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  1. I'm playing this right now also. It's really funny. I just got on chapter 2-1 now.
  2. I hate Shizuka so much.... I like the other girls though, Miyabi & Tomoe especially. Tomoe is just a nice, enjoyable girl. I'm at the scandal part so far, Miyabi hasn't been given much screen time.
  3. I don't suppose there's a walkthrough for it anywhere, is there? I'm only at the moment when he's introduced to the heroines right now, and before, VNR had the community subs that helped, they stopped right around the first or second choice. I think I'd like Tomoe or Miyabi best. And yep, I know of Sara sara sasara. I wanted to play that first, but PrimaStella finished sooner than that one did, so here I am. Saving the best Shrine Maidens for last! I'm guessing though that the little ringring after a choice I make tends to be favorable ones?
  4. PrimaStella Not bad, but I wish that there was a way to make the window bigger. It doesn't seem to like to be Full Screen for me for some reason.
  5. I kinda wanted the animal ears though...
  6. I kinda wanted "Unicorn and the Kemono Friends" thing to be real...I'd play the hell out of that. I like Fate/Grand Order's too lol
  7. He updated his page about some subs and his new twitter account if you want to try that route. I kind of gave up on this ever happening tbh.
  8. Well, she uses Broken Japanese...english? It's not straightforward like usual, so I think what they were going for is if she says something in English, it'd be shown as the Japanese word instead in the text... She gets a bit better in other's routes outside of the prologue, however I still skip-read over half her route. Edit: Michiru's route done...if I was family-minded I probably would've cried, since I'm not, I just wanted to throw a diaper at one of their faces. Onto the Oppai-Loli!! (also, with that phrasing, I now have no idea what a Loli is...since I always thought they were young girls not developed, but then is Hestia considered a Loli if Misaki is considered an Oppai loli? Where's Inoue Jun when you need him?
  9. with how others are saying how bad DCI is, I'd just watch the anime if you're truly interested. It also might get you to just go and play a certain heroine's route instead of the entire thing so it's less of a time-waster. I watched about 70% of it before I just decided to say screw it and go to DC3. I liked the characters better in that one than 1
  10. As for Miu, from my understanding, she offhandedly asked Rei if he loved her, to which he replied that "he only helped her out because she was cute/Umbrella in the Rain" (so no) even though he was, just not fully in love with her? I guess. Or that He didn't want to go steady with her half-heartedly. Makoto's route was nice, I was hoping they would've showed her breaking a pole or something with her fist and the MC getting flabbergasted though. I'm going to skip-read through DD's route because I don't like her and finish up Michiru's before completing Misaki. Since I like those two. I'm not big on rewinding towards Miu's route, but I really want to know what Cro's deal is.
  11. 11 days to finish this huh? all 5 heroines (kinda) and the side stories. Yeah, she Definitely Needed her own route instead of just a little side story. Tomoe doesn't even get any love in any of the fandiscs either, they just introduce some new girl
  12. Just Finished this and it wasn't that bad. I watched the anime of Da Capo I (up to like Ep.17 or so when the romance comes to play) and then skipped to Da Capo III. Was a little taken back that this was mostly the events after the anime, but the heroines weren't that bad so I went thru them all (I skipped Himeno's entirely, and a majority of Ricca's since I can't stand them) so it kept me going. I'm trying to get the fandsics now though since those all take place after this one and goes more into what I was expecting/wanting. But I really do wish Gojouin Tomoe had her own FULL route. She's awesome. I would play it even if it was all-ages (since I'm currently on my 3rd reading of her short story right now)
  13. This made me cry a lot deep inside my soul.
  14. I'm a test tube baby. Born because of your impossible mathematical equation. Filled with Annoyance, Assholishness, and 101 ways to call people an idiot.
  15. That's why americans are made fun of at any possible chance. I don't know about the duration, I don't deny that I prefer Asian culture to English, but I can get away with it since I'm 2/3 Asian. If people ask I just ignore, nod & agree so they can shut up and leave me alone.