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  1. Finished Claymore and good god that was another respectable houseparty ruined by a dripping stalactite of a shit ending...... and I'm not even refering to the fact that you have to read the manga to get the true end. The last arc of the anime was some high quality shit. I wish my man Toshio Ozaki was around to tell Raki how much of a god dammed retard he is.
  2. Finished Ouran High School Host Club, it was pretty mediocre...... until that shitshow of an ending. That was allot of cringeworthy melodrama packed into a very small time-frame fuck this anime. Onward to Claymore, I need something bloody to wash my palette.
  3. I was puzzled by that too, but after checking on the page again it is showing 35 reviews. Not sure what that was about.
  4. It's entirely possible that the same people are saying both things, but it is also possible that there are just a handful of people on both sides that are annoyingly vocal about their opinions. The VN community might be formed around a very niche entertainment medium, but it is still pretty diverse.
  5. I'm curious about how much of the backlash was due to the art being different from the original Planet Stronghold and how much of those complaints were simply because of the realistic art style. I remember the failed kick starter for Dysfunction Systems 2 had issues (well several, but I'm specifically referring to the art) since dischan had to hire a new artist for the project and people were slow to warm up to the new art style. Although having said that I can't imagine there being a huge "Planet Stronghold" fanbase, the initial game was not that good.
  6. I have a feeling that allot of people are simply saying B because it is more "detailed", honestly I could go either way. A may not have as much detail, but it certainly has that cartoon charm to it.
  7. You know as long as I repress all of my concerns and personal grievances of Phantom Trigger being set in the "Grisiaia Universe" I actually can see this series working pretty well. I imagine the first couple of volumes will be pretty dull and the bog standard "military training" arc in which the characters will learn how to function as a cohesive unit, like the first season of RWBY and Muv Luv Unlimited. Things should pick up afterwards when the team is sent on actual missions, which hopefully will be worldwide. We could get some very MuvLuvesque social commentary on the role of developed nations in unstable countries and I'm sure some very interesting character building moments for our cast considering they are from various nationalities. Each volume could focus on a different part of the world with a different terrorist/rebel/criminal organization serving as an antagonist.
  8. Oh, with the successful releases of Beat Blades Haruka and Rance 6/5d, I can imagine that Mangagamer will work to release more titles from Alicesoft. God knows when Rance Quest specifically will be localized, my guess is after an official localization of Sengoku Rance.
  9. I mean let's be honest with ourselves a true 10/10 visual novel doesn't exist, even if we make sure to factor in subjective tastes, I am confident that we can all point out various flaws in our favorite visual novels. A numerical system of rating is inherently flawed in that complex opinions can't be converted into a number without striping allot of the complex opinion of its' meaning. I would recommend that you revisit some of your ratings after you have read a dozen plus more visual novels. You currently have a relatively low amount of visual novels rated, so your ratings might be a bit skewed in certain ways. After expanding the amount of titles read you may look back and rate some visual novels differently.
  10. We lost a point because we cited our sources using AAG style instead of APA style didn't we? Son of a bitch.
  11. Surprised my Majikoi Waifu Tatsuko got ranked at all .
  12. If we are going to rely on pheromones, you need to remember to ditch the deodorant. The underarms are one of the main areas of secretion of pheromones and deodorant will mask the sent.
  13. Nearly halfway through a favorite of my sisters, Ouran High School Host Club. It's...... alright, I really like the characters but I feel like they are wasted on the stories presented in the series. It feels like the writer was aiming for something like Hayate the Combat Butler in terms of atmosphere and comedy, but lacks the skill and funnybone, so it comes across as kinda trite.
  14. I'm fine with a censored version in theory, as long as their a noticeable price reduction to the product. The company is essentially selling you an inferior version of their product and I have never seen a censored game in which the cut content is replaced with anything equal to the removed content.
  15. From Pakuyasa in women's underwear? You sick fuck. Anyone else kinda feel weird about the latest episode of Gabriel DropOut? Maybe it's just because I'm from the states, but I thought the Satania gun sketch would end with her getting arrested and the bald teacher being assigned as her probation officer.