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  1. Poster hinting at a anime adaption of Kase - san was spotted at Yuriten 2017. The poster lists Takuya Satō (Strawberry Marshmallow) as director and Kyuta Sakai (Fruits Basket) as key animator. Please do not be a short. EDIT: Not only is it a short, but it will only be a single 5min episode that will be put on youtube, FUCK EVERYTHING.
  2. "Fake outrage" You know just because I'm not instantly drooling over everything shoved in my face doesn't mean I'm just making up my entire opinion on visual novel kickstarters. I admit I tend to be hyperbolic, but I'm not intentionally going out of my way to differ from the majority, I just don't feel the need to completely surrender myself to the hoard mentality. Yes I am a fan of that asshole that gave the new Zelda game a 7/10. It doesn't change the fact that they are aiming at Western audiences to help fund that particular aspect of the visual novel, I know that there is a sizable portion of the fan base that is perfectly happy with that.... I'm just not one of them.
  3. Your completely right of course, I just didn't specifically state that because I don't know who in the business gets the biggest slice of the pie and it is easier just to aim at the face of the company. Kinda like how everyone blames everything wrong with the country on the president, even though there are hundreds of people in government actively fucking things up at varying degrees. Doesn't really change anything about my point though, just the nitty gritty details. You asked why I had an emotional backlash against the kickstarter, it was the wording of the project pitch brought up memories of WAS. It's not the reason why I'm avoiding backing this specific visual novel project. Without the small bit about voice acting stapled on this is simply another one of Sekai Projects "storefront" kickstarters, a way for them to sell physical merchandise easily. Which is cool that they are doing that for people interested, I would much rather buy merchandise for something that I know I will be a fan of. With the voice acting pitch..... I just don't really care, if this was an Eroge or a Moege, alright I get it those genres rely allot on the voice acting. In heavily story focused visual novels I find myself skipping through the VA because I read at a decent pace.
  4. I'm an outlier, I know and if the voice acting wasn't mentioned I would have only posted the last sentence of my post. It provokes two of my sore spots, one of which is that a huge amount of the cost it takes to localize visual novels comes from Japanese Voice actors demanding a absurd amount of money. The next sore spot is that was the same sales pitch that WAS - The Hourglass of Lepidoptera used and we all know what a shit show that ended up as.
  5. What the fuck is with the weird prominence on the Japanese voice acting? Like is this campaign here to solely fund that aspect of the vn? I'm sorry, but I haven't fallen down that specific fucking weaboo hole. If I'm helping bankroll the development of a visual novel I want extra story content or art assets, voice acting (especially foreign voice acting) is not even on my list of priorities. No your not getting a dime outa me, I'll be glad to purchase this visual novel after I see some positive reviews.
  6. I'm doing my best not to comment on the overall argument, since I have an inherent bias towards NGE, but I wouldn't worry in the end you are two people of millions who watch NGE. Who gives a shit what other people thinks of your tantrum argument, nothing was going to be accomplished or achieved. Internet arguments only serve as entertainment for those directly involved, nothing more and nothing less. Especially in regards with anything that you have an emotional attachment with. The only things that people are capable to have a rational discussion, in which their opinions on the subject can be swayed, are in topics in which either person has no interest or emotional involvement in. ANYWAYS, you failed because you quit first 3/10. Ahhhh makes me miss my more belligerent days in which I kept internet arguments going for weeks, fun times.
  7. Well time to pull out the hd cable, so I can use my laptop to watch anime on tv through "alternative streaming methods".
  8. Cou ehhhh kinda, might be too emo. Utawarerumono, might be a good choice too.
  9. Majikoi or Grisaia no Kajitsu.
  10. Oh I agree a hundred percent, my issue was just asking "should I watch this", without any qualifiers. People taste vary greatly and knowing what one prioritizes when looking for anime can help the person being asked to provide the most helpful suggestions.
  11. I hate the question "Is it worth continuing?" nearly everything is with the right context or taste. If you like slice of life anime with little overarching plot and a focus on comedy, yes you will probably like it, on my personal scale it rates high as a a slice of life anime.
  12. Well, the anime isn't going to cover all the lightnovels and I hear the studio is purposely altering the story a bit for the last episode, so the anime doesn't end abruptly and at least has some sort of climax.
  13. (sigh), some dipshit kinda sorta possibly spilled the ending of the Youjo Senki lightnovels in the comments section of the newest episode. While it isn't the worst ending it has the air of the author going "fuck it I want to write something else now". Kinda steals all the excitement that I have for any future episodes.
  14. I may have stared into the abyss a little too much, I admit.
  15. Or both, pretty sure there is a good amount of overlap in those two sub-genres, so it shouldn't be too hard. Yep it definitely is, although I still have trouble differentiating it from torture hentai.