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Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project (Partial Patch is Out!)


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Aiyoku No Eustia (https://vndb.org/r24024)

A fan transation project by Eustia Translations

Partial Patch is out! https://mega.nz/#!no0DyQza!DZShSFgME_-iW6vaEdYy3oek-794a1yiuiW48U05dBQ Covers up to Eris' chapter (Chapter 2).



Opening Movie:



Description (modified VNDB description):


After the surface of the world broke down, the city of Novus Aether floats in the sky, thanks to the prayers of the Holy Maiden. Years ago, when the Holy Maiden's prayer was interrupted, an incident known as the "Gran Forte" occurred, causing a portion of the land to fall and split the lower city into two, separated by a cliff.

In time, the lowest layer became the dwelling of all kinds of low-lives, people who lost much of their former lives during the "Gran Forte", becoming known as "Purgatory". However, a contagious disease which causes people to grow wings has spread throughout the city, and a unit has been formed to deal with these people swiftly.

In Purgatory resides Caim Astraea, a freelance ex-assassin who does odd jobs for his friends for money, refusing jobs that require him to kill people. During one request, Caim finds a girl who contracts the Wings Disease, enveloped in a light that reminds Caim of the “Gran Forte” years ago...

Personal words:


Well, what can I say? The reason why I'm taking up this project is because it's a visual novel that I think deserves to be fully translated (and also because it's highly rated). That being said, although this is my first VN translation project, it isn't my first translation project (I've translated other games in full too).

I have actually started this project in early March, but I didn't want to officially announce it until I had substantial progress made.

This project is currently being handled by two people; me, the translator and TLC, and another person as the editor. QC has not begun yet, but we have received offers for this position and their names are listed at the bottom of this post.

I'm using Yandere Translation's patch as a base for this translation project. As such, non-story content (namely UI) will be left untouched. However, the whole story will be translated from scratch.

We at Eustia Translations will ensure that this translation will follow the same nuance as depicted in the story, and we will do our best to ensure this translation is of the best quality it can be.

Translation Video Sample:




Project Lead/Translator/TLC: eplipswich @eplipswich

Head Editor: Desertopa

Head QC: Angeldeath

Reserve/Former Members:

Translator (Reserve): TakoRin @TakoRin

Editor (Reserve): kumada

Translator (Former): goodluckmyway/Be Water @goodluckmyway

Editor/QC (Former): Vermillio @Vermillio

QC (Former): Esham @Esham


You can check out detailed real-time progress update at the following link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhHDq_NSwaAqgSnImaDDLTME-lmi?e=ai9dey


You can follow me on Twitter: @eplipswich

Job Opening(s):

None at the moment, but feel free to PM me if you feel you can contribute to the project.

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Seeing this, and I would like to said good luck to your project then. Interestingly, this is another cursed project from Yandere group (Another one was Majikoi). That's all for now.

PS - I would like you continuing from Fione's arc end though (To shorten time), but if you want to retranslate from the scratch it's okay.

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9 hours ago, Ryan Ashfyre said:

It's really awesome of you to pick this up and I wish you nothing but the best in seeing it through.

One question though. Yandere put out partial patches as they progressed, so will you be doing the same or will there only be a full-patch release?

We plan to probably release just 1 partial patch up to the end of Eris' route, so look forward to that!

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So, just an update, I have just finished translating the prologue. 1st milestone achieved ^^ That's 9.21% (6033/65519) complete.

That being said, QC will begin once editing and TLC of the prologue are done, and I have already received two offers for QC, one of whom is a QCer from Yandere Translations (thanks for the offers!). Progress is going pretty well and things are certainly getting into full swing!

With that being said, as you all know, excluding the QCs, we're a two-man team (1 translator and 1 editor), and being the solo translator, it really is tough putting in the effort and energy translating this visual novel. I'm of course not giving up, but it would help a lot if I can get a 2nd translator for this visual novel.

So if anyone has played this visual novel in Japanese before and is interested in translating this visual novel with me, please let me know! Otherwise, it would be just me translating this, and at the rate I'm going, it's probably going to take at least 2.5 years before the translation of this is complete.


EDIT: Translator found! Thank you for your interests! Still, feel me to PM me if you feel you can contribute as a translator.

Requirements for Translator Position:

- Must have a good command of Japanese and English and be good in Japanese-to-English translation (of course)

- Must be committed to translating at least 1 route (that's at least 9000 lines) (I don't want multiple translators translating 1 route. It's for consistency.)

- Must at least be familiar with Aiyoku no Eustia's story

- At least be able to translate about 50-150 lines per day or 350-800 lines per week (not a necessity, but would be good to keep this standard)


Now that I've found a translator, I'm now looking for a editor to help out!

Requirements for Editor Position:

- Must have a good command of English

- Does not have to understand Japanese, though it helps

- Experience is a bonus

PM me for more details.

EDIT: Editor position filled. Thank you for your interests! Still, feel me to PM me if you feel you can contribute as an editor.


That being said, will be embarking on translating Fione's route next, followed by Eris' route and the release of partial patch up to Eris' route! So stay tuned!

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Coincidentally, I'd about to suggest that you better to hire another translator here to lighthen the burden. Good luck to the project once again here, and hope you could get another translator here.

PS - By the way, to tell the truth I couldn't read Japan fluently yet. So don't ask me to become the translator here.

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On 6/3/2017 at 11:04 PM, Empire said:

Hello, I am translating this VN into Vietnamese (not officially announced yet).

I wonder how you guys change the font for this game in ipl._bp ?

I think your best bet is to ask ArchDemon over at the Mirror Moon forums. He's one of the original members who handled the patch engineering. I only know enough to translate the scripts.

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On 7/9/2017 at 3:48 AM, Kazami Yuiji said:

Hey, how the translation is going ? Is everything ok ?

Don't worry, everything's going fine. If you have checked the real-time progress update and the weekly VNTS reports, you'll know the progress is always updated, and I intend to keep it that way ^^

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I'm surprised that people still remember this game even more that someone is attempting to translate it, seems like it would take a few years ?, anyway best of luck to you guys would love to help but i can't read kanji and have no experience but if you want someone to translate voiced text i'd be happy to help.

Good luck :)

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