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  1. Not that it means much, but Majikoi is having a collab with Kamihime mobile game with Momoyo, Benkei, Yukie, & Tsubame included, appears with their in-game VAs reprising their roles, apparently, as well. Seeing as how I thought the franchise ran it's course, this was a nice surprise to find.
  2. Sad to hear, and going by your page, seems like the incomplete two routes are for the red-haired girls that I was looking forward to? Ah well. Thanks for all your work Ittaku! & Editors!
  3. There have been attempts at translating it, but for some reason or another the group/person requesting it just suddenly disappear online after they get the OK from the original group that did the partial.
  4. But then, what if the heroine was your go-to choice during the select screen after each day was done? does that change anything, or is it just an extra story for them? Going by what Argent said, let's say, I give all my hearts to Kozuka every day, but choose Shiori during the heroine select afterwards, does that change the extra lines of the confession, since I chose to spend more time with her, or does that matter at all? confusing...
  5. Still in the prologue and honestly Moka is taking the lead for favorite (just read the part where she shoved a hot kebab in Aoba's mouth to shut her up) Of all the heroines, Shiori and Kasumi, mainly because I like their mischievous, teasing sides, and I want to see if Shiori ever grows past her social anxiety. I know that Ayaka has a cute side, but that Ohoho she's displaying kind of knocks her down some for me Do the 10 hearts/day do anything? since I'm picking a girl's story/at the end of the day anyways, is there any point to them?
  6. I like how you just completely missed or ignored their point. Anyways, I'd probably just ask anyone to keep the scripts and any work that might've been done already, save it to the cloud in case some random wanderby comes along and says, "Hey! I think the Moe translation was terrible for this and I wanna redo it on my own/with a team" then y'all can be like, "heres stuff we tried to do about it in 20xx!" and I can chime in a month later with my figurative support and cheer.
  7. MTL...Machine TransLated? Was it for the whole game or just the H-scenes? Honestly it's been like 5 years since I used anything to translate a VN (VNR being the last one before it died and then tried to revive under some Russian site that never worked for me) so I have no idea how most stuff works nowadays
  8. welp, time to find a decent VNR type translator to play the original I see. Real shame that it's not in the current plans, but if I can wait for Majikoi A-3 for... 2-3yrs, I can wait for this whenever it comes around as well!
  9. I'll cheer you on! Yay Ittaku! Go! Go! Ittaku is the best! Thanks for your work ittaku! Would you like some barley tea!?!
  10. Thanks for this, went to the main fuwanovel page and saw it hasn't been updated for over a year lol
  11. would help if you included the vndb link or whatever so people actually know what you're talking about...
  12. *is happy for more Majikoi and Aokana though*
  13. we all like cute(busty), star-loving nerds Time to recruit to get this finished!!
  14. that's a little disappointing, saw this on my wishlist and was gonna read it only to realize that Moenovel got their hands on it, and judging from the topics of it on here cut a fair amount out of it.
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