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  1. Ive actually played both in my high school days lol Koi suru natsu was good but on the route of heroines it had more of a H focus which kind of ruined the story for me. I loved Umi uwu
  2. Hey guys, I actually recently got back to Fuwa after three years (lol). And The only VNs I touched in that time was Summer Pockets and Sakusaku (which I couldnt finish). I have a special place for KEY VN but they havent released any new ones in a while. So my question to you all is this: What are some wholesome VN similar to KEY with a summer theme? I dont really care for H VN especially ones especially focused on H. But if its good VN with H content then i guess its okay.
  3. I wasnt the one tht did it. It was some other guy. I got in touch w/ him and am workin somethn out now.
  4. Just project it. Did it two years ago and it looked like a hologram. Used netting and plastic sheets.
  5. Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but... I would like to make an MMD concert but am wondering where I should start. I can load the motions to the models and make them move to songs and such, but that's about it. This is for a school club. I saw a vocaloid concert two years ago which used netting to make a pseudo hologram and would like to do the concert again this year. So my question is, how should I go about starting this? Thanks~
  6. I need Kotaro to be in there, but yea. With out the logo.
  7. Hey there~ So Ive been lookin for a Rewrite Main Menu Image like this one: I want one w/o the Rewrite logo and just Kotaro in center. Think I can get some assistance on this? Thanks~
  8. Ill wait a bit then, i guess. Ive waited this long for DC III after all... Hows the anime for this? Does it stray from the VN?
  9. I am interested in reading Higurashi, but dont really know the order since it has many releases, some with better sprites. What is the correct order for it?
  10. Like the title suggests. Is there one? Or maybe some info on the order of events, maps and such? I dont want to miss any events...
  11. So... Imma play Ef~ But am wondering... What is the diff between the two ver? Ik that Ef has The First Tale and The Latter Tale. Is Ef The Fairy Tale of the Two just combining the two stories?
  12. Watchin the third movie today. Dun like them too much... too rushed imo. Im sure the games are better
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