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  1. Hey guys, just hopping in here quickly to say that no, the project has not died. It'll still be officially released by us regardless as that leaked version is based off an older version anyway. And sorry that this has been taking so long, but we will get to the finish line. Cheers
  2. So, as of this post, the TLC is finally 100% complete. Yes, finally haha. So sorry for the very long delay, but with my new job and all as mentioned before and some lack of motivation, I haven't had much time for TLC. But now, with the TLC complete, we can finally almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. So what does this mean? Of course, it's still not quite done yet because we have 1 more stage to go through: the QC. This one, I won't be able to tell the estimated time this will be done, but hopefully it can be completed by this year so we can finally release this patch to the public. Once again, thank you all for those who are still sticking around. We're almost there!
  3. There's definitely nothing going on behind the scenes, don't worry guys. Nor am I looking for profit whatsoever. Fact is that I've been busy lately ever since finding a new job a few months ago, and I don't like to get rushed. That being said, I can't and won't confirm when I will finish this, but I've been doing my best to make progress and finish this, while at the same time not rush to give you guys a rushed translation, so I would appreciate if people can be patient and not spread rumors or make wild speculations. Thanks for your understanding! Also, this has been blown out of proportions. To clarify, he has been trying to get me to release the translation quicker, when really, I don't want to be rushing my translation especially with my new job now. So that's that. Either way, there's no actual tensions in the team, so don't worry.
  4. I would suggest buying the normal version (通常版). 初回版 is the first version and might not be the latest version.
  5. It is done. The translation is officially 100% done Progress will now move on to post-translation, where there's TLC and QC to be done. I'm hoping to finish everything else and release the patch by end 2020 (unlikely, but hey, you never know). If not, then at least get the TLC done by end 2020. So do refer to the TLC tab of the sheet for progress on the TLC. I will save my translation remarks for after the patch is fully released. For now though, rejoice that the translation is done! Yay!
  6. Yeah sure, feel free to! And yeah, I would prefer you wait for the full translation so that I can at least fix some more things first The structure is basically the same as G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String, except there are no bad ends in this visual novel.
  7. Yes, of course. I've already fixed the errors that they highlighted (plus some other errors that I found myself). Just want to say thanks to them again for taking their time to highlight the errors.
  8. So I'm sure most of you have realized by now that I've finished translating the main story . Never had I translated something faster than any other parts of the story, also because I knew that I was at the last stretch at least for the main story. So now, all that's left is translating the side stories/appendix stories. I will be translating the side stories while the rest of my team handle the editing and QC of the main story, so chances are, I might finish translating the side stories as well before they finished their editing and QC of the main story. My original plan was to release another partial patch covering just Saint Irene's chapter and fixes for Eris' chapter, but seeing that I'm done translating the main story, I might hold out until we're done with everything, including the side stories. But yeah, either way, milestone achieved! Yay!
  9. I might not change the stats since I might not take too long for the correction. Maybe a month at most. We'll see how things go. If it's going to take too long, I'll be adding the stats and I'll let you know
  10. About that picture, I am well aware of it and it is indeed good constructive feedback, so it's all good. Also note that all the lines in that picture are in Eris' chapter only and not the other chapters. The truth is, Eris' chapter was translated by another translator, and while I did TLC of it, it seems I didn't do a thorough enough TLC (I didn't think it would be that serious), so no excuses there. Hence, I'm currently relooking into Eris' chapter (now that I'm done translating Licia's chapter) and ironing out the spotty translation mistakes in there. That said, I might release another partial patch which will not only feature the fixes in Eris' chapter, but also adds Saint Irene's chapter (Chapter 3). We'll see how things go More importantly though, it would be great if I can get feedback on the prologue and Fione's chapter, because those 2 chapters are translated by me, and there hasn't been any major feedback on those 2 chapters. Eris' chapter is also the reason why I'm translating this VN solo now btw.
  11. Well, actually, the structure of Aiyoku no Eustia is more like G-Senjou no Maou, meaning each chapter is centered on a heroine, but is part of the main story with a branch that leads to the heroine's ending. So making the right choices will lead to Eris' ending. Otherwise, the main story will continue to the next chapter which will focus on another heroine.
  12. Partial patch is now out! Link below and also in the first post: https://mega.nz/#!no0DyQza!DZShSFgME_-iW6vaEdYy3oek-794a1yiuiW48U05dBQ This partial patch covers up to the end of Eris' chapter (Chapter 2). Just extract the files from the zip and overwrite the game files. Some points to take note: - If you are playing Aiyoku no Eustia from a save file from the old Yandere English patch and apply this new patch, you will notice that upon loading the save file, the first line of the save file will appear gibberish. Don't worry! Just Quick Jump to a previous line. The previous line will appear gibberish, but subsequent lines will appear as normal. - If you are playing Aiyoku no Eustia for the first time, you don't need to worry about the above point. Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to make sure the partial patch is in good condition before I release it. So here you are. Hope you enjoy! It definitely isn't canceled! I was just waiting for the QCer to finish his QC before I set up the patch (it took him a while because of life getting in the way). So yeah Thanks for your comments btw!
  13. I did many posts before: Also this: which is why I didn't mention it again. Someone else already answered you as well. Besides, you will still know the full details once I post the partial patch. That's why I said, please be patient Thank you.
  14. Okay, so when I said the partial patch will be out two weeks ago, I didn't mean it as an April Fools' joke (or did I? :p) Jokes aside, the partial patch is almost ready for release (in fact, it's already ready). I'm just waiting for the QC to get back to me to make sure the patch works properly before I release it. So I ask for your patience! Hoping to settle this by this week!
  15. Yeah, about that, the QCer just finished the QC yesterday. So I just need to apply the corrections, then make a patch, then let him test it, then we should be good to go
  16. Almost ready to send to QC. So hopefully the patch will be ready by late February February is also when the QCer is most free, so high hopes that the patch will be released by then.
  17. Still working on the playtesting part. I'm checking things on my end first, but I'm getting closer to finishing it. Then I can send to QC. Hopefully, we can still release the partial patch by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!
  18. So just to give an update: I finished translating Saint Irene/Lavria's chapter (Chapter 3) last Friday ^^. Just didn't get to post an update here until now. Next up would be Chapter 4 (Licia's chapter), and this is going to be the longest chapter to translate with about 12500 lines, so yeah, it's going to take me quite a while to finish translating this. As for partial patch-wise, I'm still doing final checks on Chapter 2 (Eris' chapter) before handing it to QC. QC on Prologue and Chapter 1 (Fione's chapter) is more or less done, so just Eris' chapter left and some final checks before we release the partial patch
  19. Hey, sorry for the very late reply, but most likely not. I'll be saving Colette and the remaining girls' arcs (as well as the side stories) for the full release, so yeah
  20. That's the plan. We're planning to release the partial patch containing both Fione and Eris' chapters (minus their side stories). No confirmation date on the partial patch release yet (there's still some stuff that needs to be done on the editing, TLC and QC side), but look forward to it when it's announced!
  21. In my opinion, if the setting is in Japan, then definitely keep the honorifics. Otherwise, remove them. That's the best way to go about it. Hentai generally means pervert though.
  22. Actually, Aiyoku no Eustia does have font setting. It's under System Setting iirc. You can choose between MS Mincho or MS Gothic
  23. Milestone achieved. Translation of Chapter 1 (Fione's chapter) is complete Next milestones to achieve in the near future are pretty much the following: - Complete translation of Eris' chapter (Chapter 2) - Edit/TLC Fione and Eris' chapters - QC Prologue, Fione and Eris' chapters - Release Partial Patch
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