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  1. Welcome to Fuwa~ That's awesome that you've studied Japanese enough to be able to begin honing it further by reading VN's natively now. Good job!
  2. Welcome to Fuwa~ Wow, you've read a decent amount of VN's so far, huh?
  3. I'm glad I was able to make you aware of it! I've never played the other .hack games myself, I ended up watching LP's on YouTube, but I'm really enjoying Last Recode so far. I can't wait to start Vol.3! Yup! I've been doing everything so far, I 100% Vol.1 and almost Vol.2, the only thing I had left to do was get just one last monster, but for whatever reason, it doesn't show up in the area this guide told me to go to. I don't think it matters that much however, since I still managed to max out the Book of 1000 without getting the last monster.
  4. Okay, so finally have dropping Naruto Shippuuden for a like a year or two (I forget) due to getting too fed up with the filler constantly interrupting the Great War Arc while it was on-going, I've finally finished it! I'm just going to watch The Last now and then I'm done with Naruto for the time being due to still being salty over the filler. After that, I'm going to finish watching Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara and Isshuukan Friends. Once I've finished those two, I'm going to finally continue One Piece again to catch up so I can starting watching it on a weekly basis. After the Dressrosa Arc finished, I was just too burned out to continue watching it... After that though, I'll look into starting some of the new anime that's been released, since I haven't started any of the new stuff in a long time, and I'm sure there's plenty of good ones to watch.
  5. I'd still continue to read them, sure. But for me personally, I enjoy seeing nudity in my VN's. It helps keep me interested in all honesty, not H-scenes in particular-- I mean the whole accidentally walking in on one of the characters changing schtick. I'm still a sucker for that kinda' stuff and I haven't gotten sick of it yet, which I'm sure I eventually will. So even if they did remove all H-scenes from VN's suddenly, but they kept that in there, it wouldn't really change all that much for me. I've actually been staying away from All-Ages VN's so far in favour of starting 18+ ones for mainly that reason, and I do know I'm missing out on a lot of good VN's to read, but that's just what I'm interested in currently. I have many All-Ages VN's on my reading list for me to pick from when that eventual time comes. But until then:
  6. That's actually something I did not too long ago also! Shortly before the release of Last Recode, I re-watched Signs and a bunch of others including Roots (That I haven't watched before). Watching the newest stuff they've made for the .hack series so far, it made me really, really, really want a new game featuring some of the stuff they showed off in the newer anime. Like the airships and stuff, the game looked much more lively. I've seen on the wiki that they've released a few new games since G.U., but they seem to have not done too well. They definitely need to make a new RPG. In other news though, I finally finished Vol.2 of G.U~ I did absolutely everything I could, filled all the Book of 1000, but in the end, I just couldn't find one last Crustacean called a Scissor Bite. It really sucks, I went to the area a guide I've been using said they'd be, but they weren't there. And in another guide, I didn't have the Area word "Dreaming" to go to that one, and upon googling for more, I just couldn't find anything. Hopefully I'll be able to find one in Vol.3, but I won't be starting that one until I finish GOD EATER 2.
  7. I am so honoured! The spam dungeon is my home after all~ But for the record, I finally found that stupid item in that game, after spending over 400k in cleaning out the shop every time I went there. I am still so
  8. Welcome to Fuwa~ Did I read correctly about you doing archery? That's pretty cool!
  9. Congrats on the 1500! And thanks for the advice, I swear I will take great heed in it. I swear!
  10. Reading that actually filled me up with motivation for G.U. Thank you~!
  11. I'm currently trying to finish my playthrough of GOD EATER 2: RAGE BURST and .hack//G.U. Last Recode but I just can't find the motivation to finish them currently. I wanna' get some new games to play like Blue Reflection, but I need to finish them two first...
  12. It's a shame there wasn't any plans for an official TL of the fandiscs of KonoSora, since it's a pretty well-received VN. It's honestly my favourite tbh. I hope you find a willing translator for the project soon since you currently need one.
  13. After taking a fairly long break from reading my VN's, I've finally come back and started making some good progress. I recently finished Edelweiss and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I'm now continuing Gahkthun and should be finishing Nekopara Vol.3 sometime soon, also. After those two, I still have to continue where I left off on Deardrops and Shinigami no Kiss. I made the mistake of starting too many VN's at once and I'm still trying to recover from it...
  14. I used to read VN's whilst sitting at my computer, but lately I've changed it to laying in my bed and letting it run in auto to a speed I can comfortably read in. I have to say, I'm really preferring it! It's actually quite nice to lay in bed shortly before you're about to call it a night, and comfortably relax and read a VN without the need to keep pressing to the next scene. However I am trying to make more of an effort to sit at my computer when playing VN's more so I can work on my sitting posture, since I unfortunately like to slouch in my chair, which obviously isn't doing my back any favours... So I'm trying to make a conscious effort to sit up straight whilst I read. P.S I have to say I agree that the image of you punching the crap out of your punching bag whilst reading a VN with kawaii girls is pretty hilarious.
  15. Nope, but back in school, I remember every night while I was in bed getting to sleep, I'd imagine myself and friends from school in some awesome MMO similar to .hack//Sign. It was a lot of fun
  16. Colour me interested! I love finding new stuff to put on me list, please keep on the good work~! As always, I appreciate everything people like you do. I wish you and your team all the best on your project.
  17. Yeah...from seeing Asonn's screenshots... eeeeeessshhh Do not want.
  18. Welcome to Fuwa~! I'm a big fan by the way, you are such a badass VN protag!
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