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  1. That reminds me I need to finish Rea's route. Will definitely play this afterwards since Wilhelm was a good villain; his VA perhaps turning in the best of the over the top villain performance I've heard in a while. Here's hoping this does well enough that we get KKK and the Silverio games...are there any other light games people would like to see localized?
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    Finally had time to play some Babylonia and now I can't help but wonder...when the anime comes out are we actually going to see how that "suspicious housewife" job plays out based on what Mash and co. described?
  3. Well, I've finally gotten the vacation time and money set aside for what will be my first trip to Japan. I'll be going to Osaka for about 10 days in the late summer of 2019, may even set a couple days aside to check out Kyoto. Currently just planning things now, so does anyone have any tips or recommendations for places in Osaka to check out (bonus if that includes places to eat)? Any places or things I should avoid?
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    Just finished the story for the second Christmas event and...wow that surprised me in being both funny and even a little heartwarming for JAlter Lily. Also the twist had me making quite a few "It was me, Dio!" jokes. Currently inwardly debating whether or not to buy some quartz to try for Rin
  5. Looking for visual novels with good paizuri scenes

    If you haven't played them yet, play the Kyonyuu Funbag Fantasy games: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=0&product_code=183 https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=0&product_code=1047
  6. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    I pick winter since I like cool to cold temperatures IRL, the concept of romantic pairs warming each other up inside in more ways than one appeals to me both in the romantic and H sense and...call me childish but I'm a sucker for a good Christmas/Winter-holiday story. Summer I actually like as a season for horror stories since the heat and seasonal lazy atmosphere make for such a good time for some unexpected evil to strike.
  7. Couple things I'm curious about: 1) Is the harem option only in the Chaos route or is it an option in Law too? 2) Seeing as Venus Blood Ragnarok is a sequel, does its story make the Chaos route canon or is it vague about which route is canon?
  8. I've been pinching myself all throughout the preview expecting to wake up. I'm curious how much this is going to cost to make considering everything down to the narration is going to be dubbed and it looks like they've made some good choices so far for the dub (it's pretty funny and fitting that Eva's english VA did the voice for Chi-Chi ). Am really interested in finding out who's going to voice Beatrice and pretty much any of the supernatural characters from Ronove to the Goat Butlers
  9. Been a while and it may be a little more time till I get back into reviewing VNs, as a reestablishment of tradition here's a little Halloween special on the Kansen series in hopes Lune does continue the series: https://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2018/10/games-for-adults-halloween-special-top.html Happy Halloween! Edit: Correction just so people know, due to bad info gathering on my part (and wanting to get this out in time for Halloween) , I've found out that the connection between Lune and Speed is the former basically just acts as a selling proxy for them while I assumed they'd merged. My bad, but still please enjoy the list.
  10. Happy Halloween

    Have to work today and into the evening but after work my plans are to order pizza and either watch John Carpenter's The Fog (1980) or whale away at FGO's Halloween event some more
  11. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    Regarding Golden Kamuy I'd say it's really good so far. I've only read 3 volumes of the manga and the only noticeable change was a slight one to Sugimoto's motivation, it hasn't changed but the relation towards the person he's trying to help is kept vague (at least for now). As for the animation, I think it's fine, the only exception being the hilariously bad CGI bears in the early episodes.
  12. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    Took a look at the second season of Golden Kamuy and that was a fantastic season opener with Tsurumi's new friend Edogai and their combined shenanigans. Also the plot reveals that followed were interesting too, but man those two were show stealers for this episode. Next took a look at UzaMaid, which got a fair share of laughs for how over the top silly it was. Then I checked out Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san which had a nice mix of cute and funny, I especially like the JoJo reference with the strength demonstration
  13. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    Been enjoying "Reincarnated as a Slime", both episodes have been fun to watch and its main character and dragon BFF (who I hope shows up more) are likable. Also the concept of Rimuru getting powers from what he absorbs kind of makes me see him as Mr Buu done right as a good guy. As for Goblin Slayer...I admit I'm of mixed feeling towards it. I did like the initial set up for the episode where it was basically the worst D&D campaign, but when it came to the payoff...I get the sneaking suspicion I saw the edited version since I couldn't help but feel like I'd seen better in H manga and eroge (and I hear the manga and LN are more explicit). I'll check out the second episode to see what more there is to offer with the titular character now that he's been introduced. Another I've been enjoying is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, and seeing the "Taste of a liar" scene brought to life :
  14. Thanks for the info, though are time limits a thing in VBF? Like if I don't conquer a kingdom within x number of turns I die or is this like in Sengoku Rance where if I don't conquer a place within a certain number of turns one of the other demon heirs is going to show up and conquer it (and its ruling heroine) instead? I'm asking since I generally don't like time limits in games like this (thanks to that in SR, I ignored the dungeon crawling aspect of the game completely and got a very nasty and unbeatable surprise when the canon story's finale started).
  15. Finished playing the demo and if it's anything to go by then this game looks to be a fun play. About my only complaint is the demo would crash from time to time and it has a pretty random ending; I assumed it would end when I captured the capital city but it didn't and instead just ended after I captured that lake territory by it without even a closing scene.
  16. Currently playing the demo right now, liking the premise so far even though I haven't gotten to any fights yet. One question, anyone else here imagining Tom Hiddleston's voice for Loki? XD
  17. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Well, I've gotten to the point of all the party members joining in DQXI and from what I've played so far I really like it. The story's good, the visuals are great and the voice acting's really good. Looks like the next part involves a mcguffin hunt for 7 6 magical orbs, that sure seems familiar...
  18. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Got to a good enough stopping point in Utawarerumono 2 to put it on hold in favor of Dragon Quest XI
  19. What are you playing?

    Now that I've finished Nier Automata I'll be using my PS4 to play Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, which I am enjoying, especially as more connections to the first game are showing up. Still, as I play further I can't help but wonder why Kuon isn't the main character instead of Haku. Considering who she is and the fact that the game pretty much makes it clear she's a badass and fairly intelligent that at least on paper sounds like a better protag choice than "Amnesiac guy who's kinda like Hakuoro except not as competent".
  20. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Got the last main ending for Nier Automata and I have to say the game was a really good experience. I enjoyed the characters and their arcs over each playthrough from A2's development over the course of a surprisingly short arc (though I do wish her backstory was better integrated into the main plot) to 9S' tragic path . One thing I really loved though was the game's soundtrack, p robably the best I've heard from a Square game since the PS1 days. Admittedly the game has some flaws, though most are in the mechanical department be it the virus stage or the platforming sections which are thankfully mostly in side content. Now there's only one thing left do...check out some 2B douji-err...check out some articles explaining the deeper themes about the game
  21. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Been playing Nier Automata again and played up to what's considered Part 2 of the story and I liked the darker direction it went, I'm both glad and sad at having done that flower sidequest . Unfortunately I got to the part where 2B gets infected with a virus which makes getting from point A to point B within the time limit impossible. I understand limiting my movement helps sell 2B being vulnerable, but taking away the ability to jump at all makes reaching wherever it is I'm supposed to go difficult to say the least considering I'm in a pit and the only way up is to get over uneven ground that has to be jumped over. And this is all while trying to get past an onrush of enemies that you can't really fight against except for the pod.
  22. I will third the Trails in the Sky trilogy, it's that good and can be run on just about anything (I wonder if anyone could get it to work on a VIC-20). Would also recommend Baldur's Gate (still need to get around to playing 2), but with at the very least these mods to make the recruitable characters more interesting: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/releases https://github.com/AstroBryGuy/bg1ub/releases plus this is the only extra NPC mod I'd recommend for it: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/42721/npc-mod-sirene-npc-for-bg-ee-v1-1/p1
  23. What are you playing?

    Been playing some of Trample on Schatten! and I can say it's been entertaining so far, especially the over the top action and dialogue. Also been playing Kamidori and currently at chapter 2 where I've met the foxes and the angel who I now dub FemZamasu
  24. Fate/Grand Order

    On the english end I've beaten the story for the summer event, and currently just grinding for ascension material, also rolled Summer Marie and Martha, and as a bonus got spooked by Jeanne. Unfortunately I'm now out of quartz, and I'm debating whether or not to buy some (which I haven't done for months) to try for Archuria