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  1. Muv-Luv, Kamidori, and Fate/Stay Night. Majikoi and Grisaia no Kajitsu have some action as a part of them as well.
  2. Fresh out of high school, and already being moved to the graveyard shift
  3. Yeah but Tay is our overlord. He doesn't have to follow the rules.
  4. So I guess things get hot and steamy in those super secret forums.
  5. Fufufu~ Remember my friend, I am made of pure loli genius.
  6. The only recent picture of me, and its almost a year old...I don't like pictures.
  7. Lexicon No. 001 [Term] Dir Lifyna Elvish for "The End of Two Corridors." The world created by the unification of Nei Strina, the world of fairies and dragons, and Ias Strina, the world of humans.
  8. Character No. 001 Wilfred Dion Novice alchemist carrying on the workshop his parents left him. He studies hard everyday to help people in trouble. Race: Human Sex: Male Title: Big Hearted Alchemist
  9. Skill No. 001 Iron Wall Raises Evade and Defense
  10. Recipe Item Weapon Accessories Clothes Furniture Other Key
  11. I'm in, and I now present... Nekomimi Nico!!! Edit: Weird, never had broken links from Sankaku before
  12. Got Spice and Wolf all ready to read, with Toaru Majutsu no Index on the back burner.
  13. Item Item Weapon Accessories Clothes Furniture Other Key
  14. Thanks everyone! And when was I promoted to king?
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