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  1. 999 plot holes? (massive spoilers)

    It's possible that she had Seven bend down, like to pick something up. That way, she could easily swing the axe down on his head. Also, she was hiding it behind her back, if you remember, so she could have just found a moment where she and Seven were alone to pull it out quietly and kill him. With him gone, she could kill Santa and June much easier. Even if Clover is small, I think she could still hack and slash Santa to death (or maybe he sacrificed himself for June) and yeah, June is an easy kill.
  2. 999 plot holes? (massive spoilers)

    I think you misunderstand what an axe to the head can do to someone, even if it's Seven.
  3. The Writing in Visual Novels

    Definitely bookmarking this...
  4. What are you playing?

    Of course I have. I actually finished 999 a few days ago.
  5. What are you playing?

    At the moment, I'm playing Never7 and Your Diary. Soon to be playing VLR, if you can consider that a VN.
  6. ergh. trying to update picture on your phone is impossible. will do tomorrow

  7. Stuff to grab before torrents go down

    I have over 60 or so visual novels to download... I'm afraid I won't have enough space on my hard drive...
  8. Signatures

    Thanks a lot, Mr. Moegii! The signature's amazing
  9. Has there been any more progress on this project, Flutterz?
  10. Steam Anime Sale

    If you're going to get Recettear, you might as well just get the Carpe Fulgar collection (Chantelise, Recettear, and Fortune Summoners).
  11. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    Ahhh, finally I can play this! I've been waiting from behind the shadows, watching... Not really, but it is awesome that you guys released your demo! I truly cannot wait to play this! Congratulations on the demo release!
  12. Rewrite or Little Busters ?

    I like Little Busters more, in my opinion. Rewrite is good too, but I just like Little Busters more honestly haha ^^" Just go with your heart~