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  1. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    That's interesting. So I was right about them being new to the scene. It's too bad that I would have never heard of them unless someone posted here in the forums. It also sounds like they don't use machine translation for their work so that's a good thing too but I'd rather wait for someone to make a review on it anyways. Thanks for the info!
  2. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Hmm, I haven't heard of NekonyanSoft. Are they new to the company and do they translate VNs and sell them like Mangagamer? Either way, there is finally some Moege that look interesting for me to read. The big question is that will the curse for Aokana finally be broken?
  3. Thank you for this patch. I appreciate your work for the community in helping to restore half-assed work that main companies do. Also, thank you for adding a description on what's going on with this game's release. I was literally looking around to understand why this is going on until now. Even the other Maitetsu board doesn't have a description like this!
  4. Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

    Oh cool, so your translation did get picked up. I was worried that it didn't and all that work would have gone to waste (I'm starting to dig fan-translations too). It's still nice to hear that your progress is going smoothly without any problems. Keep up the good work!
  5. Forgive me for my ignorance on what's going on but is it all right for me to ask for a proper explanation about what's going on here? From what I've read so far, it seems that SP is planning to release the 18+ version of this game by adding in the missing content for it. However, the rest of the content in the all-ages version will not get updated. That's how I understand it but I feel like there's more to it than that. If it's all right with you, could you add/update this in your original post too? It'll save me the hassle of looking it up on the situation
  6. Reading VNs on the Nintendo Switch

    Yup, definitely. VNs are quite popular on the portable consoles since I've always seen releases of them on the PSP and the Vita. Now that Sony doesn't want to focus on portable consoles these days as well as Nintendo being open to third-party titles, we'll probably be seeing VNs on the Switch a fair bit now. It may take a while for other third-party publishers to get on board though since many before were quite suspect about the Switch's potential and Nintendo's previous policy about it being a "family console". Some companies are already on board with ecchi games since we've got Senran Kagura and Gal Gun 2 on it. As for me reading VNs on it, I don't really mind. I sometimes use my laptop to read VNs before going to bed so if the VNs are on the Switch, things would be even more convenient. It'll be like reading a book, lol. However, I'd still have my policy that if I buy VNs on the Switch then the original game would have to be an all-ages version from the start. If the game originally had 18+ content which got cut for the Switch version then I would buy it on the PC instead.
  7. Interesting. Hmm, no Da Capo 3 but 1 and 2 are on there. Well, the most important thing is that.... IT HAS BLAZBLUE ON THERE!
  8. What kind of VN do you enjoy the best?

    I used to enjoy reading VNs with good plot narratives and characters but now I just want to play anything moege. At the moment, VNs are used to get rid of the stress, lol. That being said, I do like to play VNs where the main character is smart and can think for themselves. This includes solving problems, planning ahead or manipulating the enemy. With that said, I really hate main characters who act like idiots or stupidly act stubborn for the sake of their beliefs. If I play any VN that has that type of person then I'll drop it immediately.
  9. Moe Game Award 2017 is out

    Wow at Wagamama High Spec OC. I didn't know it was that popular in Japan because not only did it get placed in the top 10 but it also got awarded for the best Moe fandisc of 2017. All the more reason why Sekai should localise this game. Which I hope they do eventually....
  10. My first visual novel is technically Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I think I started playing it at around 2006-2007. I was only interested in that game because it had an appealing story behind it. I didn't know what VNs was at the time and I didn't care much for it either. I was more of a console gamer during that time since I rarely used the PC to do things besides doing homework. My true love for VNs didn't come until 2010 when I first played the Story Mode for Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. It was so fucking excellent and well-presented (not to mention it had fantastic English voices too) that I decided to look into VNs even more after that.
  11. I'm guessing the Golden Age of VNs that everyone is talking about is based in Japan because I have never heard of the Visual Novel genre until 2010. In my opinion, the West is very far behind than in Japan. I could be wrong but I don't think there was a Golden Age in the West yet. What I do know is that it's starting to gain traction these days and that's after 2010. I think streamers and youtubers are also helping it gain popularity too. I also don't think there were any popular VNs back in the West in the 2000s unless they were on consoles. Ace Attorney, Professor Layton (to an extent) and 999 are the ones that I can think of from the top of my head. There's also Story mode in Blazblue which was presented in a VN format but it's not that popular since it was a fighting game first. It's how I started to get into VNs too, lol. To me, every year is a Golden Age because there are tons to VNs to read out there and I have a hard time keeping up with the ones I'm interested in. TL:DR: - Golden Age in Japan is in 2000s from what I've read. - The West is gaining traction in VNs at the moment so I guess the Golden age is now since people are showing interest in them. - Golden Age for yourself is when you get a ton of VNs to read but don't have time to finish them all.
  12. I find this picture appropriate for the setting:
  13. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Please localise the fandisk of Wagamama High Spec. I think it was called: Wagamama High Spec OC. Day 1 buy, if this happens. Hell, I'll even preorder it as soon as the page is set up.
  14. So this VN is pretty much Imouto Paradise but with big sisters instead of little sisters. Cool, then I'll an eye on this work then. That being said, using a Machine Translation is something that I'm a bit skeptical about since most of the text that it spits out, reads like nonsense. I've used them before and lets just say that the experience wasn't too thrilling. Now that I've seen your work so far, it looks readable to me in terms of English (without considering the translation quality) so it's not Engrish, lol. If you can keep your sentences fluid like this without it sounding too robotic as well as making sense to these machine texts then I'll give this VN a shot. Although, if you can find someone who will is willing to translate this VN then that would definitely be great too!
  15. I'd normally go for the ones that I don't like first and then save the ones that I do like for last. So: Heroines that I dislike -> Heroines that I like However, these days I seem to lose motivation in reading a VN whenever I do that since my mentality now is: "Why am I wasting time on going through a heroine that I don't like?" or "I really don't want to read this VN anymore because of this heroine." So now I'd read the heroine that I like first and then go for the ones I don't particularly like next or ignore it if I really hate them. Finally, I'd go for the best girl last. So pretty much this: Heroines that I like -> Heroines that I don't like much -> Favourite Heroine/s