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  1. im bfr0 suck it up

  2. What's your favorite Purple game, Clephas?
  3. I'm a nice guy lol. Don't let other people fool you.
  4. Happy Birthday. As the Commander said, I rather die of living too much.
  5. Fifty shades and Twilight are kami-books tho.
  6. - although in regard of release it's still not going in near future though because there's a lot of QC and editing work waiting to be worked
  7. Hatsusaku is kamige too . Pretty much everything Nijima Yuu does tbh. MkN included.
  8. Natsuyume Nagisa. Nijima Yuu's magnum opus in my opinion. The way he throws hints about the big mystery surrounding the whole game, the twist as cruel as gratifying, and the suffering; but above all, the final message of the game, that there's hope.
  9. Doki Doki is kamige among kamiges! Everyone should read DDLC .
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