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  1. I'll cheer you on! Yay Ittaku! Go! Go! Ittaku is the best! Thanks for your work ittaku! Would you like some barley tea!?!
  2. Thanks for this, went to the main fuwanovel page and saw it hasn't been updated for over a year lol
  3. any1 want to translate masamune with me ?

    would help if you included the vndb link or whatever so people actually know what you're talking about...
  4. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    *is happy for more Majikoi and Aokana though*
  5. we all like cute(busty), star-loving nerds Time to recruit to get this finished!!
  6. that's a little disappointing, saw this on my wishlist and was gonna read it only to realize that Moenovel got their hands on it, and judging from the topics of it on here cut a fair amount out of it.
  7. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    I'm all for more Misaki and Satouin...hopefully. Honestly with the amount of characters, it's surprising they didn't do much with them and instead chose ...Mashiro... for an Extra/sequel.
  8. I mean, I'm all for more Majikoi in any shape or form, so I'm happy about this. Seems like they've upped their artwork too, they have had time to do so though, so no real surprise. Now if I could only read A-5... (Still awaiting translations for A-3, A4, etc)
  9. Lamunation Release

    I have no idea who most of those characters are, but that makes me want to read this, just as soon as I'm done with My Fair Princess and re-reading Misaki's route in AoKana. That's the kind of sass and spunk I've been looking for lately.
  10. Whatever you need to do in order to eventually get this done as the x Cation series is really something that interests me, so I look forward to the finished project! If you're still working on it, I'll help donate what I can, but also ask for help here if you need it. A VN like this sure as hell takes a lot of time, especially for one person. so Good Luck @kurosakijin
  11. Hooray, it's getting there! I'm rootin' for y'all!
  12. Otomimi ∞ Infinity

    Just saw a screenshot of Kon and found this, thanks for the review! Hopefully someone still feels like this'll be picked up, 8 years later and there's still not very much kemonomimi VN's out and about sadly. Curious, does MC ask any of the girls to touch their ears or play with their tails? The description of him has me thinking that this would be his first thought.
  13. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I meant how in Misaki's route, Asuka, Rika (at the end was Oh, you're all lovey dovey still?) and Mashiro all just sort of accept that Misaki and Masaya are in a relationship without any surprise or question bombardment. Although I guess when Masaya makes a choice to go and coach only her, it became sort of obvious and thus not really needing any SoL moments afterwards, I'm just use to having the other cast go and toy with the new couple a bit more. I was wondering if it's similar to that in the other's routes, as they just sort of accept it and there's no shock. In Misaki's route, the only one that had the sort of response and such was Minamo making Misaki drink that protein shake. I'm guessing no as it kinda seems Sprite focused more on the main subject of the VN [here, FC. in Love and Choco, the election (that I've read as far to) and the couples romance instead of splitting it with the supporting characters once you get into a route.]
  14. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Looks like NekoNyan is working on the perfect edition according to their last update. What's the difference though? did it add or remove anything? and I'm not going to go thru the other 3 routes, but are there more of a response towards Masaya's and the selected heroine's romance development or do they all just sort of skip past that and accept it begrudgingly like in Misaki's route?
  15. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I definitely wanted more SoL moments between Misaki and Masaya. Like, you know Mashiro just FLIPPED out when she found out they were dating, and I would've loved to see Misaki try and introduce Masaya to her grandma, and just having more interactions with her, similar to the anime, especially since she's a big part of Misaki's life. Honestly, similar to some of the heroines in Majikoi (which I loved too) I would happily re-read Misaki's route, and once again when that patch comes out for her, that's how much I enjoyed their interactions and struggle, and getting back on their feet.