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  1. Well, as I'm enjoying Euphoria now (not the sexual content though), I think I would like this other game by Clockup: https://vndb.org/v18806 It was just released this year so of course it won't be translated, but I want to know if someone somehow is trying to do so. Also in the rare event that some company plans to release it in the West, that should go in this thread too. To avoid this kind of thing I'm planning to learn Kanji and grammar, but I don't know when I can pull it off, nor when I'll achieve a good enough level.
  2. Depends, mostly on the story and themes of the novel. In Little Busters it makes all the sense Rin is the main, canon heroine, and the one who shares all of Riki's path. Other heroines are OK but in the end they're left aside. Likewise I haven't played Hatsuyuki Sakura, but I believe Sakura the heroine is "special" and is considered canon route. I agree there are novels where the canon status is more blurry, especially in moege.
  3. Wew, so many catgirls. Must be the response to Nekopara. Nothing regarding Maggot Baits this convention, right? I guess we'll know more in the next one (I forgot what it is). I think MB will get released by summer. They're now in beta.
  4. Chrono Clock Poll & general discussion.

    So far most interesting route has been Makoto's and best girl is maybe DD.
  5. Your once in a lifetime VN

    Obviously Steins;Gate, but Subahibi is damn good too.
  6. Root double

    I feel it's a great romance because romance really flourishes in dangerous and life-or-death situations. There was plenty of that from people who knew themselves well beforehand, so there you have it. That's also why Indiana Jones also got the girl he lived adventures with, every time.
  7. There have been cases of people who advertised a project (mildly interesting), it got funded, and ran away with the money. Of course, the project never didn't even start. Like this: Man, to get 8000 dollars (even through a scam) has to be nice.
  8. I enjoyed previous Minori works. And they were of quality, too, only a bit old (but that doesn't really matter that much). About Trinoline, it should be enjoyable, but not really a masterpiece, is what I think. If you have little time to read, read something else. If you have plenty of time, then give it a go.
  9. Don't think you're bad at conveying ideas just because a couple of people didn't get it... is what I'd say.
  10. Root double

    Yes, BC is explained right in Natsuhiko's route. Which is a bit of a chore, with the slice of life that clashes with the first route. Also Natsuhiko's state as an esper is explained, even thoroughly, I think. They go to great lengths to explore everything BC-related.
  11. Chrono Clock Poll & general discussion.

    Michiru is a bit tiresome, with all the sexual innuendo (and non-innuendo). Pretty plain character. I liked "the other" Michiru better, and she's the actual protagonist of that route really. The route itself was a chore until the end. Misaki also was a bit plain and meh. Seems like I started the game with my least favourite characters XD
  12. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Ef is pretty decent, and a nakige, one of my favourite genres. So I can only recommend it.
  13. Tenkiame here and gone before I noticed

    Not good riddance... I wanted to read it and bask on the kitsunes. Seems like the whole project was a mess, in that case it deserved to fail (but the game itself seems good enough). They screwed both themselves and the fan TLers.
  14. The H seems pretty tame and standard, according to VNDB. Depends on whether you must have it no matter what, or not.
  15. It's tagged as "Nakige" with 3.0 at VNDB, so maybe... I expected it to release later in the year. Now, I want release dates for Farther than the blue sky and Maggot Baits.
  16. No... who could possibly imply you're trolling??
  17. Crowdfunding literally means helping to fund projects. Yes, most companies don't really need them. And yes, money-raising originates from charities and has a strong connection to them. But if the project can't happen otherwise, no matter what, you might want a KS. For example, Obsidian Entertainment was at tatters at the time of the first Pillars of Eternity. The massive nostalgia wave raised 4 million dollars. What was sleazy was, after some years of success, doing the same for the second part. But since people were already accustomed to it... There are many isometric RPGs in the works with the KS model and they aren't looking half bad... I don't think they could compare to "real" projects (as in, they're probably gonna fall short in some category or the other), but since KS lets you grab the game at a reduced price compared to the final retail price at launch, it's not that bad either.
  18. Well I might not have ended a 100% proper adult, but at least I have my priorities clear. I wouldn't pick one of the top-tier rewards in ANY Kickstarter under any circumstances. Maybe if I'm a millionnaire one day. It should be funded by the lower tiers attracting a lot of people. In the end I just saved a few dollars, and the problem with paying the money upfront is that I have no guarantee on the TL, but at least I contributed to make it happen.
  19. What's your favorite Key visual novel?

    Strangely enough, LB moved me far more than Clannad (didn't give too much of anything with Nagisa, yeah she's cute, but Ushio is just cuter). I like Nagisa but not that much. I like LB's characters more, and the feeling of friendship. In fact LB is an amazing story for all its shortcomings. Not so much the true underlying plot, but the whole journey. I disagree with Planetarian being labeled a "masterpiece" on Steam. For me it's pretty overrated. Harmonia is good too, but not that impactful. Air, I liked it, but it's not that great. Tomoyo After and Clannad After Stories are nice (TA is really heart-rending) and round up the whole package well.
  20. Death Mark get PC release

    A perfect dessert to Chaos;Child.
  21. Well I, like always, asked myself what I stood to gain. It didn't seem too much to me to drop 36 euros (40 dollars) as I'm a European "rich" bastard (currency exchange heh) for the digital game + soundtrack package. This game is probably gonna be pretty expensive when it releases, and Sol Press doesn't have cheap retail prices in the first place. So I figured I might as well contribute to their charade, and make the whole thing happen. I want to read the novel too. Even if it's in 2021-2022.