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  1. a better chronoclock
  2. Holy fuck man, this doesn't make sense at all.
  3. Being drunk is the best.
  4. Thanks senpai.
  5. >content-light ad content-heavy Is this a typo or done in purpose?
  6. So you rewrite sentences to fit your paralel structure if possible? even if the original script mixes a lot of stuff? Nice article btw senpai.
  7. Thanks for the review.
  8. Wait not wait for a bit after it gets released and then do a restoration patch same as in konosora's case?
  9. SoL segments are perfectly fine in a charage or moege imo.
  10. > "No, stop it!" being replaced with "Please fuck me!" Hahaha, seriously?
  11. Nice xd
  12. Nice xD.
  13. Nice review!!