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  1. I'm still going to call Seiso's alter-ego Haou. I don't know where it came from, but I'm sticking to it. But yep, she's great. I have an extra one of the "100,000 downloads" picture boards if you're interested in that though
  2. Majikoi Haul....I have an issue -
  3. hmmmm...that's too bad, I think it'd be neat to show all the heroines together there. But for those with a small screen, it might have been a hassle, so I get why.
  4. I wonder, if you have the A Package, does it just show all the girl's routes at once instead of the 3/2 at a time at the menu screen?
  5. What is the opening image from anyways?
  6. I dreamt about being killed in Muv Luv by BETA...I didn't like that one bit. It was the last time I go a whole day well into the night playing/reading a VN. It was quite horrifying and it happened a few days afterwards too.
  7. Even that's too old for you Inoue? wow. I don't know what it was about or that it mentioned anything Majikoi-esque besides the probably A-Series things and bonuses. IIRC, a few months ago Minatosoft was going thru their 10th Anniversary with Momoyo, Tsubame, & Shinra and co in the anniversary unis...I still never managed to get any merchandise from that, I'm so irritated by that!!
  8. A Middleman would be your best bet, as they can buy directly from the website and send it to you, but there's their fee too. I know a good one if you're really interested. I've been dealing with him for almost a decade now. Other than that, find someone here or on eBay or another forum that are selling something you're interested in(like me), except eBay sellers prices are so outrageous it makes you wonder if they have a screw loose or just don't really want to sell it. (I saw a Muv Luv Takemikazuchi Ver. 1.5 someone was trying to sell for $180...Amazon.jp sells it for $50-$60) There may be some online shops that sell their stuff too, but I have no idea on that. Maybe amiami?
  9. Nooo, oooohhhh what?!? I just find out that this is getting another re-do translation-wise and so far it seems people said that it needs mucho gusto help. Tragic. Still, I do hope you find someone to get it properly translated and continue working diligently until it's completed, I'd love to read Misaki's route
  10. Anyone would be interested in a Yoshitsune Dakimakura? I think I got all the bonuses now lol
  11. What does Bushou say at the End? I only got as far to understanding when (I think) she was saying, "What, still needs more? mmm....hmmm...mmm." I have a Majikoi problem, ended up buying the merchandise bonuses 2nd handedly and got some extras...If anyone's interested I'll take pictures and sell them Playing A-1 - Benkei route right now. Had to re grab A-2 since I couldn't figure out where I saved it to, but when I'm done with that, Here I come Seiso!! Then I'll finally start on A-5 with Yoshitsune, ending the clone story.
  12. looks like I missed the pre-order time...well that sucks. I've been trying to deal with Nippon-Yasan since they sent me a Scathach that was broke, it's been a bloody week and the only reply I got was "We'll have to contact the manufacturers about this." NO MFers, just give me a return label and ## so I can send this broken item back to you and either refund me or send me a new one! why is it so bloody hard for them?
  13. huh, I did not know that there were bad ends when I first played this....thank god I chose the right choices lol Thanks though!
  14. So I'd only get certain items that they show there huh? depressing, I wanted all of them!! I know Amiami has their exclusive with a few other items, just unsure if it's what Minatosoft includes or not. & then theres the surprising lack of previous merchandise that I was hoping would show up on Yahoo!Japan after some openings/conventions...I need more monies
  15. So the team here joined with Luna Translations huh? That good...right?