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  1. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    Like everything it is white people at fault, Japan used to freely show dicks in its' porn, it wasn't until the Meiji Restoration (aka let's be a European colonial power) that porn was frowned upon. It got worse when America occupied the country and further stigmatized porn, but as we all know the power of boners would not be stopped. The desire to get around censorship laws that were put into place to copy western culture, plus a complete lack of understanding behind the reasoning of these laws, is why censorship in Japan is a mess of contradiction and nonsense.
  2. On h-scenes in VNs

    I will make no effort in grandstanding by trying to defend my position by conjuring up some elaborate excuse, I simply like h-scenes because I'm a horny bastard. I've recently gotten allot of shit for rating some eroge higher than story centric visual novels on vndb. No, I don't think Funbag Fantasy has a better story than Kara no Shoujo, but they weren't aiming for the same goals. You can't rate a comedy on the same grounds as a action film, just as you can't yell at Stephen Hawking for being shit at baseball. I know that isn't what this topic is about, but I wanted to preemptively explain that before getting to the meat of the matter. The real question is how to feel about sex scenes in story focused visual novels. Well personally I like them, I'm the type of person that after becoming a fan of characters in fiction I look up fanfiction and doujin about them fucking. Having the porn in the source material beforehand is something I find incredibly convenient and a major time saver. Do I expect people to be fine with this? Absolutely not and I completely understand why people would dislike these elements in visual novels. Not everyone has a masturbation addiction to help deal with the condition known as "living", some people drink alcohol instead...... or they just like a great story to distract them from life. I find the question of whether "sex" can be used effectively as a narrative tool to be an interesting one. It's pretty common for people to cry out that an H-scene is "unrealistic", which always baffled me. We don't cry fowl when a FPS doesn't include a 40+ hour rehabilitation simulator after the player character is shot and no one complains that half of rom-coms don't end with a sloppy divorce. Fiction will always contradict reality on some level. I have never believed that a sex scene in any medium was "realistic" aside from Harry Turtledove books and quite frankly it kinda sucks. Realistic depictions of sex without dramatic flourishes are no different from depicting eating a meal or getting over a cold, it's just another boring part of life. Would I like more story centric visual novels with sex scenes integrated better in their plots? Absolutely, but as I stated before it's not that easy. Sex is a relatively boring act as a plot device, without going into FSN territory and inviting contrived reasons sex is required, it can only be used as a plot device in stories of youthful indiscretion, Romeo/Juliet rip-offs, and stories of jealously. In all three instances sex isn't even necessarily required and could be substituted with something else. Sex isn't as big as a deal as society makes it. Oddly enough I think the horrible act of rape is a much better plot device and something that society needs to be better and handling. This act of abject evil opens the door to a menagerie of storytelling opportunities, however if the writer isn't incredibly skilled and knowledgeable it will come across as a cheap shock tactic that is "trying too hard".
  3. Do you find this version of the anime-style ok to watch?

    The guy in the middle reminds me allot of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. I think the art-style looks great, visually distinct from common visual novels and pleasing to look at.
  4. What are you playing?

    As a collection of side stories or fables they are fine, good even, I think it was my misperception that it would be structured in a similar way to something like Rewrite that tainted the overall experience for me. If I knew beforehand that the routes would just be their own separate thing that went along with the main route and not building towards a grand finale I probably wouldn't have been as disappointed. Honestly though I really didn't care about the underlining themes, I read stories to escape reality, not to learn anything to benefit it . What really drew me into the main route was the character arc that Miyashiro Takuru goes through, how he changed and matured in response to the plot. As a character story about the loss of innocence I think the main route strives as a stand alone story.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Are the drop rates different in the NA version of Guda? I looked up the rates for tsukumos in the 10ap free quest and it shows that it drops in bunches of 6, but I have only got them in bunches of one. Also, anyone know which free quest is best to farm them?
  6. What are you playing?

    Well I finished Chaos;Child and while I'm not angry with the rest of it, I am disappointed. The individual character routes are much weaker than the initial route, but they serve their purpose in giving more insight into the motivations and history of the characters. I didn't necessarily see this as a problem, I thought they were solid building blocks of what I expected to be a kickass true ending. Well, I saw the true ending and it turns out that wasn't the point. The true ending is basically a minor extension of the common route that focuses on solving a shock reveal that has little to do with the rest of the story. Worse yet, all the heroines that we spent time getting to know in the character routes are completely sidelined and the main heroine is just kinda loitering around and does nothing. It ends with a stone cold bummer, a first in the Sciadv series that loves pulling happy endings from thin air, regardless if the story deserves it or not. There are also several smaller issues that annoy me. It feels like the common route was the main visual novel and the other routes were suppose to be part of a separate side release, like Steins;gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram. Which would be one thing, but as a visual novel vet I expect the good stuff to be saved for the true ending and not the common route, especially with a big budget title like this. If the vn was $10-20 cheaper and only came with the common route it would be an easy 10/10 for me, but with the extra fat watering down the overall experience it goes down to a 7.5/10.
  7. What are you playing?

    Fucking hell, I just finished the normal ending for Chaos;Child and currently I would rate it on par with Steins;Gate. It engaged in such way that I literally skipped a meal, because I didn't want to stop reading and I cried in such a way that hasn't happened since I first started reading visual novels. You know, when you start off with the cream of the crop with your Clannads, MuvLuvs, and Grisaias. Before you have to really shift the shit for anything palatable. It was like, "Oh fuck that's right, I'm a human being with emotions!!!" It's a fucking crime that this was jammed into 12 episodes and a movie and that it had to follow a..... less than stellar predecessor. Watch, the other endings will be garbage and completely ruin my experience.
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Not ashamed to admit that I felt genuine fear tonight while playing Chaos Child. Twenty minutes into the game and I started to have a throbbing headache and chest pains. Needless to say, I will not be eating anything that requires a knife or fork to consume for the next week.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, I feel your pain brother.
  10. Fall 2017 Anime discussion

    I swear to God Moriko Morioka from Net-juu no Susume is me if I was half a decade older and dickless.
  11. Yume Miru Kusuri: Review + Nanjou Discussion

    Oddly enough that seems to be one of the few things that are not hugely exaggerated by anime/eroge. According to a BBC News article two Japanese high schools were polled and 70% of female students claimed to be sexually harassed. Granted it was nearly a decade ago, perhaps they have managed to rectify the issue somewhat by now.
  12. Yume Miru Kusuri: Review + Nanjou Discussion

    Yume Miru Kusuri is definitely overrated, I did find Aeka route to be the most ridiculous. I understand that in Japan not making a fuss is part of the culture, train molestations run rampant when it should be a easily solved problem, but the amount of abuse that Aeka suffers is quite unbelievable. I honestly found the other two routes to be more enjoyable, with Mizuki being passable and Nekoko being pretty good.
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    You will pretty much collect all three star and below servants in no time if you regularly free-spin daily. Every players' first roll nets them a four star character, aka your Bathory. Currently in the NA version Elizabeth Bathory is the best Lancer. I have only been play since the NA release, so I don't know how much my tips are worth.. but here they are. - Grails are a pretty limited resource there is no way to generally farm them so only use them on your favorite servants. - Only spend saint quartz if you can do a full spin (30), you are guaranteed a four star card. - Don't expect to get a five star servant, like ever. The rate is 1% and while we are at it, don't expect a four star servant, their rate is 3%. - Log in daily to rack up rewards. - Save apples for events. - You can change your uniform (if you have different ones) on the Party Setup menu, it's the master equip button on the bottom left corner. - Read the Learning with Manga! it's fucking gold. http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/comic.php#nav http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/comic_02.php#nav
  14. Steins;Gate Route order?

    Not really, the various non-true endings are pretty short and token. Unless you are a big fan of the particular heroine there is nearly no substance to them.
  15. Nazi wizards anime released

    I still need to read the vn, I barely made it past the initial intro before I had to stop. I know that the only point of it was to establish how fucking awesome the villains are, but it read like something written by a edgy teenager that just discovered anime.