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  1. I find this picture appropriate for the setting:
  2. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Please localise the fandisk of Wagamama High Spec. I think it was called: Wagamama High Spec OC. Day 1 buy, if this happens. Hell, I'll even preorder it as soon as the page is set up.
  3. So this VN is pretty much Imouto Paradise but with big sisters instead of little sisters. Cool, then I'll an eye on this work then. That being said, using a Machine Translation is something that I'm a bit skeptical about since most of the text that it spits out, reads like nonsense. I've used them before and lets just say that the experience wasn't too thrilling. Now that I've seen your work so far, it looks readable to me in terms of English (without considering the translation quality) so it's not Engrish, lol. If you can keep your sentences fluid like this without it sounding too robotic as well as making sense to these machine texts then I'll give this VN a shot. Although, if you can find someone who will is willing to translate this VN then that would definitely be great too!
  4. I'd normally go for the ones that I don't like first and then save the ones that I do like for last. So: Heroines that I dislike -> Heroines that I like However, these days I seem to lose motivation in reading a VN whenever I do that since my mentality now is: "Why am I wasting time on going through a heroine that I don't like?" or "I really don't want to read this VN anymore because of this heroine." So now I'd read the heroine that I like first and then go for the ones I don't particularly like next or ignore it if I really hate them. Finally, I'd go for the best girl last. So pretty much this: Heroines that I like -> Heroines that I don't like much -> Favourite Heroine/s
  5. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I'm a bit curious to know as to how much Moenovel changed the script. Right now, it sounds like a restoration patch is in the works where you guys are adding back in H-scenes and fixing the sentences that lead to it as well as fixing their translation errors. But did Moenovel actually change the overall script to the point of needing a full-translation like If My Heart had Wings?
  6. Apologies for the late reply and thanks for replying again. I actually remembered that time when you just did the restoration patch for the H-scenes but I was surprised that you decided to translate the whole thing. I'm glad you did in the end since I saw how bad Moenovel's translation was so seeing a faithful translation is nice to have. With that all said and done will you be translating anything else in the future?
  7. That's interesting. I didn't know that it was mostly a solo project by you and you've pretty much answered what I was going to ask too, lol. If you don't mind me asking a bit more: - Were there any major points where you decided to give up on it completely? Anything that just made you feel like giving up in general? - Another thing I was curious about is your motivation in doing this. I could guess one of the reasons why since I read your summary page for this project a long-time ago but I'm not sure if that was your whole drive in this. - I'm a bit curious about asking this question; What was your biggest obstacle when doing this project? The most tricky thing in your work that you have trouble progressing. Sorry for bombarding you again with these sort of questions but thank you humoring me too, haha.
  8. Nice, good work! Now I can finally wash my eyes from the trash that is Moenovel's works and cleanse them with this pure, holy and faithful translation of Konosora. Personally, I'm curious to hear how people managed to stay committed to this translation after all these years. But I guess you're tired and not bothered to answer right now, lol. Anyways, kudos to finishing this work!
  9. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    Well, this is another VN that you will never see having an 18+ version. I seriously don't understand why they are so keen to make their games only 17+...
  10. I've said it in Fuwanovel's blog and I'll say it again: There's too much moe for me to handle! If their localisations are top-notch then I'll become a fan of their works. It'll be on my list to get my VNs from.
  11. No, I don't think it ever will, especially in moege where's it's heavily exaggerated.
  12. MangaGamer's 2018 Licensing Survey is up!

    I picked Ojou-sama wa Sunao ni Narenai because I like the setting and it reminds me of Noble Works. I also want more senpai characters in my VNs.
  13. This is an interesting post. I guess I'll have to add my share of opinions. Apologies if it doesn't make sense or if I'm misinformed about stuff. Sexual content isn't a problem per se but a lot of youtubers and streamers cannot play it because of that reason. Which is why a 18+ patch is a good idea for that reason. On the other hand, some people may say that it makes the game feel complete since the content is 100% there. There are also other times where sexual content is needed to further develop the story. That being said, if you're planning to make a VN from scratch then sexual content may not be needed in that regard. If it's a translation of a JP VN then it should definitely be there or as an option. I don't think this is a problem either. I've seen Western VNs which seem to promote a Japanese background to it. It's something that people are used to and I think that it's really easy to use those sources since it's been established many times in VNs like school setting, shrines, animal spirits, food, cultures, etc. It is still a niche genre however you look at it. Some people like to think VNs as a type of game genre much similar to Phoenix Wright so those type of games may not interest them. However, I have seen streamers play it but they tire out really easily since they have to read a lot. Doki Doki Literature Club is one of the most popular VNs that I have seen on Twitch so far. What I'm trying to say is that VNs are still a niche genre but it is starting to gain some traction from what I've seen. You just need to spread it out there. I've been trying to introduce this website as an hub of VNs catered for the english speakers but yeah, it's still hard to spread word of it.
  14. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    It depends on who provides the Doujin but yeah, they are not free stuff. I just couldn't find a better wording for it. I am aware that Fakku is getting these Doujins from the original writers and publishers themselves (with their permission) and that Fakku are also providing the translations for it. So I generally understand why they are charging a fee for them in the first place. It's how it should be, really. I was just giving my selfish opinion on the matter and why I'm a bit biased against them. However, the person who explained the situation behind Fakku after my post did a better job at it anyways. I'll leave it at that since I don't want to stir anything else up with my comments.
  15. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    lol, don't worry. It did. But free stuff is free. You take what you can get, really. If the writers and publishers are willing to donate it, that is. Also, some people would rather spend their money on other things than a subscription.