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  1. No. You could say the review itself is already a manifestation of my 渇望, haha. Every retweet just makes my レギオン swell further.
  2. C'mon waffle-chan, you know it was a noble sacrifice on my part. I basically took one for the team. #kamihelpus
  3. The Japanese version has a demo, I'm assuming the English release will come with one as well. (it should) Edit: Ah, the Kickstarter page already says they're working on the demo. So there you go.
  4. That's good to hear because Kanae's route is probably the weakest one out of the three IMO -- in other words if you already thought that was awesome, you'll *love* the other two. That's where the primary themes of Muramasa (善悪相殺, heroism, justice, etc.) really come to the forefront, and Hikaru will have a much larger role to play, too.
  5. It's okay, people already view VNs as nothing more than porn-centric moe waifu sims, so yeah. This game isn't really making things *that* much worse.
  6. Yeah, you should probably consider dropping it and coming back to it later when you've improved a bit, I think. Dies isn't really worth reading if you don't understand that much of it. Much of the enjoyment comes from Masada's writing, so if you can't appreciate that, I don't know what the point is.
  7. I might be a minority here but I kinda hated this show. Couldn't stand the main characters and thought the mysteries weren't very good.
  8. Yeah, I bought this completely on a whim, and because it was cheap. It will probably be pretty bad though and make me regret even spending that much. I'm actually more interested in Fault - Milestone One: https://sekaiproject.com/portfolio/fault-milestone-one/ (also brought over by the same company, it's expected to hit Steam soon-ish I think) I've downloaded the Japanese trial, will give it a read when I have some time. The art looks really pretty at least, and I like fantasy settings.
  9. Kageaki gets even more interesting as the story progresses. Especially after Chapter 5. And in the fandisc (Janen Hen) he pretty much becomes The Ultimate Badass. Would post pictures but that would spoil the surprise.
  10. Depends. I like cute characters from time to time, but the show has to have some other notable aspect to it, otherwise it probably won't cut it for me. Moeblob alone won't hold my attention. Tried Lucky Star and hated every second of it.
  11. Nothing caught my eye. Maybe P4 Golden. Other than that the only thing I wanna see this year is Psycho Pass 2.
  12. W-Well I did! But yeah I'm aware you're not a huge fan of that VN in general so... to each their own.
  13. This is 100% subjective. So... yeah. Take me for example, I've always claimed Rin >>>> Saber, and while I agree about Meiya, you'll find *plenty* of people swear by Sumika. Edit: Alright, if I had to say one VN I'd go with Eustia, I liked all the girls. Not equally, but I liked them all. But that's not in English so uh yeah.
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