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Ever Imagine your in a VN?


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3 hours ago, RedK said:

I once dreamed something about making a blood pact with a demoness. Does that count?

PS: It was H.

This sounds pretty intense..

2 hours ago, TexasDice said:

My what?


2 hours ago, MFrost said:

I dreamt about being killed in Muv Luv by BETA...I didn't like that one bit. It was the last time I go a whole day well into the night playing/reading a VN. It was quite horrifying and it happened a few days afterwards too.

I'm playing Muv-Luv Extra atm. I hope thet release Alternative officially soon because even though I've got the Japanese version (patched) to work in the past I get an error message and can't figure out why. I digress.

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I wouldn't be a good protagonist. Those lazy, 4th wall breaking comic relief airheads are more fit to be in a supporting role.


Or do you mean stuff like "Choice: "go to work" / "sleep again", then sure. This kind of choices has me locked in a traight path to game over since kindergarten.

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If I want to improve my social life, I go outside and just do it.

In Barney Stinson's words, "when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead".

People disappoint me too much to really bring it to fruition. Yes, they disappoint me, like in Charlotte with Nao.


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