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  1. I fail to see how it could be possible to have any free time with all those VNs, manga, LNs to read but I've invested in a piano to learn how to play a few anime/VN songs a few years back. Besides killing time, it also helps to ruin your neighbor's evening :3
  2. Eroge Recommendation

    Hatsuyuki Sakura: High school setting with romcom and a few ghosts. If you're into the feelz then i highly recommend this. Mirai Nostalgia: Produced by the same studio as Chrono Clock. High school setting with magic. G Senjou no Maou: If you're into mystery, then this is for you. Its basically a plot over a bigger plot over another grand plot.
  3. In general the common route introduces the heroines and provides some interaction and character development between the MC and the other heroines. Along the way you get to make decisions that allow you to score points and trigger events with each heroine and generally build up their affection for you. At the end of the common route, depending on the amount of points you have you'll either enter a heroine's route or reach a bad end assuming that the devs have created one. Although there are games where you literally choose the route you wanna enter.
  4. 1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use): TakoRin2) Positions you can fill: Translator (Jap-Eng), Editor, Proofreader3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Charage, Nakige, Moege would be nice4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Unavailable ATM5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Karenai sekai to owaru hana, SAGA Planets games, Sanoba Witch6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: It's quite lonely to not have alot of people to discuss VNs with after all. Considering how much impact VNs had on my life since i first started a few years back, I wanna give back to the community in whatever way i can. Also, helping to spread the popularity of my fav titles is a major plus :37) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): I'll pass on yaoi, Ntr, guro. I don't mind traps in the VN but ONLY if they're a side character. Its my first time doing this so I'll need some help to learn the tech stuff if its necessary As my schedule is somewhat unpredictable right now there might be days where my work is slower, i WILL do my best to keep up tho A dedicated and friendly team would be great Contact: you can pm me here or try the following Email: ze-tako@hotmail.com Skype: タコ