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  1. Basically looking for any VN with girls who just like to fight in. Vague as hell i know. Haven't played them in fucking ages so could use something to pass the time when i'm home from uni. Any help would be good lads.
  2. Tbh the discord is pretty dead at the minute anyway, so don't get your hopes up, they are still working on it however.
  3. Thanks guys for the suggestions, I'll forward them on!
  4. A friend of mine just finished both of these VN's and was looking for something with a bit of action and comedy. But I haven't touched VN's in a while so was just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions?
  5. Massive amounts of good luck to you guys. Been waiting for this to be picked up for so long.
  6. Yukie and Chris at the top of it this time. Nice. Good work lads.
  7. Hii there! Happy birthday!! ^_^

  8. Lucky..I uh.....that's...well. Whatever you're into man D: I mean..I made a bad joke, but that's just disturbing. lmfao.
  9. He's pretty picky with the offerings used to summon his shiny head to things. D:
  10. Because if we're all obviously too awesome for high post counts. xD Not to mention the sheer amount of shit that's talked about in this thread would make them skyrocket. lmao.
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