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  1. Thank you so muchh!!! Kami no Ue looks so cute and interesting
  2. Today I said goodbye to being a lesbian... How did I NOT fall for the heartthrob that is Joe Jonas back then????????
  3. Any visual novel reqs with colorful pastel visuals? Hundred times better if it also has a good story Maybe most VNs are pastel but theres, something different and magical and almost retro, about Unisoft Shift's pastel. Maybe I just want a similar artstyle to flyable heart and alice parade i dont know. Please assist c :
  4. Im reading umineko. Its growing on me.
  5. Same thing happened to me. I think it was microsoft office too because it paused once and I saw that. Don't know how to fix it or anything else about it.
  6. Forums have been my home on the internet for a very long time. If I get an interest that I can't talk to people around me about, I pretty much join a forum for it. I was surprised when I found fuwanovel 2 years ago because i'd been searching for a visual novel forum like this for years. As my main interest, I am of course a member of quite a few idol forums, such as onehallyu (thats the korean one.) hongfire - I joined this forum orginally for game making purposes but eventually used it for VNs anime-sharing- I migrated here after hongfire went down the drain. This was my main VN forum before I found fuwanovel. novelupdates- I'm not even into lightnovels but always wanted to be, one day... This forum is super active with like minded individuals so I use it anyway. myanimelist- I use this sparingly. forum.Nichegamer- I was so excited when I found this forum because I've always wanted to join a japanese gaming forum. Turns out the people on this forum were pretty terrible. I just checked it out again and the forum seems to be dead. Still searching for a japanese game forum.. I guess Gematsu will do for now even though its not an actual forum. reddit - I guess this is like the "forum of the future" of sorts. Im pretty active on here for all my philosophy/science, and any other unmet needs. And there are some other forums that I probs shouldnt mention cause they're embarrassing.
  7. I havent read from these companies in years but they are still dear to my heart with many fond memories <3 1.Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou 2. Real (the REAL og) 3.Unison shift (I love their artwork and their stories create such a nice relaxing atmosphere. A world in which I could safely escape from the nightmare that was my life.)
  8. Japanese music and idol fan forums.
  9. Most likely But I havent actually gotten to any parts with violins yet since im a slow player.
  10. I'm actually pretty mentally unstable lately, which translates into: my life would great VN material right now.
  11. Yes. I'm pretty much a loner anyway. And the few friends I made are also going there when they graduate. But im pretty much just going there to attend idol concerts and do other idol related things. I'm sure I can befriend that crowd, the "idol fans" easily. Plus my kind of video games will be everywhere which is always a plus. I can deal with everything else, ridiculous work hours etc. Im just going there to enjoy my hobby. The hobby that I found due to my childhood obsession with japan which has now faded.
  12. Taking a break from Nurse Love Addiction to play G-senjou no mahou.
  13. Higurashi is available on mobile
  14. I'm going to start Saya no Uta today.
  15. Unnatural hair/eye clolor and cute sense of style. Nekomimi are an added plus. Personality traits i like are: Timid airhead, empathetic, genki airhead
  16. It's from an anime that just aired today actually, called "New Game." I picked it because the synopsis of the story was a someone who always loved games that started working for a game company and that is my dream. Also she is my aesthetic. Not only is she is super moe with headphones, and the most adorable shade of purple. Plus not only does she have twintails but my favorite type of twintail~
  17. Oh that's great to hear! I will be keeping up with the updates~
  18. Wow this looks really fun and cute pity I have an iphone
  19. I got School Live! Volume 1 http://imgur.com/4DUMnr7 So love~ <3 http://imgur.com/LVpHo2d
  20. はじめまして! Welcome (・▽・)ノ♪
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