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  1. Anyone know where the save games are stored for this game? I use 2 PCs so I need to keep my saves in the cloud and I cant seem to find them for this game.
  2. Thanks for the recomendations guys!. I definitely want to check out Making Lovers and Damekoi because they look to have a number of things I want to see in a VN. Too bad I will have to wait on the translation of both of those. Side note: when does Damekoi come out in English because I am super interested in it. I stalled on Noble Works for some reason but that reminds me I should go back and give it another shot. I have no tried Otoboku due to the cross dressing protagonist but maybe I should check it out too. Prima Stella also looks interesting but no translation .
  3. So I am looking for something that might be a bit odd. I am looking for a VN with at least one Ojou-sama route BUT the main conflict of that route cannot be the parents disapprove of the relationship due to social status difference. Bonus points for the parents actually approving of the relationship. Side characters can disapprove and small sub-plots are fine but not parents saying no etc etc. The only VN I can currently think of that I have read that has this is some of the routes in Princess Evangile. And a number of the routes would not fit into this. Also being translated is a must since I
  4. So with this game coming out in the coming weeks I've got a question about it. From anyone who has read it or would know is the game depressing or sad? I've been a bit down recently so I'm not in the mood for something that'll make me sad but I hear good things about this VN.
  5. Thanks for all the recommendations guys. I've got a good list to look through now.
  6. Are there any (preferably translated) VNs with a popular or school idol heroine. I know that in a lot of moege the heroines are typically beautiful and therefore fall into this category somewhat but I am thinking more along the lines of the kind you see in manga where the main love interest is the most popular girl in school and the male usually wouldn't have a chance with her. Specifically what got me looking for it is the manga Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room?. I couldn't find a VNDB tag like this only one for popular protagonist which makes searching for it harder. Any suggestions
  7. Alright so I just got through what I assume is the common route (to the point where an opening played) and I've got a few thoughts so far I need to get out. Spoilers for common route ahead. Anyway more of a rant than anything but I felt like putting my thoughts into writing for some reason. I'll continue reading because I do like it and want to see more but I lost quite a bit of steam in reading it today. Feel free to let me know your thoughts as well.
  8. Any route order recommended for this one? I’m the common route right now and none of the 3 really stand out and make me want to play theirs over the others. I assume Tsujidou is the main heroine so should I start with her or end with her?
  9. Ok cool. Majikoi is one of if not my favorite VN so its good to know that it will be similar if not the same. Thanks for the advice.
  10. So I was a bit put off by the negative reaction by the translator to the VN but what does everyone else think about it? Is it worth checking out? Also does anyone know if the DMM version requires Japanese locale setting? My laptop is set to Japanese locale but not my desktop.
  11. Congrats on the release! Glad to see your hard work pay off!
  12. So this may be an odd request but its something I have been thinking about recently and wondered if there is a VN that deals with this sort of thing. Specifically I'm thinking of one of the main heroines being popular (most likely school setting) but for some reason doesn't actually have people that understand her and her issues before the VN takes place. Or she is popular but people have the wrong idea about her like she's loose or whatever. Preferably translated and not super depressing but I'll take any you can point to with this character type. I started thinking about this after sta
  13. So are all these games 2018 or later (looking at you Majikoi) or are any of these closer to coming out? At least any indication from the publishers.
  14. When is the Denpasoft panel? Curious to see what they have to say after all the SP announcements. Also very happy to see the Most Forbidden Love translation fro Mangagamer. I figured we'd never see a translation for this game. The title seems a bit odd to me, but then again I don't know what it translates literally to either.
  15. The game came out for backers (and I assume on Steam as well). After the wait and hearing about the TL I'm kinda meh on playing it right now (plus I'm busy trying to suck less at Tekken 7) but I do want to check it out for myself fairly soon.
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