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  1. You had VNR working? for all I know, it's been bad/lousy/not working since the main website-sakuradite closed. If you do get it fixed, lmk as well, I want to play Yoiko & Izusa's routes so bad
  2. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    It is similar, I'm almost finished, with just Ai's route left. Maki is by far my favorite of the three gods, Renna's route was definitely the most fulfilling though, and I remember reading someone's review on how during Maki's route "you have to question why he's with Maki and not Ai" and all I can say is Why would you want your ex to constantly meddle and more with your current relationship? I feel like I didn't finish Maki's route because there were more options listed that I didn't see, so idk, the walkthrough here was pretty bad in getting to the right route for me though, I mostly just went with whatever I felt like. It definitely gave off that Majikoi feeling and even eluded to some of the characters like Momoyo and the Kuki's. I hope that Virgin Road does indeed get translated one day because I REALLY liked Yoiko and Azusa and I tried reading it just now, but since VNR sucks now and Chiitrans won't hook it, I don't have a way to read it translated. Someone help, I need my Yoiko and Azusa and Maki in a dress!!! I miss the days when it was easy to hook VNs, but Win10 kinda sucks in that regards. I really do love Minatosoft's VNs, the art's good, the characters are (usually)fleshed out well, and it's always a good laugh.
  3. Takaaki needs more calcium...
  4. Yeah, I liked her because of what I saw in the anime & OVAs, the one with the letter was funny. Disappointing to hear that her route in Another Days is trash though, care to summarize it so I can at least know what happens in it? Edit: Woot! +1000 for you
  5. Finished the 3 girls' routes I liked recently, Tamaki, Yuuki, & Ruuko. Tamaki is the absolute best, she checks off every one of my likes & I wanted more after the end/(super hot)confession scene...I still do. Ruuko was funny, confusing, & pretty good. the ending was a little confusing though Yuuki's route was sad and for a while, I thought she was a dream, ending was alright. Thank you again ittaku, Tamaki was well worth the wait. Is there any thing else with her in it that's worth a read?
  6. VNers are weird. I honestly forget about this until you remind me or see this thread
  7. Oh, right. Weren't they hired to do an official translation or something? or maybe that was another group...it's been a long time since I've followed stuff.
  8. not from what I know of. It's never that good of a sign when a year passes and things are silent as a mouse. Maybe they got so entranced by Tsubame's Mom that they ascended.
  9. I think they still check this thread...idk, it's been a while. If you have a question you can post it here
  10. Koiken Otome Revive TL Project

    Did you ever get pointed at and called really tall? The few norwegians I know are all tall(er) and I secretly curse them. Good news though!
  11. I didn't realize that there was only one update all year last year. At least they're alive though.
  12. Did they ever post up the new goodies?
  13. Who's the girl on the right (pink hair) from? I hope so too...More Minatostuff is always good
  14. Otome * Domain Traslation Project

    You mean translated VN's like that? because if you were just wanting that type of VN, Ensemble - company basically specializes in that genre, which sucks for me because That's not my niche, but the artwork is excellent and the stories are usually pretty decent. Good luck on this, I look forward to the updates and whatnot until it's completed. This was somewhere in my backlog too
  15. But I was looking forward to Tamamo's route the most!