, you tsundere <3 Just kidding. PS: This post isn't serous, other in topic are.
  5. 1000th post! (∩´∀`)∩

    We are not talking here about unreadable level of misspelling, my spelling was never that bad. Unlike when you program a code on computer humans aren't going to see a sentence as "mu spelling isn't that bad" and say error 397: command mu not found. Then again humanity in 3d world has never before managed to not lower my expectations for them no matter how low I set a bar so maybe they will do it again, I wouldn't be too surprised (not that I even really have any expectations for them anymore). No that it even matters nowadays as I practically never try to speak with humans any more, online or offline.
  6. 1000th post! (∩´∀`)∩

    I never cared for such things, especially spelling and still don't so when I write faster because I want to write long post I make more mistakes and can't be bothered to fix it, if you are a type of person who cares for spelling in witch something is written more then what is written then you don't deserve to read what I have to say in a first place. And besides when you are of my level improvement comes on it's own even if I never try or care to improve in that department.
  7. 1000th post! (∩´∀`)∩

    So here I am with my broken PC capable of running only in safe mode witch means no VNs or Anime until I fix it, so I wonder now how to kill some time in this lower realm that ignorant call real world until I do. So therefore I decided to look if someone is summoning me to ask for my wisdom and here when I come what had I witness, o what has time changed my most bellowed and least hated mortal site fuwanovel into. A fellow member offending fellow member for no reason whatsoever, insanity in it's full glory is but yet another prof of destruction caused when commoners mix their hands in what only elites should have. This is indeed a sad time for this lower realm of ours.
  8. Well since I got mentioned and happened to notice it I guess I could spare a few moments to say a few words. If you know me then you know I never really approved much of shit posting and what I loved about Fuwa was that discussions ware taken seriously and there ware some enough intelligent people around to be capable to have a discussion with me. True it doesn't really matter to me anymore with how Fuwa is now and besides as I see it Fuwa has reached it's goal of making VNs popular in a west. You said a few things that back in the day I couldn't let pass but I given up on humanity completely and don't have any more tolerance to deal with people any more witch I guess I have Fuwa to thank for, witch despite how it sounds to normal people I consider a good thing as in the first place I shouldn't have wasted my time on humans from this world and just concentrate on one thing witch really matters in this world witch are Anime (And when I say Anime I also include everything that comes with it such as VNs, Manga, JRPGS etc.). I guess I was too kind trying to show people the truth about this world despite knowing all to well what people are and how pointless it would be, after all The truth is not for all people but only for those who seek it.
  9. I am back

    I am not dead eater, nowadays I only show when summoned true. Welcome back, true I also don't know who you are. If you changed your Avatar that might be a reason nobody knows you because people tend to memorize Avatars first and longer but usernames a lot later and shorter.
  10. A quick note on your list topic, Eve Burst Error is not abandonware anymore.  Mangagamer license rescued it.

    1. Okami


      That list itself is kinda abandonware now, I don't really update it anymore. I might come back to update it around end of year but I am not promising anything, I don't really have much motivation those days.

  11. Well good news are that Shizuka combined all projects up till now and currently he said there are only a bit over 2K lines to be translated and he is willing to make a patch when that happens. So if there are any translators interested in helping bring this to end contact Shizuka.
  12. Unprintable Ebooks

    Isn't this the exact same thing as this: https://www.choiceofgames.com/ And the one here even has extremely easy "program language" for anyone to use, true they police about publishing people's books seem to suck bad.
  13. We never found a new translator so without a translator we couldn't do anything and the rest of the group fallen apart. I still have the scripts true, both full JP ones and 20% Eng ones and am willing to give them to anyone willing to continue.
  14. Eien no Aselia Question

    I don't think it takes that much time to pass other routes, it took me exactly 50h for other 6 routes while it took me the same time for a first route, I remember it clearly because of wired coincidence that it took me exactly 50h for both the first route and then the other 6 routes. True I had never increased difficulty of game witch made it easy to more or less rush true the gameplay the other 6 times, I never liked the gameplay much but I loved the story.
  15. in Question 14. What visual attribute is the most important for you? there should be Characters as option, or at least other.