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  1. I don't, I live on the edge. Whenever my laptop has noticeable lag or just plain doesn't work, I find about five of the most sketchiest and obscure free antivirus software and run all of them. Usually, makes my laptop work like new again..... just sometimes I end up missing some extra folders.
  2. It's pretty meh. I totally dig the conquest gameplay/vn genre in which you conquer countries along with their hottest women a la Sengoku Rance Style, but this one bored me to tears. The game-play was painfully easy and just feels like a grind (except for a handful of fights at the end), several of the character models have this weird thing going where they are wearing visible panties/bikini bottoms and no one acknowledges it, and the overall character art direction feels like a typical Japanese browser gatcha game as in they added the names and "character" after they received the character art. It's still pretty satisfying to capture a nation and sleep with its' women, but the world and story isn't very interesting and when the game is soo fucking long it starts to get on your nerves.
  3. Just saw an example of Vore in the Adventure Time miniseries Elements, thank god this show only has one season left.
  4. Yeah I find the constant inability of the human race to communicate with each other and the resultant suffering that causes pretty funny as well.
  5. You thought that Chrono Clock was legitimately bad, but you still believe that this could be legitimately good? I thought I had weird standards, but Jesus fucking Christ, and I thought the last American election debacle was enough to educate myself that there will always be people who I will be unable to emphasize with. Like I said, I don't think this title will be bad, but it will definitely be a nothing visual novel. Going by the length of the previous game it will probably be completed in one lazy afternoon and then promptly forgotten about.
  6. *Walks closer with a baseball bat in hand* Well in all seriousness I doubt mangagamer and jast will change their business model anytime soon, it's just kinda sad that a visual novel company is actually paying attention to the western market.... but only to release titles that are slightly above Winged Cloud's stuff.
  7. I don't mind episodic kinetic novels, like the Fault series and I was totally on board for the Dysfunctional Systems series, but yeah I don't really care for the shorter self contained titles unless they indulge in one of my sick depraved fetishes. It's a shame though, but I have a feeling these shorter throw away titles will become more and more prevalent. It's simply a smarter and less risky business model that the Sakura series has proven to work.
  8. Well with that one they would have had to create a new all-ages version for that game for steam and I think the internet may have traumatized them after the If my Heart had Wings debacle, so they want to avoid a repeat incident as much as possible.
  9. Chrono Clock actually had some interesting ideas though and the premise was a good draw for readers, nothing was really done with them, but at the very least there was a spark of creativity. Not to mention that there was actual sexual content for those who wanted it. This, just feels like they are selling the cover art. Especially, considering this is already the second all-ages spin-off of, if Clephas is to be believed, a much better title. I don't hate the title, I understand the need and the marketing decisions behind it, but it's hard to get particularly excited for it knowing it will be a short title, more then likely much shorter then Chrono Clock, with little substance.
  10. I guess I should be happy for more Japan/English simultaneous releases......
  11. Watched the available episodes of Eromanga-sensei, instead of studying for finals, and was thoroughly disappointed...... in myself. I enjoyed this show much more than any other this season and that's just fucking disgusting. I'm quite curious about the motivations behind Tsukasa Fushimi in creating this shit. Like did he write the story as an attempt to create a version of Oreimo that doesn't result in fans sending him death threats? Or maybe he is a one trick pony who can't write anything else..... and which of these is sadder?
  12. Sadly there are not many visual novels that focus on decision making on the part of the Reader. Pretty much the only visual novel that I know of that doesn't have heavily static routes, would be Cinders a retelling (if you so choose) of the Cinderella story that has allot of choices and allot of ending variants.
  13. I'll be honest, I don't really remember Aldnoah Zero that well. I only watched it once and was soo thoroughly disgusted by it that I tried to forget everything about the show. The only thing I really remember about Slaine is that he constantly makes poor decisions based on his infatuation with the princess. I don't know if "boring" is the correct terminology he is such a non-presence in the show, if he wasn't related to the creator of the military princess he would be completely fucking pointless to the overall plot.
  14. Well at least in the first arc, in the second arc he became thoroughly unlikable. Although, I suppose that most of of Aldnoah's strengths crashed and burned in the second arc. It's really odd though, the guy handling the story of recreators is the same person who wrote the Black Lagoon Manga. Black Lagoon wasn't the greatest at characterizing its' heros, aside from possibly Revy, but it had some fascinating antagonists that oozed personality and while their backstories are usually just hinted at but we feel like we know them intimately by the end of the show. The characters from Re:Creators just feel hollow, like they are watered down copies of standard character archetypes. Everyones motivations are hazy and we know jack shit about the background of all of them.
  15. Re:creators continues to throw out interesting ideas, but I get the feeling it's going to go the same way that Aldnoah did. It seems to be pretty shit at characterizing and it really doesn't help that the cast of main characters is already seven.