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  1. False, haven't played Persona series even once :v Next person would be someone who are into NTR.
  2. Do you mind telling us what had caused your passion in Visual Novels faded? There must be something that caused that right?
  3. The freeze only occurs whenever VNR is on. Other changing my system local to Japan nothing configuration have been made. I do notice that sometimes whenever this happens a new notification appears on the top right screen about some error happened, I didn't have enough time to screen shot it but I will try to do it next time. I can read Japanese. I'm almost finishing my N3 studies. Just using VNR for additional help purpose.
  4. I have this weird problem since few days ago. I'm playing Sen no Hatou right now and sometimes the game will freezes whenever I return to the menu screen, and then when I restart the game my VNR won't function, the offline dictionary stopped to translate for some reason. This occur every time I tried to return to the menu screen for some reason, somehow restarting my laptop works. Did some testing and it seems that that's the only reason this problem triggers. Any idea what's happening though?
  5. "Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future" -Sonmi-451, David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas My all time favorite quote from a movie. I have read the book and re-watched the movie 3 times. Good stuff.
  6. Although it's almost the same age of me got into VN, you do need some common sense, no offense though. I can see you being active around the forums but your posts somehow lack....... maturity? You know something went wrong when people starting to ask for your age online. I admit that I got into R18 stuffs more younger than you but never once I asked something like this online without thinking twice because of being an underage. There are things that you should be learnt by yourself, things that are sensitive. Of course nothing wrong about asking this kind of stuff in forum but you lack a sort
  7. I wouldn't recommend people doing that much kanji per day too. As I said I was taking a pre-university course for studying in Japanese so I have no choice. Still, learning as fast as possible doesn't mean slacking off is an option. Also, no harm learning more right? Preferably just do it suiting one's pace is enough.
  8. 6 years since the release of this game, time sure flies eh. I have been studying Japanese for 1 year and hoping that I can TL this with my hand one day but I'm glad that y'all picked this up. Hope everything ends well though.
  9. TBH learning a new language is a sensitive topic IMO. What you did won't really work for other people, and it falls in line the aspect of talent as well. I am taking a pre-university course for studying abroad in Japan right now. The amount of homework we are having are tremendous. But the teachers are doing a hell of a job so i could improve very well. Sometimes a good teacher is really needed IMO. Do not rush through the Kanji, what I am still doing is, 10 Kanji per day. Look it up online like N5/N4 kanji or something they should show a long list of it. Study 10 per day, know their Onyom
  10. Playing Sen No Hatou right now. Despite it's one of notorious ladder-style, I did enjoy each game made by this company including Aiyoku no Eustia. Well you can't imagine how disappointed was I after finishing Hotori route of Sen no Hatou. It feels like August-soft care less and less individual story for each side character anymore. Although the disappointment, I'm still enjoying myself so far, almost finishing Kanami's route. Have been a fan of August-soft for quite sometimes yet I couldn't hold on to myself due to my high expectation. Sigh. Well gonna finish the game and hope that the "one an
  11. I'll probably adapt Aiyoku no Eustia. Featuring the true route only instead of covering everyone's.
  12. Compare to some untranslated VN, Aiyoku no Eustia seems to have smaller fan base (on my peer opinion), unlikely they will localize it any sooner. Watching several fan-translation died has made me gone desperate on it, but the game still have Chinese translation. My chinese isn't too bad I can still read it and finished it somehow. Learning Jp will be the quickest solution, by the time you master it the translation might not even released yet.
  13. I agree with you, I'm having the feeling that the whole VNs production is going down the slope. The beauty and value no longer can be seen from nowadays VN.
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