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  1. I found Ever 17 to be thoroughly boring and to this day I have only completed three routes(one of which was Sora's), including their bad ends. Supposedly the true ending is suppose to blow your mind, but I wouldn't know about that.
  2. You know the Shoujo heroine with two love interests formula just doesn't work well with me. You either have both be assholes, like in Fukumenkei Noise, and paint some tragic backstory for them to try and justify their behavior. Which, is probably breeding a generation of beaten housewives who have a romanticized image of men who desperately need therapy. Or you have one nice guy and one complete asshole and the girl usually ends up with the asshole. Which is just really depressing and aggravating.
  3. Pretty much zero chance, even though I would personally love to see a official localized version. It isn't quite zero though, the publishers have had a some titles localized and it has a hentai which means it has a little more name recognition. Still though that is like 0.0005% chance of it being localized.
  4. I use to really fucking hate the "soap opera disease", but than I saw the ending of SAO season two and decided that it was a much better alternative. Well dealing with visual novels that have "foreign" characters one should not expect a realistic depiction, one should expect a character archetype. Just like how you are not going to find a "tsundere" or "coodere" out in the wild, you are not going to see "foreigner" archetype in real life.
  5. If you are going to read Kara No Shoujo I would recommend reading Cartagra first, it takes place before Kara No Shoujo..... and yes it is a good series.
  6. Oh god kids in my elementary school did that too, except there was a squiggle added to the top and bottom.
  7. It's definitely a good movie, it didn't quite leave as big as an impression on me as other people. I found the "romance" aspect, between the two leads, rather abruptly injected into the plot with little build up and the ending felt unnecessary. Nothing that horribly harmed the experience for me though and I can certainly see why many would call it "perfect".
  8. Re:creators continues to be great.
  9. Your right of course, it's just usually I pay all of my living expenses and tuition at the start of the school year, than I go back to my hometown to work so the bank is nearby with all my info. It's just the bizarre way this class is set up that I have to pay for two halves in two completely different ways, half online and half with a physical form of payment. EDIT: Managed to persuade an ATM to give me my money, but had to pay $15 in withdraw charges. Eh, at the very least it's cheaper then the gas required to drive over to my bank.
  10. Tried that, realized I don't have the paperwork with my bank account information and my bank will only give you your account numbers in person. Fucking kill me.
  11. Hehehe, that's the kicker the Bank of America that my account was stationed at was bought out by a smaller bank that only has a presence in a handful of cities and I take classes on a campus that is several hours away from the nearest one. Granted I could still do as you suggest, but I would have to miss some classes since they are only open on week days. My suspicion is that I may have tried to withdraw too much money from a atm at a single time, so I'ma going to try dividing up the total amount and do several smaller withdraws. If that doesn't work I'll probably just have to bite the bullet and miss some class time.
  12. Fucking hell, I needed $650 to finish paying off all of my fees for an upcoming geology camp that I need to finish my degree. The problem is I can't pay with my card, only with cash or checks. I have never used checks and all the atms fucking hate me. So I may not be able to graduate because I only used debit to buy things. FUCK
  13. Sad, but completely reasonable. Kara no Kyoukai sets on one of the thrones of my personal holy anime trinity, along with Steins;Gate and Haibane Renmei, for it's excellent animation, direction, and dare I say it..... unique story. But it certainly has it's flaws. The movies are out of order for no real reason except to confuse the viewer, the dialogue has a tendency to meander waxing poetic for allot longer than it should, Azaka Kokutou doesn't die in a horrible limb ripping "accident", and the epilogue threatens to undermine the entirety of the second movie.
  14. True I think they registered P6-P10 at the beginning of the month, but at the very least it means it's on the table and by looking at the history of Atlus milking the persona series for all its' worth I would say there is at the very least a near guarantee that some of this list will be made. I remember Atlus talking about making a Persona 3 dancing game if P4 dancing all night sold well.
  15. You know you say that as a joke, but I could see mementos being a stealth test for the framework of a driving game.