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  1. A Guide to Father's Day

    Thanks pop.
  2. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Decided to grab Grim Dawn with a buddy of mine from work. We're both big Diablo 2 fans and this just felt like a wave of nostalgia. It takes pretty much all the good aspects of dungeon crawler-like games and smacks it all into one. If there's any cons I say immediately it's the fact that if you're playing co-op and you or one of your party members is ranged and someone stands on top of your/their cursor as they are firing their weapon, it turns off their attack or just doesn't do it or moves to that location if that's what it's shared bound to.
  3. What am I even doing.


    I'm a cardinals fan to the core but I just can't be mad at the outcome. Palmer was doing awful through the whole game (but his backups are WORSE), and Larry only got like what, 4 passes? Panthers were just doing great from the start to the end, I just can't be mad.
  5. Tales of Zestiria

    how long did it take you to finish your first playthrough? around 40 hours but I meticulously did everything and found all the collectibles I could possibly get on a first run. What difficulty did you play at? I'm currently on intense, but trying to figure out how many fights it takes to unlock nightmare (or whatever it was called). I generally just start games like this on normal for the sake of the basic achievements, i'm doing it on hard now to finish the unlocking process and then i'm going to keep going from there.
  6. Tales of Zestiria

    how long did it take you to finish your first playthrough? around 40 hours but I meticulously did everything and found all the collectibles I could possibly get on a first run.
  7. Tales of Zestiria

    Welp, first playthrough done. Worth the money, i'd say so. It's not the best game but it's still good. I'm going to go back and get the rest of my achievements so I'll probably hit like 80-100 hours on it at some point. I'm more excited for symphonia if anything at this point.
  8. Well let me put it this way: it can get very, very dull or very, very nice, it all depends. For instance, i'm engaged to my girlfriend of 8 years, our sex life has been active for a long time but has it ever gotten to be outright annoying/boring/negative in any way? The answer is yes, but it also has been very fun/enjoyable/positive in many ways as well. It honestly has it's ups and downs, one of the most common issues I think in couples is simply one person just doesn't want to do it while the other does. It really isn't something to rip your hair out about. And quite frankly, virginity these days literally means nothing. If you kept it, cool; just means your first time is a bit more romantic. If you lost it, cool; just means you know what you're doing, it really just doesn't matter.
  9. Those fire physics though~
  10. Tales of Zestiria

    25 hours, and still enjoying it. Can't really find a reason not to like it yet (without talking about basic optimization of course)
  11. Tales of Zestiria

    16 hours in and I can say that I'm enjoying it a lot already. I generally don't care about the framerate in games like this, granted the other issues are annoying (screen-tearing that get's fixed with V-sync) but all in all it's still an enjoyable experience. I haven't gotten my $1/hour requirement when it comes to games yet but who knows, this game could end up taking me forever and having several different reasons to play through it. I also have to take into consideration that I pre-ordered it after symphonia got unlocked on the tiered pre-order bollocks so I get even more out of it than I normally would.
  12. Dammit Bungie, bring Destiny to the PC!!!!!!

  13. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Just cleared the Arm of the Father (Savage) in ffxiv. Holy fuck this fight, I think we spent about 80 hours on it?