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  1. Hope everything is going well. It's been around 6 weeks since we had any word on the patch etc. so just making sure ur alive.
  2. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    @FinalCloud Yeah Hatsukoi is very much a SoL VN. If the comedy of the situations doesn't float with you I can see how it would be a grind. I mean there is certainly some drama to come within each route and there are some really sweet moments. It's up to your likes/dislikes. Edit: Also if you like the style of Tsujidou-san, Majikoi is very similar (same company) and much funnier with a wider range of characters. If you haven't read it yet.
  3. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    The Saeko route is a similarly short side route to what you will find in Majikoi. Also it's not on the list to be translated next (I think it might be last, but I'm too lazy to check). The Ai route was just released and accounts for about 1/3 of the words in the entire game. The VN itself is a lot of fun and I think you would enjoy it. Good comedy and likable heroines with a well fleshed out setting. The protog isn't as cool as majikoi, but he's far from annoying either and stands by his morals. Give it a go.
  4. Congrats at getting to the point where you can actually tally your progress. I'm assuming, as stated above, that you have more edited than is listed, just no one has gone through the scripts to fill in the tracker. 87% translated with just H-scenes left is awesome. Look forward to your next update and keep chugging along!
  5. Wow, 9% on Mikan this week. Very nice work. Keep it up!
  6. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    I have added the requested like now that forums have returned to normal. Game ready? XD
  7. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    Awesome update...also not using Rooke's theme
  8. Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

    Congrats on finishing the TL. I would love to help but unfortunately, I have zero Japanese reading skills so all I can do is wish you best of luck on finishing this project up. No easy thing sticking with a project for years as you have.
  9. Congrats on reaching this point. I know it was a lot of work just to get to the point where you can even think of TL progress. Keep it up!
  10. Fantastic, looking forward to em and thanks for taking the time to reply!
  11. Just wondering if you guys managed to finish converting the scripts over the last couple months. Either way hope everything is going well.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    Watching Shirobako, because why the hell not? amirite?
  13. FuwApocalypse is Over

    Thanks a million Tay/Nay/Invision. Really missed it I can't see it either. Strange
  14. Clover Days Translation Project

    What about selecting a few people to beta test the patch and give you their feedback on any errors they find if Astro finds himself unable to pull away from the official stuff? Instead of releasing a preview patch, this might be of help as well without the feeling that your work was seen unfinished by the masses. You are indeed correct that there are hordes waiting! Either way, great job!
  15. Clover Days Translation Project

    Congrats! Great job sticking with it and finishing it off after the other TLers turned it down. Haven't heard from Astro in a while though. Is he around? Either way congrats and the milestone and look forward to the next progress update on the editing front.