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    Besides reading VNs I also love cats and tea.
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  1. I am actually not sure. I remember reading somewhere that they wanted to do more with M2, but that they wouldn't be able to make the deadline if they did. So they decided to split M2 into 2 parts, so they could keep the deadline and also deliver the same quality as people expect. Im kind of ok with that explanation, theres enough other things I can read in the meantime. I don't really worry about it getting released, so far they delivered what they promised. The characters in Fault feel "fresh" (not too many stereotypes), the story is interesting enough; it is overall serious, there are some funnies and of course some infodumps about manakravte. I was happy Milestone 2 picked up the pace immediately, because it took a while before I could get into Milestone 1. Overall I thought it was an (surprisingly) enjoyable read. The only thing Im a bit concerned about is that they keep pulling new manakravte tricks out of the hat.
  2. What are you playing?

    Enjoying the "Restart" part in Himawari so far, actually more than I thought I would, these turn of events were a pleasant suprise. Also discovered there was a voice patch when I was already near the end of the first route. Too bad I lost my progress because of it, but it was worth it to skip all the way through it again to have some voices.
  3. What are you playing?

    Theres only one character in comyu who annoys me sometimes, and that's Benio. I think Kagome is funny and mysterious, the main character seems to be one of the few who is able to deal with her so her behavior against him doesn't bother me in the slightest. I wouldn't call her a tsundere, she's too interesting for just that.
  4. Battle of Wits type of VN

    I'd also recommend Rose Guns Days
  5. What are you playing?

    So I was reading some comyu, Im on Hisoka route it seems, and got pleasantly surprised by but then got unpleasantly surprised by
  6. I guess I personally expect a bit too much from "writers" in the west: to not write things that already have been written over and over... and be original for once. As a Western person you have the chance to create original stories in the VN genre, in a way Japanese writers can't do that: based on your own experiences and knowledge. Of course the group of people who are the most likely to ever write a visual novel are the ones attracted by the typical JP-made stories (the ones I actually don't want to see in a OELVN at all), else they would've never been introduced to the genre to begin with. But I just wonder.. if you seriously decide to write and publish a OELVN, and start writing lets say a high school setting, and make it take place in a Japanese school setting just so you can throw in the weebstuff you love so much, then what are you even trying to achieve by publishing it? And if you reeeally feel you MUST do just that, why not give it a little bit more of a Western twist... Then at least it will be refreshing or interesting, because if it is not original why would it get (positive) attention of the VN readers (unless you don't want that). Personally I wouldn't feel seriously attracted to a low budget Japanese high school story written by a western person, if I can just read my high quality high school setting story made by the JP company with big titles on its name (the one you might have actually based your OELVN on). I love VNs and it's really a little wish of me to see more original stories coming from Western people in VN form.
  7. I will actually welcome this kind of OELVN with open arms, it would be refreshing. As for "Western style" VNs, it's not really that hard. IAnd if you don't know shit about culture, you just make up your own fictional world. I liked how An Octave Higher did that, and imo it worked pretty well.
  8. Since it has been revived, might as well leave this her. Himawari ost is pretty nice.
  9. VN's that can teach you something

    I think some 07th expansion titles would be interesting for you, also since you don't seem to mind long stories. Umineko - Many layers of philosophy, gives a lot food for thought. RoseGunsDays - Takes a while to get into it, but it might do the same for you in the kind of way Swan Song did, except with a different topic.
  10. What is your favorite Tag on VNDB?

    Had to look up some tags, I normally only notice the really silly tags (Bald Protagonist lol), never really use them to find something I DO want. Instead I filter the ones I don't want. A few tags I like: Multiple Protagonists Mystery Linear Plot Death of Protagonist (actually death of anyone.., I love it when a writer kills off all the characters but if especially the main protagonist dies in the end its almost always a plus to me. Too bad it almost never happens and too bad you can't really sort on this before playing the game..) Pragmatic Protagonist (obvious reasons: same as Codesterz) Hard Science Fiction Mindscrew
  11. What are you playing?

    Wait until you read Yukidoh route and find out you can start grinding endings.
  12. What are you playing?

    Cartagra only got a translation at the end of last year. KnS already got one years before that. This means that a lot more people have read KnS and it always comes up with classic recommendations, while Cartagra isn't that popular (for some reason). I won't be surprised if some people haven't even heard of Cartagra or the fact it's related to KnS.
  13. I don't really care if a VN has h-scenes or not. I'm not really interested in moege or nukige myself. If I'd want porn I'd rather watch it than read it. But for VNs, like some people already said, if the story is good enough it doesn't really matter to me if it has h-content. I can really enjoy both. It's not like a good VN should or should not have h-scenes. I don't really agree that a good romance story can't go without h-scenes either. I'm actually more often turned off by how the only hint of romance between 2 characters in a story is the h-scene.
  14. What are you playing?

    I didn't like Toko either, but I can't say I liked any of the characters in Kara no Shoujo... I don't think I'll read Kara no Shoujo 2. I'm glad I read Cartagra though, and the characters were exactly what made it a bit better to me. Kazuna was hilarious. I've been picking up way too many things lately. I've finished the first LeyLine game and started the 2nd one while I'm still reading Comyu and Himawari.. but I also couldn't resist starting Sorcery Jokers... and work is eating away at my free time, rip. Choices are hard.. but I guess I'll tie up the loose ends first before continuing Sorcery Jokers and the 2nd LeyLine. Although I enjoyed Sorcery Jokers so far...
  15. I doubt Root Double is not going to make it though. I think so far everything SP put on Kickstarter got funded and localized? Might have missed something though. On a side note, I don't really care for their kickstarters because I don't pledge anything myself. I don't really care if its right or wrong for them to do it either because a lot of people seem to be wanting to support them, fully aware of the risk of pledging on a kickstarter. edit: if only the kickstarter was for the sake of funding physical copies. That would make a steam release confirmed and that tweet would make sense. ^^;