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  1. ITH problem

    Thanks I'll try it today
  2. ITH problem

    I dunno about that I have used ITH with windows 8.1 before it is just I dunno why it stopped working, and I didn't update my windows in a while so that's strange, do you know of another program that translates text into accurate romanji ?
  3. ITH problem

    Hello guys , I wanted to read some VN after a while so I opened ITH to attach it to a VN only for it to tell me "cannot attach ITH to process" not with one VN but with all of them anyone knows a solution ? I use Windows 8.1 if that helps
  4. 11gatsu no Arcadia

    Thanks mate
  5. 11gatsu no Arcadia

    Hello, So i've started playing this game (https://vndb.org/v16342) but most of the times ITH doesn't detect the Text, anyone has an h-code or another way to play it ? Thanks in advance
  6. I'm surprised that people still remember this game even more that someone is attempting to translate it, seems like it would take a few years ?, anyway best of luck to you guys would love to help but i can't read kanji and have no experience but if you want someone to translate voiced text i'd be happy to help. Good luck
  7. VNR is back online!

    @MaggieROBOT Can you please answer my questions in page 1 ? thanks in advance. Also seems like u can't log in to AniClan after registration something about no such name in the database even though when you sign up it says username is used ?
  8. VNR is back online!

    Hello, my first post here so i take it that the old VNR is done for and now this is the same database but different people managing it ? I'm asking this cuz one of my friend downloaded it and Bitdefender caught 'vnrhook.dll' as a Trojan so what's that about ? also Teedy ted i think there is no list most of the games work with it but some need some text tweaking if it's the same VNR we used to have