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  1. In Nekopara, they were a human invention, right? They could have been programmed to enjoy their slave lifestyle
  2. This is literally going to be an issue sometime you know. Hell, possibly within our lifetime
  3. To stay on topic with the thread, I guess, I agree with Nosebleed's assessment of catgirls being a really undeveloped archetype. There's potential for some actually interesting characters who just happen to also be catgirls, so it is a shame that they're so often just an eroge fetish and nothing more. Nekopara's depiction of them is pretty off-putting in a lot of ways. They're clearly intelligent enough to have conversation with humans, perhaps equivalent in brain function to a human child. Yet they have "owners" and, most interestingly, can be put to work without pay. But hey, it's Nekopara. You're not supposed to think about it. That's not to say it wouldn't be interesting if there were a VN that was supposed to make you think about it.
  4. It's time for us to show the world how MLG pro we are when it comes to catching waifus. I've seen dank MLG memes put on just about everything except for our favourite art medium, so we all need to step up! I'll start us off with just a preview of what I envision. One day, I hope our entire board will flood with eye-popping wombo combos and dank-ass no scopes. First, my starting point: And here is the gloriously improved version: Please contribute and make this forum a better place!
  5. I'm a proud pirate. Fuck the industry. I've stolen everything on my computer.
  6. I'll just wait for Windows 69 or whatever they call the next one. Hopefully, it'll be like how they realised they fucked up after Vista and it'll be a Windows 7/XP clone.
  7. I don't have them all in the same folder, but they all add up to just47.5GB. I don't keep VNs I'm totally done with, and I suppose I'm just not as prolific as you guys. ^^b
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