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  1. from what i read from LN this vn dont have scene where zombie rape girl only protag rape zombie
  2. keys for Fault milestone

    i have one key for Fault milestone Fault milestone two side:above pm me who need
  3. i dont know how to put nsfw tag
  4. what do you think https://twitter.com/CherryKissGames/status/936671839836708864 (NSFW)
  5. Otakon VN License Speculations 2017

    i hope they will announce tsuma shibori from alicesoft or jitaku keibiin from beelzebub
  6. sukisuki its in Beta Testing
  7. Yet another game key giveaway thread

    can i take Spec Ops: The Line
  8. Tayutama 2 Translation Project

    ok thanks for the answer
  9. Tayutama 2 Translation Project

    wil be only all age or 18+
  10. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    succes i wish you could finish this project
  11. its real Monmusu Quest! wil have an ova http://mp4hentai.com/2016/10/upcoming-january-2017/ what do you think about