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  1. This made me cry a lot deep inside my soul.
  2. I'm a test tube baby. Born because of your impossible mathematical equation. Filled with Annoyance, Assholishness, and 101 ways to call people an idiot.
  3. That's why americans are made fun of at any possible chance. I don't know about the duration, I don't deny that I prefer Asian culture to English, but I can get away with it since I'm 2/3 Asian. If people ask I just ignore, nod & agree so they can shut up and leave me alone.
  4. I'm a fan of Crusch too, actually, she was the only one I liked in the entire series and I pretty much just watched the episodes she was in. I couldn't care for anyone else in that thing. You're probably right that there isn't an equivalent of her in that kind of setting though....so far!
  5. really? that sucks. I preferred it to the ITH Combo. I thought that it got updated in case anything new happened though?
  6. Aki was not included in S, she appears in Yoshitsune's route in A-5. I think they say she's the Shadow Student Council President? or something like that...idk. I vaguely read it once and still haven't started A-5.
  7. Da Capo III ...so is it basically I wish Tomoe Gojouin had her own route though. I like her. Edit: Daaaammmn Shiki is savage .
  8. All my favourites placed in the top 10? well, except for Bushou, but that's just because she barely has any screen time where she's not eating pastries. The rest of them did, so I'm happy that my tastes are shared.
  9. That's good enough for me then. Thanks for the confirmation Nandemonai
  10. Music to my ears. Rewatched the anime again, they didn't do her part justice whatsoever.
  11. Thank you for your hard work! Myself, I'm a bit on the fence with translating, seeing as how I play many VNs with either VNR or ITH, as long as it makes acceptable sense, I'm okay with it. If it straight up lunacy I usually quit the game lol, so far that's only happened twice. But I'm sure that this one will be good. I want Tama-nee to tease me
  12. My folks liked Robotech and Transformers, so I would just watch the mecha anime or stuff similar to Samurai Jack (1 month!) ... I also watched Toku a lot, so it's not like there was any surprise. However I do hide my VN and Anime goods when they come for a visit. Just leave out my TSFs and Transformers. ... I wouldn't follow my advice if I were you.
  13. Waiting for this, and just saw this, was hoping it'd have a full release too, so is that what Nutaku is for? I don't want a semi-release like Grisia. I saw on the updates that on Jan 20th they said that it was fully playable without any bugs, so here's rooting!
  14. already huh? nice! and yes, I only check here for updates...sometimes occasionally the site, but mostly here.
  15. & such a nice box as well! I think I saw on their twitter that they are having another popularity contest but for both male and female characters? Not sure though. Who do y'all think will be in the Top 5?