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  1. And Eris chapter is why I'm playing this VN Tho about the online excel file, are you gonna change the stats for Eris' route translation to your "re"-translation progress ? (And I hope that the first translation doesn't contain too many errors for the correction to take too long...)
  2. Thank you very much for all your hard work ! Since Eris is my best girl, I'm fine with this patch but I wish you guys good luck to finish this project !
  3. Hey, well yeah Slime is a quite dumb et light fantasy anime, yet it is so appreciated. Anyway, I'm glad that I'm not the only who kinda.... not despise but... I do really dislike this show. It could have been much better without taking away the "light vibe" : Isekai Shokudou is a good example. Besides that, I think you should try Tate no Yuusha. I don't know your taste and maybe you dislike the whole isekai things, but Tate no Yuusha has a different vibe than other isekai in my opinion.
  4. Kaguya-sama is probably the best anime comedy I've never seen. I've never laughed so much at each episode. And in one episode I probably laugh every two minutes, and sometimes every twenty seconds. So it's my anime of the season without a doubt. And Fujiwara Chika best girl of the season too, though if I have to choose Chika or Kaguya if I'm Shirogane, of course I would choose Kaguya. Then Tate no Yuusha is a very good isekai so far. And Neverland is a good anime imo, the story is great, but the characters aren't that special : they are basically too generic. It's a goo
  5. A partial patch with Fione's route ? I'm so damn excited ! It would be great if you guys add Eris' route to the patch. I love that girl so much and I'm so curious about the "later in the story, it is revealed there is more to this relationship (with Caim) than meets the eye…" on her vndb description. Thank you again to all the translation team !
  6. You guys, thank you for crushing my dreams
  7. I didn't follow everything that was happening on Reddit. But I guess it's not worth it, am I right? Futhermore, I already saw too much hate on this show just because people were madddd of how it was on top airing anime on MAL. So I guess nothing can surprise me anymore, just to say so. I'm really sorry, but... no. To everything. In all due honesty, I had already read the manga, so I knew what I was getting into, and that it was going to be a pretty bad anime (since the source material itself is a pretty bad narrative). But the anime surprises even more.
  8. Tbh, I think it actually depends on how sensitive you are to the anime which are focused on emotions. However, the animation is perfect, one can feel that the production has invested a lot on it and can fully appreciate the interaction between the characters (and the beautiful Violet-chan). Although it's very much criticized by people who think it's overrated, I think the potential is enormous, and if it's well done, it could eventually be the anime of the year.
  9. Omg I love your post too much. Violet Evergarden is definitively the anime of the year.
  10. Hey, I am glad that this translation project is not dropped yet. I just came to check the progress, and veryyyy late happy new year btw. Hope we won't have to wait until next year
  11. Netjuu no Susume was a big surprise, so bad for all the low score, it's a little generic but who cares ? Just Because picked my interest. And Black Cover doesn't sound promosing... or maybe it's 'cause a don't really like generic shounen. Also I'll try some other anime of this season, I hope it'll have some gem like the last season with Made in Abyss or sweetheart one like Isekai Shokudou. I won't say thank god 'cause they are still people who like harem (RIP harem lovers), and ecchi animes are also dying.
  12. Yeah, I was wondering it too, but I didn't see that. Know the problem is fixed, sorry for even bothering. But well, my first question is still remains though.
  13. Hey, it has been a while. It may be rude of me to ask but, I just wanna know how is the work going ? [Edited because I'm blind]
  14. Isekai Shokudou is rather enjoying (but not really being appreciated). As I'm not a fan of food anime, nor Shokugeki no Souma, Isekai Shokudou was suprisingly pleasant for me to watch once a week. After long days of study, watching isekai people enjoying modern world food feel soothed, and it's kinda sweet. The surprise of this season is, of course, Made in Abyss. But I suppose that I'm absolutly not the first one who feels like that. So no need to explain.
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