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  1. Summer 2017 Anime Discussion

    Isekai Shokudou is rather enjoying (but not really being appreciated). As I'm not a fan of food anime, nor Shokugeki no Souma, Isekai Shokudou was suprisingly pleasant for me to watch once a week. After long days of study, watching isekai people enjoying modern world food feel soothed, and it's kinda sweet. The surprise of this season is, of course, Made in Abyss. But I suppose that I'm absolutly not the first one who feels like that. So no need to explain.
  2. I followed the translation on the RabuRabu website but I am still glad to have the confirmation of one of the project managers. I hope you've had good vacation because you guys deserve it. Good luck !
  3. Golden Marriage Translation Project

    Ooooooh arigato ! I've been really waiting for this since a moment already. Thank you for translating this (I'm a little late thought), and I wish you so much luck. Marika is really beautiful !!!
  4. I have good connexion and visited the right domain. Thanks you guy, but it's fine now since I use vpn. I just don't know why it didn't work. I guess the problem must comme from me
  5. The "Onii-chan" gave me a bo.... I mean, good job for the translation (So sad the sis's route isn't translated yet). Oh and I have a little problem. Is that normal that I can't go to the raburabu website ? I'm located in Texas now, it worked when I was in France. Anyway, thank you you guys for contributing to "make visual novel popular in the west"
  6. Hey, how the translation is going ? Is everything ok ?
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'm watching Youjo Senki again and again and can't wait for a season 2. 9/10 on MAL. Aside that, I'd like try something, not especially really old, kind of, but some good underrated anime. So I'm watching Tsubasa after hearing it's music. Oh, and Acca 13-ku kansatsu-ka is definitely underrated in the last season. I left it with 8/10 on MAL.
  8. It's great to see that you guys will finish the translation. This might be nothing but I wish you guys luck and thanks again for your hard job. About this. I'm juste curious, do you guy have someone who's Japanese or who lives in Japan, to do TLC ?
  9. Hahaha, I've been waiting for this ! Thank you and good luck !
  10. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    I dunno what are yah talking about.... >_> Yeah, I've heard of it so many time. Up: NGNL ==> Vol.2
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'm watching "91 days", so damn great !
  12. Greeting

    Thanks ! Thanks Yes, I'm such a great protag hihihi
  13. Greeting

    Thanks. I <3 Kyousuke Already read Kara no shoujo, Sharin no Kuni, Majikoi and Mare-chan But I dropped Little Busters
  14. Nice project. And I don't doubt about the quality of the translation as long as you are sure about yourself. Anyway, good luck and thanks for the partial patch.
  15. Greeting

    Oh, what a coincidence. I began to be interested in Neko girls last month. My resolution will be of course... download... obtaint NEKO PARA.