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  1. But I was looking forward to Tamamo's route the most!
  2. Not sure where you saw that it was finished, doesn't seem like it ever was...
  3. Tamaki gives me needs. Thank you ittaku for letting those needs be fulfilled.
  4. Yeah, it seems like VNR is now pretty much worthless for any kind of translation, which sucks because I liked that I could load LEC or Atlas instead of doing the generic Bing or Google translations. And you could take screenshots of just the game window instead of Prt sc + paint - Paste & Save. I know Majikoi has an auto-feature for screenshots too, but other ones don't.
  5. If it's like Tsuyokiss Next then it won't work with A-5. Although VNR did work with A-4 but that was before it crashed for like a month only to be brought back by a random person. *is upset he still can't play Tsuyokiss Next because VNR won't load it no matter what I try*
  6. Hooray for more Ayaka!
  7. that's fine, but like I said, once it gets turned back on, even if you whitelist/allow the file & folder, for some reason mine has still gone and automatically deleted it. With the reason that it's some random, generic trojan file... I ended up just giving up on installing any of the VN's I wanted to play.
  8. Fate/Grand Order

    ENG ver - Altera alludes me, I figured I'd try two 10-rolls once she would be upped a bit and besides the usual lousy craft essences (no Caren or Bazett, Kaleidoscope, etc, just Rin's and Emiya) got Nero, an extra Tamamo Cat, and Lancelot. Not what I wanted, but whatever. Now I'm just grinding away at Nero Fest until the next part starts. or should I just continue with the daily quests instead to get EXP, Mana Prisms (I've been buying all the Fou and EXP-all cards I could, so I have like 10 left) and QP (not that it's needed) I got kinda burned out with the 1/2AP things and man am I regretting it now. Even if most of my servants are already maxed out as much as they can go without getting the other ascension pieces.
  9. I have BitDefender now, and while it's damn good, it WILL BLOCK any non-english file. Which means if I try to install and run a VN I just got, BD will say it's "ransomware" or "a potential generic virus" and block it. Worst part is, when you go into the dash to undo what it did, the file is crap/not restored properly, so I'm screwed. Haven't played anything in a while because this keeps happening and I'm just tired of having to deal with it. Even when I go to allow the folder/program, it'll still block and delete it whenever the laptop is restarted. Posting this here today because I've spent the whole goddamn day trying to overwrite it, even doing what BD's support says to do, but nothing. So I give up and need to vent.
  10. Wagamama High Spec Release

    Same. Didn't even know it was coming out this soon. Gives me something to do as I heal up
  11. Well, at least I can look forward to ToHeart2 whenever it's done. It seems it'll be done well.
  12. A thing in Dal Segno

    I'm thinking more of the person in the fancy white suit just standing in awe at a store. I bet it's the lingerie store. He's probably a panty thief.
  13. Nice, glad I was finally able to purchase it (after sacrificing a toe and sake)
  14. I really don't get why people like her so much, but Yuuki looks good, and almost on par with Yuiko (which I rather have more of) but good for them I guess?
  15. Ah, I see, they revised/renewed it, because it looks completely different from what I first saw when I first watched WA2. I tried watching that but it was too old for me, then when I looked up the VN, it seemed a bit dated and I forgot about it. That looks nice though.