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  1. Clover Days Translation Project

    I was one of the many who jumped on your beta patch of To Heart 2 who then also read through your full patch when it was released as well. I can say that the Beta patch did not stop myself from wanting to read your full release, nor did it make me judge To Heart 2 poorly because what I had originally read. I do think there is an essence of time involved as well. If I remember correctly, there was quite some time between the beta patch and full patch of To Heart 2. In situations like this where there is going to be a long lapse between said beta patch and the full release, I don't think there is much to lose by releasing the unfinished patch. Now if the full patch would be ready in 6-ish months or so, it is definitely not worth it. But when talking years in some cases, a beta patch can help tide people over. And frankly, it would be like experiencing the VN anew once the full patch comes out because of the time between. Situational for sure, but as Astro has implied, this could be quite the long haul if no help is brought in before we do, eventually, get a full patch of Clover Days, this might be worth exploring. I feel that this holds true for all fan-TLs, not just this specific case. The downside of course is peoples' impressions of your quality of work, but if a patch is labeled beta and it's said that the patch is an unedited, non TLC version and people still complain about the quality, their opinions probably aren't worth much in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    Someone could make it into a standard walkthrough if they wanted. I don't feel like formatting it to Fuwanovel's walkthrough standards.
  3. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    There is a walkthrough bundled with the patch. It's an excel (.xlsx) file with each heroine having a tab.
  4. Erect! (it's a visual Novel title)

    How did you dig up this 2.5 year old thread...
  5. Nocturnal Illusion Renewal Translation Project

    Quite a jump in progress, nice work there.
  6. From these, what would you play next?

    Grisaia/G-string far and away are the best of the list for different reasons. Grisaia's common route has some great humor and endearing characters while also filling in some great drama and romance as you get deeper into it, but it is long. The common route is one of the longer I have come across. G-string doesn't have the humor as much, but it executes it's story probably better than Grisaia does. Very intense VN, but more than worth your time. Also a long VN though. If you just want to sit for a few hours, I thoroughly enjoyed the Nekopara series, they are cute, funny and if you patch is sexy as well. The voices and animation is top-notch. Though they are kinetic novels so no choices. Also, if you liked Tomoyo in Clannad, the Afterstory VN is a lot of fun for a variety of reasons, going through her and Tomoya's life together after School. Pretty pervy at times too
  7. A whole medium-long length VN's worth of H-scenes is pretty crazy. Still, huge props to you in working through them. Keep it up
  8. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    From their site " Once we’re finished with the Hatsukoi Appends, we’ll finally move on to Hoshi Ori. This VN is long, very very long. The game has 6 heroines, and as such it will probably take us the rest of 2018 and a good part of 2019 to fully translate the game. We’ve already decided on the first girl to translate, and I hope we can release her patch this year. "
  9. it is bigger than your average VN, which I would say sits somewhere around 30-40k lines. SKM is huge, but is also the exception, not the standard.
  10. Clover Days Translation Project

    Astro busy with other projects so he isn't working on this atm, but it's not abandoned. Also think he said they are looking forTLC and/or editors.
  11. Hope everything is going well. It's been around 6 weeks since we had any word on the patch etc. so just making sure ur alive.
  12. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    @FinalCloud Yeah Hatsukoi is very much a SoL VN. If the comedy of the situations doesn't float with you I can see how it would be a grind. I mean there is certainly some drama to come within each route and there are some really sweet moments. It's up to your likes/dislikes. Edit: Also if you like the style of Tsujidou-san, Majikoi is very similar (same company) and much funnier with a wider range of characters. If you haven't read it yet.
  13. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    The Saeko route is a similarly short side route to what you will find in Majikoi. Also it's not on the list to be translated next (I think it might be last, but I'm too lazy to check). The Ai route was just released and accounts for about 1/3 of the words in the entire game. The VN itself is a lot of fun and I think you would enjoy it. Good comedy and likable heroines with a well fleshed out setting. The protog isn't as cool as majikoi, but he's far from annoying either and stands by his morals. Give it a go.
  14. Congrats at getting to the point where you can actually tally your progress. I'm assuming, as stated above, that you have more edited than is listed, just no one has gone through the scripts to fill in the tracker. 87% translated with just H-scenes left is awesome. Look forward to your next update and keep chugging along!
  15. Wow, 9% on Mikan this week. Very nice work. Keep it up!