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  1. Fan TL's are on the decline because so many localization companies have sprouted up, taking up a lot of works that VN consumers are passionate about. But to talk about the quality of releases when so many fan-TL projects are re-TLs of poor quality official releases is pretty comical. As a whole, fan-TLs have always been more polished than their official release counterparts because of the motivational discrepancy. Fan TLs passionately want their work to best represent the novel, official TL's tend to just want to make a quick buck, which is why so many are released with what seems like not even an editing pass from a native speaker and certainly not a TLC.

    No one makes zero mistakes, that's why editing and TLC are a thing. But yeah, making complete mistranslations are an issue and would require you to find an incredibly skilled TLC to fix if you want something of quality in the end.

    She's too overshadowed by Fukami's pervertedly-aware-moeness

    The emphasis would still be on who is getting released first Like someone else said, because this is a when and not if situation and because you work amazingly fast the poll is just a fun thing and only means a week or so of waiting. PS: My order would be Fukami-Kisaki-Reina-Makura-Nagi

    They are so far in the lead that voting for a different girl means a wasted vote atm Thanks as always for your hard work
  6. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    One that I just watched the first 3 eps now is High Score Girl. Pretty decent little romance/comedy centered around arcade gaming. Worth a check and definitely under the radar as far as quality shows of the season go.
  7. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    There would only be one scene in the decensored route that would actually have a place within the story. The rest of the scenes are more-or-less epilogue-ish H-scenes. You need to watch each one to unlock the next and they do have a little story-flow to them on their own. In other words, not worth whatever hassle it would be.

    Congrats on finishing the first route's scenes! Been waiting for this to start playing.
  9. I actually think this Gi is getting TL'd much much quicker than Shoku did. It seems he stopped doing TL and edit at the same time and just focused on the TL for now. The real question is if there is going to be a partial patch for each kingdom or if they are only doing 1 patch for the whole game.
  10. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    It's really a company thing, I've played several that have held off scenes to the end. Though I do prefer them in an epilogue-ish mold compared to just scenes that stand alone.
  11. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    Pretty sure none of the h-scenes are part of the story, they are all extra content
  12. 700 lines in a week is quite quick. Good freaking job ittaku. Ruuu
  13. Zeliria Sanctuary [18+]. Try demo

    Just finished the demo. It is fairly well done although in the .56b version I played Outside of that the quality of art was very nice, the story looks good so far, the music was pleasant and it modeled the type of game you are looking to produce very well. My one suggestion is in the backlog, have an extra space between lines. It looks quite cluttered currently. My once complaint is that you are only introduced to one of the heroines in the demo, although I am unsure how far down the line the others will become part of the story, it would potentially serve you better to, if possible, continue the demo until you interact with all 3. Best of luck and the fact that this demo is around 4 months old makes me all the more curious to how far you have gotten in the game and what the timeline for release is looking like.
  14. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    Editing only looks at the English the TLer puts out and makes it sound more natural that fits the tone of the VN, whereas TLC looks at the original Japanese dialogue and the edited English and makes sure what has been translated fits the original, and if not makes corrections accordingly. So it takes longer looking at 2 languages and making adjustments accordingly rather than looking at one when compared to an editor.
  15. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai COMPLETE!

    S was without a doubt overbloated, but the A's are fine imo. I mean it's essentially a fandisc split into 5 parts giving stories to side characters while holding onto the MC's awesomeness along the way. I honestly think if S was split up in a similar manner that A was it wouldn't be so maligned. There's just too much in one game that you get fatigued with it less than half way through.