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  1. im bfr0 suck it up

  2. Random VN: Mirai Nostalgia

    What's your favorite Purple game, Clephas?
  3. Seems Japan is saved. Banzai!
  4. Purpose of Life

  5. Fureraba Playthrough #1 - Prologue

    I'm a nice guy lol. Don't let other people fool you.
  6. Fureraba Playthrough #1 - Prologue

    This year's best translation.
  7. Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy Birthday. As the Commander said, I rather die of living too much.
  8. Sakura Vampire Review

    Thanks doc.
  9. The State of VNs

    Fifty shades and Twilight are kami-books tho.
  10. VNs are not books

    H2O is kamige.
  11. Majokoi: Oh! Witch Girl Review

    - although in regard of release it's still not going in near future though because there's a lot of QC and editing work waiting to be worked
  12. ONE VN you should read before you die.

    Hatsusaku is kamige too . Pretty much everything Nijima Yuu does tbh. MkN included.