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  1. I don't remember the very beginning of JP FGP since I started later. The current ascension quests only drop what's needed to get to certain levels in the English version. It may be once the developers release more of the basic storyline they'll change to the typical missions that drop the higher level stuff.
  2. Fairly decent 4* account, though.
  3. If anyone's sick of rerolling I have a spare 5* Arturia / 4* Liz account I can spot you.
  4. When the mood strikes. It's a meme that was going around for a bit. It's meant to be mocking, but I use it lovingly.
  5. There's no winner here, because "The Best Eroge Ever" isn't there.
  6. nOt GoNnA pLaY tHe EnG vEr,NoT eNoUgH tImE lOl
  7. Since it's two servers you should be able to play both on a single device - at one point I did that with Love Live. You can still grind away at the JP account as a main and in your spare time play the NA version to read the story.
  8. Yeah, I'll play it so I can read the story. I doubt I sink much into the gacha on it, though... oh who the hell am I kidding?
  9. Guess I'll put some protected smiles up while I'm at it:
  10. Different servers so it's all new accounts, everyone will be starting off fresh, though it looks like the opening promo is Saber Lily so there is that. For JP server, looks like Kintoki Rider re-run is on the way.
  11. June 25th, prepare to go in debt twice as fast. NA version release date.
  12. it's like Godâ„¢ spoke to you and the power flew from your fingertips through the keyboard and into the interwebs itself.
  13. Check for username Morisato. I think I changed it from Megumi to Morisato a while back.
  14. Well, guess I can quite FGO now. Nothing left to do after getting Tsundere Goddess:
  15. Fine, since Flutterz is shitposting, I'll do a smile protected: So, I went for a Rinshtar pull, and ended up with Artemis... uh, Orion the teddy bear, I mean. I guess if I'm gonna miss getting something else I'd wanted is a good way to miss.
  16. Thanks, actually it does feel awesome. I've missed writing for an audience. It's something I enjoyed doing and am glad to be doing once again. The response has been pretty positive. I haven't read any out-and-out negatives, some tepid "it's okay" in there, but hey, it is what it is. Dooooooo it!
  17. Yeah, of all the places I had to use my command seal or quartz to keep going, Camelot was the worst (outside of stupid boss quests in special events that is).
  18. Light blue hair and bronze eyes. Because.
  19. So the Saber who's going to have to wait in line to get leveled up since I still have Oneesama Shiki to level up still?
  20. Stupid additional s at the end... "Eagle Times" - I type too fast. But yeah, a NH paper going all in on the Eagles woulda been baaaaaaad.
  21. Is that loli-on-stilts girl?
  22. I did, it's why I saved them until after they released the second round of quests. Managed to get her ascended pretty easily to that level. Still doesn't mean it's not a dick move for those who are newer and couldn't see it coming.
  23. Man, that f-in' blows. Still glad I didn't spend my non-specified XP cards from the event before they released those last quests and one of them was level BB to 70. That was just dickish of them.
  24. I thought special classes got full benefit from XP cards since they don't have a specified class. Then again it did take forever to level up J-Alter...
  25. He's talking about the daily quests in Chaldea Gate. The highest level one drops almost all gold XP cards (usually 1 silver XP is in the mix). You only get the bonus Mana Prisms the first time through each day but you can keep replaying it as often as you want. I think Alteregos get full XP from the gold cards regardless what class are on there (or it may be full from Saber-Lancer-Archer), since they don't have a specialized XP card.
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