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  1. while I get that it's bad I don't think it is THAT bad to justify all the hate, honestly I don't even remember that specific mistake, but I guess on this matter we can only agree that we disagree. Yea sorry for off topic, I wasn't even planing on posting anything, I haven't posted anything here in like 2 years or so, but I was triggered by perverts attacking Moenovel for luck of porn and couldn't let it pass without saying anything.
  2. You say the problem isn't in them removing H-scenes but that is what 9/10 people complain about, they just try to dig up other things as well and then heavily exaggerate them to try to make situation look worse then it is and I could bet my life on it that there would be no all those complains and fuss if they ware releasing 18+ version. I mean just look at translation of all those big(er) JRPGs like Hyper-dimension or Agarest series for example, their translation are 100 times worse, it's harder to find a line translated correctly then incorrectly in them and sometimes translation doesn'
  3. MoeNovel is a best company! It's an only decent company that cares about actual fans who actually likes VNs and not about perverts who only see VNs as fap material. They have my full support and respect for not going for easy money by giving perverts their fix and ruining a VN with H-scenes crap but instead sticking only to a fixed (all-ages) versions. We need more companies like them!
  4. What are you talking about? the patch is still there https://vndb.org/r40607
  5. Why would anyone mind? True if you do find someone redirect them to Shizuka, s/he is the one in charge now, I am not related to their project, s/he took over after our team given up. this is a google doc s/he created https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v8f8gzT-wCgbmKmhTvqoMTAux965OpR3Er7_e8u502Y/edit there it says s/he is also looking for editors, but I would suggest not looking for one before you find translator as noting can start without translator and as that can take who knows how long (if you menage to find one at all) editors will probably just go MIA waiting.
  6. Already tried that and for over a year no reliable translators showed up, and that was when fan translation was a lot bigger deal then it is now. Shizuka has posted a patch for other 4 routes that are translated and a notice that s/he is searching for translator to finish the translation of last route so if there is anyone interested they can contact him/her. Well if nobody shows up I might eventually do it myself when my Japanese gets better but as Akai Ito uses a bit more difficult Japanese that won't be anytime soon (For the very least not in 2017).
  7. Well since I got mentioned and happened to notice it I guess I could spare a few moments to say a few words. If you know me then you know I never really approved much of shit posting and what I loved about Fuwa was that discussions ware taken seriously and there ware some enough intelligent people around to be capable to have a discussion with me. True it doesn't really matter to me anymore with how Fuwa is now and besides as I see it Fuwa has reached it's goal of making VNs popular in a west. You said a few things that back in the day I couldn't let pass but I given up on hu
  8. I am not dead eater, nowadays I only show when summoned true. Welcome back, true I also don't know who you are. If you changed your Avatar that might be a reason nobody knows you because people tend to memorize Avatars first and longer but usernames a lot later and shorter.
  9. Well good news are that Shizuka combined all projects up till now and currently he said there are only a bit over 2K lines to be translated and he is willing to make a patch when that happens. So if there are any translators interested in helping bring this to end contact Shizuka.
  10. Isn't this the exact same thing as this: https://www.choiceofgames.com/ And the one here even has extremely easy "program language" for anyone to use, true they police about publishing people's books seem to suck bad.
  11. We never found a new translator so without a translator we couldn't do anything and the rest of the group fallen apart. I still have the scripts true, both full JP ones and 20% Eng ones and am willing to give them to anyone willing to continue.
  12. I don't think it takes that much time to pass other routes, it took me exactly 50h for other 6 routes while it took me the same time for a first route, I remember it clearly because of wired coincidence that it took me exactly 50h for both the first route and then the other 6 routes. True I had never increased difficulty of game witch made it easy to more or less rush true the gameplay the other 6 times, I never liked the gameplay much but I loved the story.
  13. in Question 14. What visual attribute is the most important for you? there should be Characters as option, or at least other.
  14. Here's few more good one's from me: Comet Lucifer: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru: Love Live School Idol Project:
  15. Doesn't seem like we had any appreciation threads recently, so here is one for people who appreciate anime scenery's. So let's just post some nice scenery's from anime and enjoy them (Would be nice to also say witch anime it is from). Here are some from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka: And Here are some from Yuru Yuri:
  16. If we talk about quantity and quality then no, Japanese are the only ones.
  17. I don't think that translating as a means to improve Japanese is a very smart thing and think it is better to simply read more VNs as a means to improve Japanese and leave translating when you have more knowledge.
  18. And it it those who take their religion seriously that I consider true followers of that religion. Others are more of a sympathizers. Nobody said anything about suddenly. And while there are different kinds of Otaku only those who are most hardcore and who truly worship anime are the ones that can be considered true otaku.
  19. WHF!? So you don't think that if let's say someone decided to saddenly put porn of Jesus and Saints inside Bibles that those who are part of that religion would be offended?
  20. Eroge with an cut H-conent is not an eroge at all. Therefore an all ages VNs witch used to have eroge version is not censored eroge but a different version of a VN that is not eroge. So calling them fixed versions is more correct then calling them censored ones. Indeed like you said cutting H-scnes can be considered changing genre but that is not called censorship but creating a different version. The most correct way of referring to those versions would be to simply say eroge or 18+ version and all-ages version, but since you people insist on calling all ages version censored games and by tha
  21. It would only fix problems for people like yourself and create problem for other people like myself who actually value and are thankful to steam for fixed versions of VNs. I myself hope that VNs on steam get even higher sales so that VNs market in west gets bigger and that 18+ versions are completely drooped with translating.
  22. If you are thinking of giving Shuffle a try I would recommend going after anime rather then a VN as Anime is way better, VN itself is rather bad.
  23. http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=100003071&initiative_id=AS_20151231203032&SearchText=anime+shirt
  24. Happy new year! I am gonna stay myself this year and as many after that as I live.
  25. They are not censored they are fixed versions. though technically the removal of content is a form of censorship. So they are in a way censored versions. ideologically or principally removed content constitutes censorship, which Steam's Grisaia etc. versions definitely is (Steam's principle to not allow AO content). Grisaia version on steam is a port of PSP version with new content that 18+ doesn't have "Ported from PSP version (which has new CG and content)". Generally all those console versions of VNs remove content that shouldn't even be there in a first place and add new content, therefor
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