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  1. For a second I thought you meant porn involving books, instead of books containing porn.
  2. It will not do much. Valve has all the data on people who buy these games and they still decided to go forward. They know that they are screwing over paying customers and creators, they just don't care. They are Valve and they own Steam, so fuck you. Still I will sign.
  3. Ok, while this is still bullshit, I'm actually allot less angry now. I would much rather the culprits be genuinely retarded, rather than pretending to be retarded. Although Valve can still go rot in hell for listening to them.
  4. Seriously, wtf valve? They claimed that the entire reason they don't curate their storefront was because of visual novels, because they didn't realize there was a market for them so they don't know what else will sell. There have been plenty of people throwing a bitch fit about the asset flips and completely broken games that are thrown up on the storefront, but they have never done anything close to real curation with that pile of shit. So I suppose this means that the Witcher games will also have to be censored or removed...... right?....... right?!...... OF COURSE FUCKING NOT! Hypocritical self righteous bastards.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    What is wrong with us? https://www.polygon.com/2018/4/18/17247246/fate-go-free-to-play-abuse-gudako-gacho-grand-order
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    For some reason, Avengers seem to hate me. I got a five star servant in both the Edmond Dantes and Jalter gatcha, but neither of them were for the advertised servant. They were both servants I haven't rolled at least, Vlad and Francis, so I couldn't really get mad...... it's just a really complex feeling of happiness and disappointment. I'm curious if the 700+ rolls I have saved in the friendship gatcha will be enough to get Angra. ...... oh right, rate up is a lie or whatever.....
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    Am I going insane, or are people just stupid? There are quite a few people who say that the Fate/Zero event is switching places with the da vinci event because "It will bring more people to the game". Which seems like the pinnacle of retarded, because if the localizers thought similarly and had the power to make the decision, wouldn't the F/Z event happen much closer to the games' original launch? and not, you know, nearly a year after? Is there any actual evidence of this change in the schedule? Or is this just idle speculation?
  8. Should Open Ending(s) be a thing?

    If it is a tight, finely crafted, short story with a deliberate message, fine. However, in any character driven traditional narrative, especially in a mystery, FUUUUUUUCK NOOOOOOOO. We need to be clear about something, there is a difference between making the reader work for the story..... and just not having a story. For example, the souls games each have a story, but very little is expressly told. It is up to the reader to find all the pieces and connect them, sure some of the nuance and details can be debated, but the overall structure is solid. You can't tell a completely different story from the pieces given, just slightly different variations. Having a story with an ending, that is intentionally vague or designed like Schrodinger's cat, is the same as having no ending and telling the reader to insert their preferred ending here.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    Does anyone know why the Medb rate up summon is two weeks long in the English version, while the Japanese version only had her for one week?
  10. How do you rate your VNs?

    My rating system is mainly emotion based. If it actively pisses me off it usually gets a 1-4. If I am bored to tears, but everything is competently made it is usually a 5. 6-8 is anything that engaged me on some level, be it the comedy, art style, character development, or story. 9 is reserved for something that made me openly weep at least once, or it has great masturbation material that I never get sick of, or caused me to skip meals because I didn't want to stop reading. 10 is only for things that had an actual impact on my worldviews, my beliefs on the world changed in some way because of the visual novel and therefore made me a different person.
  11. Never happened to you?

    I have had similar thoughts, although not exactly the same. I don't really consider working in porn a "bad end", sure it may be for some, but I just see it as another job with a unique set of perks and disadvantages. I do wonder how working in this industry affects the "normal" parts of daily life. Like how much of the "equipment" can be written off as work expense in their taxes?
  12. RIP Stephen Hawking

    A massive loss for humanity.
  13. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    God I'm so jelly.
  14. What is purpose of this community?

    Honestly I have never seen Fuwanovel as anything other than a place to loiter around with people that have similar interests in a niche hobby. I don't really like the idea that Fuwanovel needs a concrete specific "purpose", having a specific goal will at some degree limit who would want to join the community by adding another qualifier. To be a member of the community you have to be a fan of visual novels and actively champion this "purpose". Sure, it might create a small group of fanatical individuals, but I don't think it would draw in a large crowd. We are talking about a niche entertainment medium, not a civil rights movement. Visual novels have become as popular as they will ever be in the west, at least for the next century. There is zero chance that we would see hard copies of MuvLuv sold next to COD at the local Walmart without a huge culture shift the likes the world has never seen. Having a decent handful of localizers publishing the biggest titles with some random extras, is the best we could have hoped for.
  15. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    Huh, yeah I can see why my metaphor didn't work for you. I was in a co-ed high school in the middle of Kansas, in which all the teachers were either late forties and above or grizzled ex-military dudes......... now that I think about it, I don't think my metaphor would work with my former female classmates either.