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  1. Bought it right after work, was pleasantly surprised the the sol press store wasn't flagged as a fraud attempt by my bank. Still had the same downloading problems that I have for EVERY localizer website, but whatever. Finally finished downloading after half a day, patched, and start playing for a few hours. Than I noticed a disturbing lack of "wholesome" content. Turns out the solpress version's patch doesn't work correctly, yet.
  2. It seemed aggressively possessive and that she wanted it to be a long term arrangement.
  3. Fair enough, I excused allot of Mitoko's shortcomings due to her age and stress brought on by her responsibilities. Kaya is definitely less terrible compared to the lot, but I feel she comes off a bit to strong I've read a few more chapters and I will say that my views on Kaya and Asami are softening a bit, still quite a ways from "like", but no longer despise. Himeo is still a rich selfish bitch though.
  4. I mean I still haven't finished a route. Starting off unlikable and going through an interesting arc that changers their personality, would definitely be satisfying, but Jesus are they starting at the bottom. Fingers crossed, we need more good visual novels with older protagonists.
  5. Read about four chapters in and, wow this is probably the only visual novel in which I actively despise all of the heroines except the main. It is usually quite the opposite with me.
  6. Oh shit, nvm I got it working. Thanks a ton! I was really suffering trying to read the vn like that.
  7. Could you elaborate? I tried using the program with the application, but the text is still broken up.
  8. For some reason the text on my copy is aligned oddly and sometimes runs off the message box.
  9. I'd like a refund for the WEE rewards I never got...... I'm sensing a theme here.
  10. Hey guys, did you see this amazing April fools fan pv?
  11. Man, I was planning to watch the first two seasons of Date A Live, to prepare for the new third season. It is quite disheartening to hear that not only is it animated by another studio, but the quality is noticeably inferior. Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! is a pretty good adaptation of the manga, which is good for people who like yuri with only a dash of pedophilia.
  12. My New Years resolution was to spend less money on this fucking game, so far I have spent $400 (including my Christmas spending for Merlin). On the plus side I now have Merlin, Musashi, and Gramps. On the negative side, I have increased doubt that I will ever have the financial responsibility required to move out of my parents basement.
  13. Ah, so two or three translation decisions have completely ruined the rest of the visual novel for you. I now understand the totality of your linguistic intolerance and will no longer bother you.
  14. In all seriousness, I looked at previous pages and I couldn't find anything, could you point me to the specific posts?
  15. Came out of my Fuwanovel vacation to see more of the dumpster fire that is Spanish Dudegate. Glad to see I was not disappointed. I'm simply amazed at this emotional response to a relatively small part of the entire translated work. Granted this is coming from a relatively clueless reader that didn't notice anything strange with the original fan-translations of Hoshizora and CrossChannel.
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