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  1. Eden, One Thousand Lies, Narcissu, and Harmonia.
  2. I really enjoyed Root Double, ef - a fairy tale of the two, and Eden*. You might want to give those a shot.
  3. Happy birthday @jeftai and @Thomas! (Not exactly sure if it's your birthday yet at where you're living, but meh.) Hope you guys have an enjoyable day.
  4. Finally! Never thought I would see the day that this VN gets localised.
  5. Happy Birthday @AtomCrafty. Hope you have a great time!
  6. If you're looking for something that would make you cry, I reccomend trying anything by Key. Personally, I would suggest Little Busters!.
  7. Welcome! That's basically me with Rewrite, Little Busters and Grisaia. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  8. My parents were curious what kinda weird Japanese cartoons I was watching, so I showed them One Punch Man. My Mom didn't get most of the jokes, but my Dad found it pretty funny. I think Fate/zero might be an interesting choice to show them too.
  9. Welp, screw me . Actually, are all the stories in the tips section mainly focusing on the "main characters" (Aries, Aqua, Youichhi, Asuka)? Thanks for the advice though.
  10. Just wondering, how important are the bad endings and the "tips" section? Are they actually important to the story? I read the entire VN (including the side stories and 2048-2050) with a walkthrough without actually doing the bad endings, so I was wondering if I should actually go out of my way to complete all the bad endings so as to finish reading everything under the "tips" section.
  11. Happy birthday @Akimoto Masato (not sure if this is too late though).
  12. I see. That's a bit...troublesome. Thanks for the help though.
  13. I've finished playing through Aries, Aqua, and Asuka's route, as well as Komorebi, Kagerou, and the 2048-2050 side stories. However, it seems that I've not unlocked anything under the "tips" section. May I know how I can unlock them? I've only gone through the good ends in each route. Is that the problem? Thank you.
  14. I'm sorry if this is late, but this is a very condensed version (if memory serves): Forgive me if I got anything wrong, it has been a while since I finished it so I can't remember some details well.
  15. Welcome! Hope you have enjoy your time here.